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Even Thai Girls Cry

  • Author: Jesse Gump
  • Review by Stick
Book cover Even Thai Girls Cry by Jesse Gump

This book had been around for a couple of years before I was kindly presented with a copy, so while this review appears at the top, the book is not in fact a new release. With a very limited print run, it may be hard to come by but if you contact the author via his website listed below, then you should be able to track down a copy.

Tippawan is a Thai girl who goes to Pattaya to work, not as a bargirl, but to work with her brother who runs a small business there. She meets a farang who is living and working there and from then on, it is one big roller coaster ride.

Many things about the book make me wonder if this novel is in fact a story based on events that happened to the author – or perhaps even a biography of his time in Thailand. Certain things are brought up and certain observations made which have no real relevance to the story at all, but which the author seems to consider important.

Just about all of the fictional stories about there about farang boy meets Thai girl are set in Bangkok and it must be a strong potion for this book that it is set in Pattaya. It makes a pleasant change.

What I liked: Something about this book really tugs on your emotions, and in many ways, it is one of the most moving books that I have ever read.

What I didn't like: There are unfortunately more than a few typos, although that is par for the course for many Bangkok based novels (although I believe that this title was written and published Stateside). There are quite a lot of factual errors too, but I feel that these can be overcome and really do not detract from the story.

Overall: Very readable, and if you are able to get past the factual errors and typos, this book does provide a very moving story. The fellow who kindly delivered the review copy said to me said that this is the first novel that has brought him to tears.

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