Stickman Readers' Submissions May 27th, 2024

On The Ground 18/5/2024 – 24/5/2024

Noticeable increase in tourists on the ground from the previous week.


Excursions Outside of Sukhumvit Rd

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To those who exclusively hang out in hotels in Sukhumvit Rd area there are other options worthy of consideration, if you have the time of course.

Fortune Town, Phra Rama 9 MRT

Stradling this MRT station is Central Dept store & Fortune Town Mall.  Both are good options although I favour Fortune Town to get away from tourist prices for things & has a Tesco supermarket.  Easy to get mobile, computer & other accessories.  Also repairs.

China Town, Wat Mangkon MRT

Once upon a time Madam Chang had a hole in the wall hardware store corner of Soi 17 that sold more stuff than a full size Walmart.  Chained to her cash register, she had steady business.  Now long gone & developed into a semi open air restaurant, Madam Chang is enjoying retirement somewhere in Chinatown & still chained to her beloved cash register.


Chinatown is very, very large with hundreds upon hundreds of stores selling everything from pallets of sunglasses to main drive bearings for an aircraft carrier.   Cheaper to buy stuff here than anywhere I know of in Bangkok and needs multiple visits to get a sense of what is sold where.  Nowadays it is very easy to get here by MRT.  At night street food pops up.


Interesting hotel to stay is W22 which has a collection of Harley Davidson motobikes including a version with sidecar.  Interior is neat with a collection of old time photos hung in the corridors.  Worth a stay in my opinion.  Bonus are the freelancers right outside in the Soi during the evenings.


Saturday 18/5/2024

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Ladyboy Bars

A good reason for visiting a ladyboy bar is you possess weak sales resistance & need to harden up.  A session at Obsession will have you automatically saying no to any request for anything.  Another reason to visit a ladyboy bar is that you are the corporate director of a Fortune 500 company who wants to know what it is like to dick the public & employees and get a feel of what its like to be on the receiving end.  Rumor has it that the submarine guy learned his stuff here.  Also great for theatre.


Bunny (ground floor) 9:30pm – 10:30pm

Girls 50+ A, B & C.  Few Hot A’s

Customer 20+

Music A

Comment: Mobiles are kept off stage which some bars don’t enforce.  Monkey statue on stage has a huge grin & I would too if I was that well hung.  Group of 4 Indians wandered in, checked menu, waggled fingers vigorously & promptly wandered back out.


Rainbow 5 10:30pm – 11:30pm

Girls 100+ A’s, B’s & C’s (few).  Very hot A’s

Customers 100+

Music B

Comment: Very few seats, Indians who enter are usually turned right around and back out the door.  Asian customers mostly & a lot of smokers.


Red Dragon 11:30pm – 12:30pm

Girls 70+ A’s B’s & few C’s

Customers 20+

Music B

Comment: Girls were on the rampage & testing Batfinks new flame hardened wings of steel.  Couple of barfines walked out.


Sunday 19/5/2024

Rain steady all evening, rain radar & umbrella your best friends.


Tycoon 9:00pm – 9:30pm

Girls 12+  A’s (3), B’s & C’s

Customer 10+

Music C

Comment: so many hotties in a small crew.


Geisha 9:30pm – 10:00pm

Girls 60+ A’s B’s C’s (few)

Customers 40+

Music C- (played Beiber’s crap baby song twice)


Rainbow 5 10:00pm – 10:30pm

Girls 60+ but hard to say with many off stage ladydrinking.  A’s B’s C’s

Customers 50+

Music C- (Ting Tong Thai music)


Red Dragon 10:30pm – 11:30pm

Girls 50+ A’s B’s & C’s (few)

Customers 15+

Music C


Baccara Soi Cowboy 12:00am – 1am

Girls 30+ (ground floor only) A (1), B’s & C’s

Customers 20+

Music C

Comment: avoid lounge chairs right up against stage ground floor as booming speaker located there will melt the brain.


Monday 20/5/2024

Visit to Patpong this evening.  Slow recovery post Covid but getting there.  Noticeable proliferation of boy bars in what were only girls bar area.  Times change.  Also noticeable is the girls not on the stage are parked at foot of stage for your viewing pleasure.  Also noted many male waiters – good for gender equality.


Once upon a time at Patpong, few decades ago, was the place to get the good looking gogo girls.  I also recall a barfine dragging me to see a show where a well hung dude did the deed with a girl upon a Harley that was lowered from the ceiling down to the stage.  Also had a kickboxing stage/bar beer but now long gone.


Kings Castle 1 (nearest Silom Rd) 8:30pm – 9:30pm

Girls 50+ A’s (few) B’s & C’s

Customers 30+

Music C- (Ting Tong Thai music)

Comment:  Manager occasionally stops music issues instructions over the PA to his team, then restarts the music.  Immediately post Covid this bar had the hottest line up of any bar.   Girls sit at front of stage facing customers when not dancing.


Kings Castle (nearest Surrawong Rd) 9:30pm-10:00pm

Girls 50+ A’s B’s C’s (quite a few attractive young ladies)

Customers 30+

Music C

Comment: girls face customers at foot of stage when not dancing.


Virgin 10:00pm – 10:30pm

Girls 40 B’s & C’s (young girls)

Customers 30

Music C

Comment: party like atmosphere, Mamasan is very hot.


Bada Bing 10:30pm – 11:00pm

Girls 30 A’s B’s C’s

Customer 20

Music = Crap

Comment; Radio City posted notice on door & was closed early with girls sent to Bada Bing


Red Dragon (Nana) 11:30pm-12:00

Girls 50+ (hotties on roster tonight)

Customers 20+

Music C+


Tuesday 21/5/2024

Rain, Thunder & Lightning had noticeable effect on numbers out & about.


Angel Witch 9:00pm-9:30pm

Girls 20+ B’s & C’s

Customers 20

Music B playing music by talented musicians

Comment: Showtime classic Thai like dance – no balloon busting or egg drops at this bar.


Rainbow 5 9:30pm – 10:00pm

Girls 50+ A’s, B’s & C’s (very few)

Customers 50

Music C


Red Dragon 10:00pm – 11:00pm

Girls 50+ A’s & B’s

Customers 15

Music B


Baccara S/Cowboy 11:15pm- 12:00am

Girls 40 A(1) B’s & C’s

Customers 50

Music C

Comment DJ off their game tonight & too loud.


Wednesday 22/5/2024

Public Holiday – gogo bars closed, few beer bars selling soft drinks but not many customers.  Massage places open as usual.  Crowds out & about with less than usual in Soi 4 & Soi 11.


Thursday 23/5/2024

Tycoon 9:00pm – 9:30pm

Girls 30 B’s & C’s

Customers 20

Music C

Comment Tiger beer 99B


Billboard 9:30pm – 10:00pm

Girls hundreds A (1) B’s & C’s

Customers hundreds more

Music C+ (almost a B but big improvement)

Comment: A sea of B’s, possible  bar name could change to Sea Bees.  Hard to see the special girl when there is a forest of girls. Bathtime is popular but I don’t see 20Baht wall papering like Geisha – perhaps the forest of girls hides this customer participation activity.


Geisha 10pm – 10:30pm

Girls 70+ A’s B’s & C’s (few)

Customers 50+

Music B-

Comment: Bathtime activity teaches participants the importance to soap & rinse repeatedly.  Customers are taught hands on how to do it right.

Batfinks nemesis resides at this bar, she is hot as Fxxx, can dance & is friendly enough.  Miss Hottie has cracked opened Batfinks wings of steel before on a previous trip & she knows it can be done again.  Miss Hottie is the Apex predator of this bar.


Additional Comment:  Every other bar has a hottie that can rattle ones cage.  I recall a hottie from Rainbow 5, of course, who had more hooks into a Japanese dude than a long line fishing boat.  The guy lit up about 3 cigarettes in 60 seconds.  She refused a lady drink to quietly continue chatting with guy.  A possible movie script for this scene could start like…”you have to leave your wife immediately, we’ll both move to Nakhon Nowhere & live with my Mum, my bank account details are…….and yes my 3 sisters are younger than me & prettier……”


Butterflies 10:30pm – 11:00pm

Girls 80+  A’s (few) B’s C’s

Customers 70+

Music C


Red Dragon 11:00pm – 12:00am Full Moon Party Night

Girls 70+ A’s (lots), B’s (lots), C’s (few)

Customer 30

Music B+

Comment: Full moon party but girls were only issued with the barest of wardrobe.  All were issued with only 1 sock.   Many didn’t have bras and were wearing see through mesh tops & had to make do with stickers covering their nipples, some of these stickers stated “FUCK ME”.  Well Fxxx me indeed.  I have requested the Salvation Army to provide clothing donations urgently.

The show was the best I have ever seen in my opinion with a very talented body paint artist rapidly decorating a totally nude A grade lady.


Friday 24/5/2024

Rainbow 5 8:30pm – 9:30pm

Girls 60+ A’s B’s C’s (few)

Customer 40

Music C

Comment: slow start & quickly gathered additional ladies & customers.


Tycoon 9:30pm- 10pm

Girls 35+ B’s & C’s

Customer 20

Music C

Comment Tiger Beer 99Baht


Red Dragon 10:00- 10:30pm

Girls 70+ A’s


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