Stickman Readers' Submissions May 20th, 2024

On The Ground BKK 11/5/2024 – 17/5/2024

Through the week I travelled to different parts including Pratunam Indra Centre & Platinum Mall & continues to look quiet compared to how I remember.  One good indication of how busy things are is the Essan Kitchen Restaurant which I pass daily at different times, its never full.  That said still lots of people about everywhere & tourists have more options.  Emsphere is quite impressive, which begs the question how Thais can be so good at building that yet suck at something as simple as creating acceptable standard of footpaths.


Sat 11/5/2024

mens clinic bangkok

Red Dragon 8:00-9:00pm

Girls 70+, Mostly A’s & B’s few C’s.

Customers 40

Music B

Comment: Evian bottle water on offer


BillBoard 10pm-11pm

Girls: too many to count, A’s, B’s & few C’s (majority B’s)

wonderland clinic

Customers: 100+, could be a lot more?

Music C


Rainbow (Soi Cowboy) 11pm – 12pm

Girls: 60+ A’s B’s & C’s – some attractive girls here.

Customers: 50+

Music C

Comment: Girls really know how to work over a customer at this bar – think octopus attached to guy sucking the lady drinks out of him.


Sun 12/5/2024

Red Dragon 9:30pm – 11:00pm

Girls: 70+  A’s B’s & very few C’s (20’s year of age girls typical)

Customers 30

Music C+


Mon 13/5/2024

Tourist numbers seem to have picked up.


Red Dragon 9pm -10pm

Girls: 50+ A’s B’s & few C’s

Customers: 15+

Music B


Tues 14/5/2024

Baccara 8:30pm – 9:00pm

Girls: A’s B’s & C’s, few A’s

Customers: 40+ ground floor  98% Asian

Music B+


Rainbow (Soi Cowboy) 9:00-9:30pm

Girls: 40+  A’s B’s & C’s

Customers: 2-4 (dead quiet – somewhat shocked as never seen this quiet)

Music C


Red Dragon 11:30pm – 12:30pm

Girls A’s B’s & one C (ave age 20’s)

Customer: 20+

Music B

Comment: It was party night & girls were frisky.  Yes I can see your lady snatch, need to grind it against the chrome pole, have not got perfect vision but at 1 metre I get the message.  Batfink has wings of steel but these girls are very handy swinging a sledgehammer, repairs needed.

Another reason I like this bar is that the girls constantly move along so you do get to see the entire crew on stage at close range, not just the few nearby.  Change of podium crew timing is good, not too long, not too short.  Downside to this bar are seats that are quite uncomfortable if staying more than ½ hour.


Geisha 12:30am – 1:30am

Girls 50-100 (hard to say) Mostly A’s & B’s & few C’s

Customers: 60+

Music C & way too loud to talk, ordered a Heineken & got San Miguel too loud.

Comment: bath time in full swing but sat other end, some quite attractive girls & they know how to grind themselves into customer’s favour.


Wed 15/5/2024

BillBoard 9:00pm – 10:00pm

Girls too many to count, B’s & C’s – the only A grade girl was in Johnny Walker video advertisement.

Customers: 100-200?

Music C

Comment: for a massive size bar the layout is sub optimal, seats below mezzanine are not ideal.  Many seats too far from girls on carousel.


Angel Witch 10:00pm – 10:30pm

Girls: 25 A’s (1 or 2), B’s & C’s

Customers: 25

Music A (DJ put on music performed by people who can play instruments, write music & lyrics, ie not Swift/Beiber) AC/DC, Nirvana, etc.

Comment: small bar, enthusiastic manager, cheap beer tonight 75Baht, crazy DJ.  Put on show (which I always find boring).  Downside is that music system does do it justice.


Red Dragon 10:30pm- 11:30pm

Girls 50+ A’s B’s & maybe a C.

Customers: 20

Music B-

Comment: Evian water continued to be offered.  Stunning service girl/outside greeter (what do they call them?)


Thurs 16/5/2024

The young dude that Stickman has noted as vagrant was outside Exchange Tower & only saw for 10 seconds but in that time he struggled with his t-shirt had laid out his meagre belongings on footpath & finally given the Sukhumvit Rd traffic a good view of his bare butt.  Not long for this world I suspect.


Indra Square Pratunam is good for suitcases/bags and where English is a first language.


Crazy House 9:30pm – 10:30pm

Girls 70+, A’s B’s & quite a few C’s, majority nude

Customers: 70+ 95% Asian

Music C

Comment: show comes on at 10pm, with balloon busting, ribbon decorating & egg drop going for ½ hour.  I avoid shows if possible.  Don’t know why these events can’t be included into Olympics. Darts would be a hoot on the shooting range, ribbon event include in Rhythmic Gymanstics & perhaps egg drop could make into track & field, guess gender equality stops it going further.  Japanese chick was deeply impressed by skills set & somewhat shocked – that to me was the highlight.


Baccara 10:30pm – 11:30pm

Girls: 50+ ground floor A’s B’s & C’s – mostly B’s & C’s

Customers: 40 with reasonable mix Asian/Falang.

Music A (gets upgrade for playing Zombie by Cranberries)

Comment: Has probably most comfortable seating in Bangkok.


Rainbow (Soi Cowboy) 11:30pm – 12:00am

Girls: 60+ A’s B’s C’s – some young & attractive.

Customers: 20-30

Music C- can’t stand Thai disco music, I call it Ting Tong Thai Music.


Red Dragon 12:00am – 12:30am

Girls: 60+, only A’s & B’s who are young & attractive.

Customers: 30

Music C


Fri 17/5/2024

Rainbow 5 (mid level) 10:00pm – 11:00pm

Girls: 70+ A’s B’s & few C’s  has some very, very attractive girls.

Customers: 100 or so.  95% Asians, falangs are treated well, Indians entered are turned right back out the door.

Music B


Red Dragon 11:00pm – 12am

Girls: 70+ A’s B’s & odd C

Customers 30-50

Music C+

Comment: Girls engaging & hammering at Batfinks wings of steel, repairs needed.   Few hotties barfined by both Asian/Falang dudes.


Overall Comment – Nana Plaza Friday 17/5/2024

The balcony walk ways had a lot of foot traffic but most are I suspect just there to be lookie loos and not go into and pay for drinks in bars.  Particularly worth mentioning are the zero dollar tours crowd & wobble head tourists.


nana plaza