Stickman Readers' Submissions December 10th, 2022

Having Less Sex?



It is well past midnight on a Wednesday night somewhere in Farangland on the first day of December 2022. At the moment I write this, I am simultaneously taking a far-left human resources course for a $50 reward. Of course, the browser tab is muted, I’m thinking of Thailand, like most every day of my life. (A week has now past and the last submission sounds a lot like me. We have a different take; so I’ll submit what I have created.)

I’ve been reading a lot of moaning and groaning on this website about the girls of Sukhumvit, prices, and even Stick asked, “Are sex tourists to Thailand having less sex?” Personally, I do not like the term sex tourist or even sexpat. I decided to go to Thailand because the US had become unbearable and the women even worse. Though this submission is mostly about my nightlife experiences, I really enjoy the Thai culture, cuisine, and sights. I don’t travel from a US bed to the Mothership on Soi 4 for 31 hours for just sex.

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Back in 2015, approaching my 46th birthday, my reaction to western women was to see what else was out in this world. I knew nothing about Thailand except everyone on the Internet was saying that Thailand was the best place for solo male solo travelers. I watched some Bangkok 112 videos and booked my trip. I didn’t even know what a barfine was! Please, give me some slack, I’m from a conservative Midwest state in the puritan US.

My first 2 trips to Thailand were spent around the Sukhumvit areas, most notably Soi Cowboy. On my first 2 nights in Soi Cowboy I flashed a bunch of cash and took their offer. I spent 15K baht on 2 nights out for drinks, laughs, and 2 starfish. I was with around 5 girls that trip, but I was happy. I was off the schneid. Since then, I typically take 8 or 9 during a two week millionaire’s adventure. And I spend a lot less and I’m a bit choosier or should I say, I let them choose me!

So how are things now? I am unsure how many girls I’ve hooked up with in Thailand since I returned for 2 weeks during February 2022 and then again in August. Most days I hooked up and some days, such as the first or last there might be 2. I admit, I have spent approximately 2 of those weeks with 1 girl that I met just before the pandemic in 2020, including 5 days in Phuket. She gives me the GFE I have needed and care for her. I consider her my friend, but understand it’s also a business. Thus, the sex has doubled and the amount of girls is around the same.

I do not invest all of my hard earned money into gogo bars. Let me explain. This past February was the last time I was in Pattaya since the pandemic. I received a short-time for 1000 baht on Soi 6 which was excellent. It was from a country bumpkin that was very appreciative of gave me quite a memorable experience for next to nothing. Though, I admit that I short-timed a girl right before her and it was not good. 1000 baht lost, a 1000 baht gained.

I’ve discovered that gogos are not always the best place to hook up with Thai women, but they are a good place to hang out and have fun. My best experience was at Spanky’s about 5 years ago. The show was a lot of fun and the crowd was carrying on like WWII had just ended. Then the mamasan approached me with a shy new girl that ticked my boxes. Later that evening, I took her to my hotel and kept her until early in the morning. I never met her again, but about a year later her face became one of the main advertisements for Spanky’s.

During this past September I went to probably the most famous bar in Nana Plaza. I probably had 20k baht on me because I wanted to make it a night to remember. Well, I couldn’t even figure out how to talk to a girl, let alone barfine. It reminded me of an American strip club where you put tips in their bikinis and there’s no hanky panky. I had fun for a bit, but I ended up with a Thermae cafe freelancer.

Massage parlors and beer bars have been much better for me. Besides the price, the service has been a lot better. The last 3 massage shops I’ve been to the girls began kissing my lips. For 90 minutes of fun for 2000 to 3000 baht, it’s not a big investment. And even one of the girls offered me all day and night for 4000 baht; which I took her up on a couple of days later.

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Thais don’t pay that much; so why should you! I am sure local expats know about this, but many 2 week millionaires probably don’t. Besides the Tinder and Thai Friendly, there are many other means to monger in Thailand, especially in Bangkok and Pattaya. I will not name the applications because of possible conflict with this website’s advertisers, but you can get a 1 to 2 hour short-time with a hot Thai girl for 1000 to 2000 baht. These typically go down in a short-time hotel. And don’t forget about soapies. I have always good fun and experiences in soapies. And the prices have always been reasonable.

You don’t have to go to gogos every night of your holiday looking for fun under the sheets. Look for other things, like I’ve described above. On my trip in February 2023, I’d like to hit Patpong one night. I’d really like to try out Bar Bar and then maybe one of the gogos there. The girls will be desperate because business has been abysmal and it will give me an advantage. So go to the gogos and have a good time and if the stars are aligned, you may just have the best night of your life. In the end, let her chose you and if you are attracted to her, then go for it. Just make sure you offer the price you are willing to pay and many times than not, she’ll agree. And if you have a night to remember, give her the price she first asked and I’m sure she’ll remember you.

Before I rap this up, I have noticed physical changes in myself during my trips to Thailand. I get no action in the US and gave up years ago. Every girl I have dated in the last 10 years seems to only want marriage and I have been proposed to by different girls 5 times in the last 10 years. I feel it’s a little late to mortgage my assets to one person for the rest of my life, though I am not opposed to it if she is the love of my life. Some of the physical changes I notice after I’ve returned from Thailand are that my hair gets darker and it thins out. Since I have not been in Thailand for 3 months, my hair has become thicker and I’m seeing more grey hairs above the ears. Also of note, I mentioned above that I took a girl to Phuket for 5 days; in fact we slept together in the same bed for 6 days. She is very pretty and nearly half my age. The consequence I noticed was my testicles were about 3 times their normal size. Those damn things were like extra-large eggs. They have since retracted to their norms, but being around and with beautiful women seems to increase my testosterone levels considerably. And I don’t feel like I’m 53 while there, more like 30 with the newly found sex drive to boot.

These are just my experiences and opinions. For me the western celibacy and loneliness is worth the price of the experiences I’ve experienced in Thailand. So get off your asses, get yourself in shape, book your ticket, and enjoy the many fruits of Thailand. You only have one life, might as well live it while you can.

P.S. Like the previous submission, I have been hitting the weights for the past 38 years. I do not take TRT, HRT, or any gear. The only drugs I take are for my hair. I took gear as a 17 and 18 year old because I was an athlete. Since I went “natty” over 35 years later, I’m a bit stronger and close to the same weight. If you haven’t been exercising, you can start slow and work up and you don’t need any gear to get yourself there. Life is over once you stop trying.


Stick’s thoughts:

It’s odd that you don’t like the term sex tourist because you appear to be exactly that. No-one on this website will give you crap about that so embrace it rather than be ashamed of it.




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