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Thailand Land of Beautiful Women

  • Author: Dean Barrett
  • Review by Stick
Book cover Thailand Land of Beautiful Women by Dean Barrett

The follow-up to "The Girls Of Thailand", this coffee table style photo book should appeal to all who appreciate the beauty of Thai women. The first half features pictures of regular girls while the second half has pictures of girls involved in the profession. Barrett is first and foremost an author so it should come as no surprise that the text makes good reading too. Barrett heaps praise on the girls of Thailand, not only for their physical beauty, but also for the whole way that they both approach and go about their lives.

What I liked: This book makes a wonderful souvenir for people who appreciate the beauty of Thai women. For me personally, there are quite a few girls that I recognise from the book, and with this in mind, it provides me with a lot of nice memories.

What I didn't like: Truth be told, some of the photography is not that good. If you were buying it just for the photographic content, then you may be a little disappointed. Some of the shots taken at night are not great. Dean, you should have asked me for some shots!

Overall: A wonderful souvenir and a great book to show your friends back in Farangland about the women of Thailand. At one time, it appeared that this book may be banned in Thailand, and if this turns out to be the case (though is looking increasingly unlikely), you may have to order your copy from, or buy it outside of Thailand.

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