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Thai Bargirl / Girlfriend Investigations

Since the early 2000s I have offered a service to check out a Thai lady you are considering pursuing a serious relationship with. This service was born from requests from readers to check out whether a lady they were supporting financially had stopped working in the bar, or perhaps continued to work but refused to go with customers. Having carried out a few such checks for readers as I made the rounds, one fellow said I should consider charging for the service. I did, and it proved to be a popular service.

I no longer carry out the investigations myself but I do manage and oversee every case. I have a highly skilled investigator who does the groundwork, sometimes on his own and sometimes with a Thai female assistant.

If you are pursuing a relationship with a lady you met in a bar in Thailand, it’s worth checking her out. It could save you a lot of money, to say nothing of the emotional cost!

The following services are offered

  • Verifying if a lady is working in a bar
  • Verifying if a lady working in a bar is “barfineable
  • Verifying what a lady does while you’re away
  • Verifying the existence of local boyfriends or a husband
  • Verifying the existence of other foreign boyfriends
  • Determining if she is pregnant
  • Carrying out a character assessment
  • Conducting surveillance
  • Performing a missing person search
  • Message delivery and translation

* Requests for other services will be considered
* Investigations can be undertaken in Bangkok and Pattaya. Other locations will be considered

Every situation and every relationship is different so send me an email and tell me about yours. There’s no need to name the girl or the bar where she works.

I am happy to give you my thoughts and offer a few thoughts and ideas on ways for you to be able to check out what she is up to yourself without any need for an investigation to be conducted. There is no obligation!