Stickman Readers' Submissions March 9th, 2022

Secret Daytime Hook-ups, Thai-Style

A hot little Thai wife and her Thai husband asked me to join them yesterday for a threesome at a hotel about 15 minutes’ drive from Bearing BTS. For privacy reasons they wanted a foreigner who spoke little Thai and knew no one near their patch of Bangkok.

Appears they ain’t the only married people in Bangkok who want total privacy when secretly hooking up with others!

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The following blew me away…

The hotel was huge, I think 6 stories high with very long driveways on each level, but picture a stand-alone 6 storey inner city carpark as opposed to a conventional hotel with reception desk at ground floor.

You must enter via a car into the (back street) building exactly like you would a carpark attached to a multi-level shopping mall, but there are no lights on once in the driveways, it’s pitch black! Furthermore, you see nothing but large, heavy, black, closed curtains from the driveways.

Driveway attendants with little flashing torches guide you up each level to the closest available room/car park, your curtain is pulled back for you, you drive in, the curtain is immediately closed and a staff member enters, again with a little torch (whilst you all remain in the car) to sort payment.

You pay for the number of hours you want and for the numbers of cold beers you want delivered to your room. They return with a soft tap on your door after your hours are up and the entrance torch light process is repeated for your exit.

I have seen hundreds of well secluded short-time, drive-in hotels across Thailand over the years, but I’ve never seen one this secretive whereby it’s completely dark once you drive in off the street  – even during the day – and your car is immediately covered upon arrival.

Gotta hand it to the Thais, they know how to provide discreet daytime hook-up venues very well, and given the size of this operation, they must do a lot of business…

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I saw her profile and pic on ThaiFriendly. She looked pretty and her profile only said “looking for fun, do not want relationship”

Given her attractive looks and that particular profile message, it was obvious she was just another freelancer so I replied with a simple “Hi, do you want to meet?” and awaited the usual, “Ok, but you can pay me *** baht?”

I was therefore somewhat surprised when she wrote back asking if I was interested in having a threesome with her and her husband! She explained they had never done this before, that they were both nervous about it and that they wanted absolute anonymity so couldn’t risk inviting a Thai guy. A foreigner was therefore their preferred option.

She also made it very clear that she loved her husband dearly and under no circumstances was she interested in having sex with me without her husband being able to see what was going on.

She asked if I could send a photo of my umm….block and tackle… and asked if I was ok with her terms. “Yes and yes!” I said as I was very interested. I submitted said photo and awaited her (and her husband’s) decision.

Shortly after I got a message asking if I was free to meet them the following Sunday…Boom! Happy days!

They collected me from a BTS station in a taxi and we went for lunch and drinks. Appears they were being honest about it being their “first time” as they both drank a large amount of beer and whiskey to help settle the nerves. So did I.

He smoked cigarettes so during one of his smoke breaks at the restaurant, and after about 4 or 5 drinks, she told me that both her and her husband liked me and asked if I felt the same and if I was still interested in proceeding. Another “yes and yes!”

A few more beers once in the hotel then showers and whilst we were back sitting on the sofa enjoying another beer she got up, walked toward me, knelt down in front of me and starting performing oral sex on me.

And so it began.

She had a beautiful body, great tits…and a number of toys, some of which I had never seen before!

We adjourned to the bedroom and once there the husband kept encouraging me to do many different things to her, this served to alleviate any concerns that I may have had about what to do to his wife, in front of him. Hence I was now completely at ease now to do whatever I wanted with her.

What followed was the best 4 (!) hours I’ve ever had. We did things I had only ever seen on threesome porn movies… except she wasn’t acting. There was no stopping her. She was the one suggesting all the position changes and she was the one that kept wanting more…even after both of us had each finished…. twice!

I got a message the next day asking if I enjoyed it and if we could do it again?

You guessed right…”yes and yes!”…


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