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It’s Just Amazing

It’s just amazing. One of the common stereotype notions we westerners have after visiting Thailand / Laos is the level of perceived racism against westerners. In their own countries. That can be difficult to deal with or overlook. After all, our precious western dollars, euros and pounds go a long way to prop up their economies.

They don’t care, nor have the wherewithal to be appreciative or reflect on this fact.

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Go back a couple of years ago, at the height of the Covid 19 pandemic, and many in SE Asia were either starving or destitute. A few benevolent westerners were actually feeding these people.

But it seems that those SE Asian immigrants still carry their bad racist attitudes into our western countries.

Just go to some Asian grocery merchants here and (unless you have a relationship with the owners) you may be saddened to be on the receiving end of such disdain.

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Just the other day I found myself on the receiving end here in Melbourne.

I just entered the Thai grocery store looking for some items (waiting to be served) and low and behold, one of their kind that had entered after me; was served first. It was as if I was transparent.

Annoying to say the least.

So finally my opportunity occurred, and I was quoted ridiculous prices, way above what their own kind would accept. Needless to say my response was ‘no thank you’. I left in disgust and will never return.

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They obviously look after their own kind, and inflate the prices to ‘dopey farangs’ (in their own minds).

On Stickman I read about the so called fake smiles of Thais and I can concur. Never regard a Thai smile at face value. It means nothing.

They are masters of disguising their real feelings. They will look after themselves, try to do business exclusively amongst themselves, never employ westerners in their businesses – from restaurants, supermarkets, massage shops and all manner of other enterprises.

If they can get away with dual pricing in the west where they live – they will.

Now, these Thais that live in Aussie were not dropped here from a space craft. From experience, (found out during my many massage sessions) the women have latched onto a western older guy. True love?? Nope. Once these women come to the west they have dollar signs in their eyes, become workaholics, begin in massage parlours (working for other Thai owners) and get the idea of opening a shop for themselves. The same goes for Thai restaurants and other assorted businesses.

Whilst people in the West moan about Thai baht exchange rates – Thais don’t.  They truly know the true purchasing power of the western currency. If possible they are here for the long haul to accumulate as much of our folding money as possible.

If they are married to a westerner (many) have no problem offering ‘other services’ – for a price. The husband is ignorant as to the extracurricular activities of their beloved wives / girlfriends. Not always the case – but many do.

In order to not be caught out, these girls travel to remote locations, so that they will not be found out.

Moving on: I love my massages and post pandemic Thai massage shops are trying to make up for lost revenue.

The norm here is $ 60 per half hour oil massage. $90 per hour.

Of the shops that previously ‘didn’t offer extras’ – many now do.

An additional $50 will get you a wristy. That’s all. So you want a nice, fresh, attractive young Thai girl to look after your needs? Minimum cost will be $140.

In Thailand that will buy you an overnighter (FS). Correct??

Trouble is: she most likely won’t be young or attractive. But rotund – meaning fat!! The older kind that are married to old farang guys.

The pandemic has prevented many of the younger ones coming over as students.

Students? That’s a laugh. Some study hairdressing, remedial massage, diplomas of business or tourism. Marketable qualifications in Thailand – NOT!!

The real agenda is secreting as much tax free dollars and maybe get some farang to support them.

Of the many massage I‘ve received, some of the disrobed girls have grotesque tattoos – are you thinking ex bar girls?

Also, there a more and more lady boys doing the massage circuits.

Not my scene (each to their own) but they are very popular with some gents. To me they are definitely women, trapped in a man’s body.

I do feel sympathetic. Broadly speaking: just nice people trying to make their way in life – as best they can.

I’ve discover that Chinese (many fat ones around as well), Taiwanese and Vietnamese are better – and not as greedy providing ‘body therapies’. And often much more receptive and amenable for additional, additional services. Chuckle.

So, that’s about it from me for the moment.

The preceding sounds quite cynical – so if you are one of those dopey old farangs, married to the Thai love of your life – good luck to you – may it long last. Just keep a close an eye on her.

As they all say ‘mine is different’. Just my opinion.
Stick‘s thoughts:

Our perceptions tend to be the sum total of how we have lived, reflecting the things we have done, the people we have done it with etc. While I agree that there are some real Thai schmucks in the West, just as there are some real Farang shysters in Thailand, I can’t shake the idea that one’s impressions are largely a direct result of the things you have done and the people you’ve done them with. In many ways these perceptions are not all that different to looking in a mirror.

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