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Travels In The Skin Trade

  • Author: Jeremy Seabrook
  • Review by Stick
Book cover Travels In The Skin Trade by Jeremy Seabrook

A good factual summary of the scene along with personal bios of several people and their stories of Bangkok, the girls and what went wrong! With the advent of the internet, this book is starting to show its age…

What I liked: The format of the book is pretty good with a lot of good, solid factual information followed by bios of a range of people from different backgrounds who fell for Bangkok.

What I didn't like: When I read this book, it was well out of date, as was more than evidenced by the photo on the cover of a girl dancing and in the foreground was a customer sitting with one of those horrible towelling hats that were so popular in the '70s. *A new edition has been released in 2001 though flicking through it, it's hard to see what has changed without the previous edition to compare it with.

Overall: This book provides good factual information about how everything works, but frankly, you'd be better off reading my website which is far more up to date and has more info. This book has been made hopelessly out of date by the net.