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July 2022 In Pattaya

I spent a month of July in Pattaya and would like to share my thoughts about it. Before I start, this is my personal opinion and as such doesn’t have to be right. I have been in Thailand more than 10 times at different places including Pattaya, so I had a good idea what to expect. Last time I was in Thailand was before Covid. I wanted to see how it looked. So here it is:

Time spent at Bangkok Airport was totally ok, short queues, not so many tourists. Taxi to Pattaya same fee as before Covid.

He Clinic Bangkok

Accommodation, food prices, nightlife prices (drinks), massage….all the same prices. A lot of bars, restaurants are open (but not all), but it is getting there. The first week when I came only IBar’s lower floor was open, while the club above was closed. The next week it opened. Tourists-wise, there were not too many. Some Koreans, and a LOT of Indians. On my last week in Pattaya I saw some Japanese. Most Indians hunt in packs on Beach Road so if you like to check girls on Beach Road, be ready for feeling like you are in Kolkata.

Now an interesting part comes: What is different in Pattaya after Covid and is it worth it to come for a 2 – 3 week vacation?

To me, the biggest difference are the girls: quantity, quality and service.

CBD bangkok

Quantity wise, I didn’t have an impression that there are enough of them. Yes, maybe if we rate girls on rate 1 to 5 (1 = dog, 5 = beautiful), there might be enough of 1 and 2 but not a lot of 3s, 4s and 5s.

On Soi 6 there are enough bars open, and a lot of girls are younger, and you can get a girl who is up to level 3 on the looks scale.

So, as it is for now, if you want to be sure to get some action, it looks to me it is the safest place to get some reasonably good-looking girls for a reasonable amount of money (up to 1,500 baht for short-time, though it is quick not short).

Quality wise (how good-looking a girl is), it was very hard to find something above average. In clubs there was a very bad selection, just wasting time going there. What is alarming, before I was usually meeting freelancers in bars, and now it gets tricky. I am not UBO (Ugly, Bald, Old), and girls have become very, very picky. Online sites are terrible too. There are some good-looking girls on them, but even if they reply (after a couple of days usually), they are not very eager to meet. I don’t recommend using dating sites at the moment, unless you want to waste your vacation. It happened to me that I sent messages to 10+ girls on sites and they are active but they don’t even look at the messages that day! So if you want to see some quality girls, you have to go to gogo bars which I have never done before, because I could always find some quality girls in other places. Now I had to go, get ready for a rip off.

wonderland clinic

Monopoly price is 3,000 baht short-time, 5,000 baht long-time, and barfines were between 1,000 and 2,000 baht on average. And add lady drinks at 170 to 200 baht a drink. So even if you want to barfine a girl, she will probably only want short-time because she is in demand at the moment. So if you calculate how much short-time is, it’s actually about same as in Europe or USA. So you start wondering if it is worth traveling halfway around the planet for that!

Service wise, this was where things were worst of all. Girls are so in demand that they just don’t care. If you are used to being treated really special in Thailand, forget about it. Most of the girls (at least those in demand / good-looking) want only short-time since they can have as many customers as they want, and short-time is not short-time – it is “quick”-time, count around 15 minutes, shower included. This new short-time is around 1,500 baht but prima donnas want 2,000 – 3,000 baht for short time. One even asked me for 5,000 baht (because she is famous in Thailand). Long-time is 3,000 baht if you are lucky you can get it for 2,000 baht (I got lucky sometimes, but not always). Sometimes you make an arrangement, she calls afterwards and tries to postpone (tries to put a customer in between). A friend of mine took a girl for a long-time. She stayed till 3 AM and says I go bar to meet friend. She left a bag in my room and will come back soon. She comes at 9 in the morning, says, oh, I needed money in bar, so I took another customer in between.

So, is it worth going to Thailand for a short vacation? If you are UBO, it might be ok. If you go for 2 weeks you have to be realistic. If you are handsome, rich or luck, you will always find some great girl(s) to hang around. Otherwise, be ready for some nasty surprises. Missed dates, bad service, rip off in gogos etc. Add in expensive air tickets, and I think it may be better to find local talent in your own country where you might get better value for your money.

Another big problem is the expats. There are too many of them and too few girls at the moment. Though many of these expats appear broke, they still have enough time for prospecting, which you as a tourist don’t have. So they have all the contacts that you don’t and they don’t want to share them with tourists. So, even if you spent a month online getting contacts before a vacation, you come to Pattaya and send a message to a girl: Here I am, she might reply to you in a couple of days: There is a long queue, please take your number and wait, someone will be with you shortly. Is that a dream vacation? Spending most of your time hunting girls that are in high demand with other desperate tourists, expats etc.?

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