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Arabian Adventures, February 2021 – Pandemic Times (Part 1 Intro And Meeting Anna)

  • Written by Stag1
  • August 26th, 2022
  • 6 min read

Some background on this story.

With Asia closed for business since early 2020, I found myself fortunate enough to be heading off to Dubai 3 times in the past 14 months. My last trip to Thailand that included time in Bangkok and Pattaya had me flying out of Suvarnabhumi on Monday 02 March 2020 and just one week before lockdowns commenced.

I had zero previous exposure to the UAE ladies market so I spent time before leaving for each trip investigating the reports of freelance bars, on-line adverts and the massage / illegal brothel set-up.

In total I spent over 10 weeks in the UAE during those 3 trips and the last one had me arriving back late Feb 2022.

With Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, China, Macau and Singapore being my stomping grounds for over 20 years, I was very familiar with the bar scene, freelances, Macau spas, KTV and the overall mongering in Thailand and the broader scene in Asia.

butterflies bangkok

I definitely prefer freelancers and Thai bar girls willing to do pretty well anything for the money, I prefer the soft skin and smooth delights of Asian babes – yes, a major case of yellow fever.

Pre pandemic it was the norm to have routed most trips with layover in Thailand and heading to Pattaya for 2 or 3 days R&R at least 6 times a year for more years than my bank account would now prefer to display.

Thus, my search was on in Dubai. I was NOT disappointed.

In this first post I will mention cross over activity as I do not have the time to write a report on the 12 different ladies of the night with Thai and Vietnamese including one Korean and for the first time ever, an African lady.


There are a very large number of bait and switch websites and they are in the majority (www.dubaiescortstars.com ) to name but two of them, at least for Asian girls working the local scene.  I was not looking for the United Nations of working girls that one can clearly find the UAE but was seeking out Thais or Vietnamese specifically.

After a false start for over a week at the first trip when booking online and the bait & switch was just unbelievable once they arrived at your door. There is so much to be said about meeting freelancers in person at bars or viewing the ladies at a Walking Street gogo bar first. But being a newbie to the Dubai scene I was not at this stage familiar with the bars available.

After the first 3 bait and switch (no, I didn’t proceed, I sent them away – usually older Chinese women in their 40’s being delivered as advertised as Thais in their 20’s) thus I took to meeting them in the lobby even though they insisted on coming directly to the room. I just started to reject them there and then. Even after me saying in the pre-arranged hook up that if they didn’t match the photo and / or was Chinese, don’t turn up.

There was one Chinese girl who I did meet at the lobby bar (staying at Hilton Al Seef) on the second night who passed muster, but this writing is not about her.

Moving on and as I was in Dubai for 3 weeks and after 1 week of sad results I decided on looking over some of the reported freelancer bars, sadly compared to BRIX or Ipanema Bar in Singapore, or Beach Club in KL etc I visited York Hotel bar, an old dive of a bar with a mix of below average to no thank you Africans, Middle Easterners and some Asians. Interestingly, many Filipino waitresses who were not available for hook-up.

Jules Bar at Le Meridian Hotel near the airport was indeed a nicer venue but as I was working long days, hooking up earlier than 11 PM was difficult, but this is a good place for quality Asian ladies.

Now with that background out of the way, let me talk about the best find. Well beauty is in the eye of the beholder and as I have a major case of yellow fever, I found a 5’5” petite Vietnamese. She was advertised as a Malaysian. Tried hard to find a Thai but lucked out. (Apologies Stick have gone off Thai centric story, but given Thailand was closed the relevance and interest to your readers I hope is there and I will have 2parts to follow. 3rd part centres around helping rescue the Viet girl out of the clutches Dubai)

Day 7 and I used VPN and was able to get on to what appear to be a genuine Dubai website.

I hooked up through WhatsApp with a VERY cute looking 23-year-old who I thought was a freelancer but turned out to be an escort girl (very heavily tied sadly I later found out and will be covered in an entire story later in this 3-part series). Anyway, after the bait and switch BS she offered to send me a short video on WhatsApp of her talking to camera and introducing herself and using my name no one else had provided that suggestion and yes it looked genuine.

She did and she called herself Anna. Here advertising page link is here and as it remains in the public domain I don’t see any privacy issues.

The photos are accurate especially the ones of her on the bed and the one of her with her back against the wall . Turns out the reason she had blurred out the nipples was because she had inverted nipples.. (more on this later).

Even though her advert says she was Malaysian, for some weird reason she was actually Vietnamese which is pretty obvious from her photos.

Well, gents, she arrived at the hotel lobby and I was somewhat dumbstruck at what I was greeted with, she agreed to allow me to take photos so I have proof of encounter. This girl was a 9.5 / 10 23-year-old cute as Vietnamese babe.

This first booking was for 1 hour. Her appetite to commence her service was to say the least keen & her looks (again in the eye of the holder – me in this instance) was nothing short of amazing. She was down to her Victoria Secrets underwear within a minute of entering the room and offered up a shower together. I was to be honest dumbstruck with her figure – it was not what I was expecting for USD 220 for the hour.

She indeed had a good set on her and after some feeling about they were 100% natural just wasn’t expecting a 5’5” Asian girl to be quiet so well hung.

We showered and she provided a very nice satisfying clean-up of the appendage and just the right amount of hand action, I could have blown my load there and then, but had to have her pull back.

AN incredibly enjoyable time was spent with Anna, not her real name her on-line name she agreed on a couple of photos one of her very tasteful tattoo and then dressed.

END of part 1

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