Stickman Readers' Submissions May 14th, 2024

On The Ground 8/5/2024 to 10/5/2024

Getting There

Flew from Sydney via Guangzhou on China Southern Airlines, cost $757 directly with airline.  Planes are new 787 Dreamliner, thence 737-8.  Cabin crew very attractive & they work their butts off.  Guangzhou offers very little and is just a big China regional airport, didn’t shop or use their free internet.  Plane was 2 hours late getting to Guangzhou & missed my connection but everything went smoothly with follow up flight and most importantly luggage arrived at carousel as normal.  The Guangzhou to Bangkok cabin crew chicks were stunning, A+ with high distinctions.  Food was good but not at Thai Airways standards but better than SIA.

He Clinic Bangkok


Very busy at Bangkok immigration with at least 2 flag waving Chinese tour groups (assume they were PRC).  Fortunately I got onto quick queue and got on my way.  Taxi at 2:00 AM was quick, polite & used meter when prompted.  Taxi also took good route via Rama 9 to my destination, avoiding a toll.  Meter 300B + 100B tip for not being a dick.


The Bars

Wed 8/5/2024

CBD Bangkok

Red Dragon Nana

Girls 50+, some A’s, mostly B’s, & few C’s.

Customers 30

Comment: they provide a counter bell for each customer to call waitress, it doesn’t work unless you hit it with a mallet as waitress can’t hear it if I tap it gently.  Great bar & they most certainly have the right idea in operating.



wonderland clinic

Offered me a seat right at the door, I turned & headed straight out.


Geisha (9:30pm -10pm)

Girls 100+, few A’s, mostly B’s.

Customers 100-200 hard to tell.

Comment: few dudes wall papering 20B notes on girls in tub, silliest waste of money I can think of.  Up to 10 girls in the tub, some quite pretty.  A/C cold inside.


Soi 4 (10:30-11:00pm) busy with freelancers, lots want to engage, ie want money.  Guess few hundred about from Thai, Africa, Middle East, Ladyboys.


Rainbow – Soi Cowboy (12:00-12:30am)

Girls 50+, few A’s, lot of B’s and quite a few C’s

Customers 30+ but dropped quickly to a few.

Comment: not surprised to see customer numbers change, something of a party bar and can have a good vibe.


Crazy House (up to 1am)

Girls 20, couple of A’s, few B’s and other C’s

Customers 30-50, few left with their barfines.

Comment: not sure if nudity lowers their attractiveness.  Music gets a B, no smoking is great.


Soi Cowboy I thought was quiet & expected it to be busier.


First time since Covid I thought the girls were hungry for attention across streets & bars. Everyone’s looks may vary.  African dudes largely missing, although still about compared to previous trips when I pass 50 or so on my from Nana to Cowboy.



Tycoon (9:00pm)

Girls 30+, 1 B, remainder C’s.

Customers 10 or so.

Comment: cheap beer, music C


Billboard (9:30-11:00)

Girls 100+, B+, B, B- (should be called Beige Board), A’s & C’s not welcome as this upsets the bell curve?

Customers few 100’s, too hard to count.  One dude paid 4000 + 700 + 300 tip (mamasan) for a B girl, remarkable.

Comment: Music C+ (play Biebers “Baby, Baby” song downgraded from B – this is such a shit song played on good equipment makes me think “got the gear, no idea”).   Love the old fashioned rotisserie together with girls free vodka aka employee incentivisation scheme.  What I like most about Billboard is that it attracts Dude Bros Wankers away from Red Dragon.


Bunny (11:00-11:30)

Girls 30+, few B’s, rest C’s but quite a few walked out barfine as I arrived.

Customers 6

Comment: Music C, something of a party bar, have seen lot of money thrown at this bar in the past.



Crazy House (8:30 to 9:00)

Girls 60+, two A’s, few B’s, rest C’s

Customers 30-60

Comment:  Music C.   Your Ethnicity May Vary (YMEC) as focus from girls is squarely on Asian dudes who make up 95% of customers.   No smoking is great.


Baccara (9:00-10:30)

Girls – who knows 100 +, B’s & C’s.  The C’s have been selected for possessing sexy legs, or is just me?

Customers: 50+ but who know what’s happening on upper floor.

Comment:  Music A – if only dumb bar owners realised how good music is not difficult to find or play and that it makes the bar a great place to chill out.  Baccara probably makes every gogo bar largely redundant in Soi Cowboy.  Also I think they have stopped smoking inside, excellent.


Red Dragon (11:00 – 12:00)

Girls 60+ another 10 outside to meet & greet, only have A’s & B’s

Customers 20+

Comment: Music B.  Ordered bottle water & given Evian – nearly fell off my chair, unless it’s a one off incident.  Never had any problem in this bar.  In the past I believe they have had different teams of girls turn up on different nights.  Quite often I have seen barfines taken out of this bar.


Having been here a few days I don’t believe it is busy with tourists, certainly not in the bars and especially in Soi Cowboy.  It is possible the post Covid boom time party might finally be coming to an end.  Plan to visit Patpong soon and have a look around.


nana plaza