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All Is Fair In Love And War Part 2

Captains Log Angeles City, December 21, 2019

Last night the Korean mongers surrounded my hotel wielding crude farm implements. They wished to crucify the white god.

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I went swimming in the rooftop pool to flush the intoxicating nectars of vixens from my body. It was there in the murky depths that I met an oracle in the form of a 446 year old sea turtle named Calculus. He said I must continue on my journey and that even greater beauties await in the next isle. Nubile young lasses of fair skin and Spanish descent.

I nearly escaped with my life. The Korean mongers had my hotel surrounded. The owner went out to them to parley.

“Whorebreaker”, they cried. Bring out the whorebreaker so that we may know him.” The owner offered up his two virgin daughters. They slayed him and stormed the gate.

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 They fought my guards toe to toe floor to floor. We retreated to the rooftops and waited for death. 

I had no power to fight for it had been drained by the spinners, no doubt in collusion with the Korean mongers. 

We sat at the bar and prepared ourselves for death. At the last moment Calculus summoned a great raven, his name was Vice. He gripped my shoulders in his great claws and flew me to safety…
For most of my time spent in Angeles City I stayed at the Penthouse Hotel. I got most of my girls from bikini bars and Tinder. There were so many ladyboys pretending to be girls on Tinder that I had to make them show me their pussies on video call before I agreed to meet them. I took a liking to a freelancer named Jess, 210 from Manila and her friend Irish, 20. I found the Pinays to be more physically attractive than their Thai sisters and more nurturing. This made them dangerous. Jess was very high on the crazy/hot matrix.

One day Jess came to my hotel with Irish looking very rough. They spent an hour in the bathroom doing their makeup then I walked in on them smoking ice. I banged them then we went to the ATM. I gave her 4k for her and her friend, less than what I usually paid. She went in to a psychotic rage, threw the money in the street and stormed off. Irish picked up the money and apologized. Jess texted me for the rest of the day with all kinds of threats and insults. I ignored her. A couple days later I invited Irish to my hotel for short time, but by the time she arrived I was very sick and in pain. She took me to the hospital where they put IV fluids in me until I felt better.

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I began buying Valium off the street dealers. Many times in the bars I was cock blocked by the Asian mongers. They would always enter a bar in groups and pick the best looking ladies. In Thailand they were revered for the rule of 4. Four inches, four minutes and four thousand Baht. In the Philippines it was 333. One night in Flamingo I spotted a girl on stage with a slim body and a cute face. Her name was Mae Floresca and she was 20 years old, I barfined her and her cousin. I spent the night with them. I really liked Mae. I got her messenger and we parted ways. I was off to Cebu.

Cebu City was very busy at the time with a festival. The traffic was heavy and the hotels were full of Filipino tourists. I setup a date with Merry a 19 year old accounting student I met on Phillipina cupid. She met me at the Plaza Indepencia with her sister as a chaperone. The next day I met up with another Cupid girl her name was Ley 26. When I first saw her profile It said that she had been to Singapore, Thailand and Korea. When I asked her about this she denied ever going there. I told her it was on her profile, she said she forgot that she wrote that and confirmed that she in fact did travel to those places. She was a prostitute masquerading as a good girl. I met her on Mactan Island she took me to a resort. We had a couple drinks then I wanted to swim, they said it would cost 3000 pesos to use the beach. I declined and we took a taxi back to Cebu City and parted ways. I visited a couple bars they were all to spread out for my liking. Cebu City was a bust. My birthday was on Christmas Day, abd fast approaching. I messaged Mae and told her I wanted to take her to Palawan. She agreed if her cousin could come too. I booked myself a plane ticket back to Clark and three Round trip tickets from Clark to Coron, Palawan.


Angeles City, Christmas Day, 2019

On Christmas morning I arrived in Angeles City and checked in to the executive suite at the Penthouse. I was now 37 years old. I summoned Jess as my stocking stuffer and lined up Mae and Her Cousin Nicole for later that night. After I finished with Jess I dined on steak and Jameson as I waited for the girls. Mae messaged me and invited me to visit her family in Urdenata. I couldn’t find a cab so they got on a bus. I went out mongering for a couple hours and when I came back they were sitting by my door with a birthday cake. They were excited to go to Palawan and they had bought swimsuits. We celebrated my birthday then we had a threesome. They agreed to a price of 4k a day for their time. Nicole left and Me and Mae went into the hot tub.

She had a perfect body. She told me she had worked in bars for 3 months. I loved the feeling of her soft skin and the way her tiny body felt next to mine. She was warm and nurturing, always feeding me and telling me to eat my rice. I wanted to save her.

We spent the next four days in Palawan doing island tours. It had the best beaches I have ever seen. Mae was obsessed with taking photos of herself and always on her phone even when floating in the water. We hiked mount Tapyas and visited the hot springs.

They invited me to celebrate the New Year with their family in Urdenata. When I first met Orn she invited me to visit her family in Isaan. I refused and had always regretted that decision. I asked her how much money I would need to bring. She said 10k for food and drinks 10k for games and 5k to rent a Karaoke machine. I knew these numbers were inflated but I didn’t care. I was enjoying my position as a sugar daddy.

We went to Urdanata and checked into a guest house. She then led me through a maze of alleys and livestock, then across a Bamboo bridge to her family home. I met Nicole’s three children one was a toddler. Nicole told me that it was Filipino custom to give money when a baby is seen. I refused. She introduced me to her Parents and her three brothers. Her yard was all dirt next to a small river polluted with trash. She showed me the comfort room and the addition that she had paid for with her work. Mae asked if I could bring her brother back to the USA, she never asked if I wanted to bring her. Her Aunt took us to Manoag to see the church, then we went shopping for alcohol. I bought a couple cheap bottles of liquor and a box of Franzia wine. Mae was so excited when we came home she arranged it all on the table and took pictures of it like it was fine expensive alcohol. Everyone was very warm and welcoming. There were many small children there.

They decorated the whole house in Tinsel and balloons. Mae placed her five year old daughter on my lap. She was disabled and couldn’t walk or talk. She looked up at me with longing in her eyes, the same way I used to look at the men that my mother brought home. At night we sang karaoke and played games. Most of the songs they sang were from the 90’s. Mae ran all the Games and handed out cash prizes. One game everyone had to put a marshmallow in their mouth and say “Chubby bunny” without swallowing. They then had to keep adding marshmallows and repeating the phrase every round till only one person was left. In Another game a large pot was filled with small bills and one 1000 peso note. People would take turns blindfolded trying to Pick the 1000 pesos. Mae asked me to add another 1000 pesos to the pot even though all the money provided was mine. I declined. Mae gave her 16 year old sister a new cell phone. We lit fireworks for the new year’s. The whole village was throwing parties. Mae warned me that her family would was going to party till the sun came up. We went back to the guesthouse to sleep.

I stood on the rooftop gazing at the cityscape.

“You gotta move on, soldier. You should have been on the next island by now.”

A gaunt figure stood beside me, his face scarred and mutilated.

Sergeant Mayhem

“But they love me.”

“You will never be one of them soldier. She will never love you like she loves them. You are but a tool to her as she is to you.”

“Remember the mission.”
I rented a van so Mae’s father could drive us to Subic Bay. The whole family came. When we arrived at the hotel I treated them all to lunch and then they left. Subic had terrible beaches. The sand was dirty, the water was dark and had white foam on the surface. We went to Freeport to hike the Pamulaklakin forest trail. Our guide was a member of the Aeta tribe, an elderly pygmy woman. She carried a Bola knife and showed us how to forage and find water. She didn’t speak a word of English so Mae translated for me. The trail was used by migrant workers who would hike to Manilla. She gave Mae the leaves of a plant to help her daughter walk again and she gave me some leaves to cure my diarrhoea.

That night Mae didn’t wanna have sex so I went out mongering. I had fun drinking with some girls at a sports bar. When I came back Mae was asleep. She was not jealous or possessive of me. She had gotten cold on me. The next morning I told her that I would take her back to Angeles city and then go on my own. Her attitude suddenly changed and she gave me one of the best fucks of my life.

I wanted to spend a couple days with her on Potipot Island. She was against it. She wanted to tour the hundred Islands of Pampasangan and she wanted to bring her siblings. I agreed and we got on a bus. On the ride she fell asleep in my arms. She looked like an angel.

At the bus station we met up with her cousin, her brother and his wife. Her brother was the only one in the family that had light skin. I got a hotel with two rooms and we bought food at the grocery store. We hired a private boat and toured the islands for the day. That night we ate and drank on the rooftop of our hotel. Her family thanked me for paying for the trip, Rachelle did not. I had a bottle of Bombay Sapphire and we all drank except for Mae, I told her I would give her 500 pesos to take a shot. She said I was cheap and that she didn’t like that. Later that night she didn’t wanna have sex and we fought. I told her that having sex was her job and that’s why I paid her 4k a day. I told her I had paid for everything and I didn’t like her calling me cheap. She told me that my heart was a stone. She went to sleep and I looked at my bank account. I had blown through 10,000 USD in two weeks. I had stayed at four star hotels every night. I had been paying Mae and Nicole 4k a day each, buying them clothes and gifts. I had 5,000$ left, I needed to start budgeting or my trip would be over fast.

We spent the next day touring the rest of the islands then me and Mae took a bus back to Angeles City. We checked into a cheap room at the Hotel Eurasia on Clark View road. As we were waiting for the room in the lobby Jess walked in. She ran up to me and hugged me, Mae was on her phone and oblivious to us. I told Jess she was my girlfriend and that she shouldn’t see us together. She messaged me later and told me that she was renting a room there with her friends. I told her that Mae was falling out of favor. She offered to fight her.

When me and Mae got settled into the room Nicole called her. Mae told me that she was crying and that I should pay her barfine so that she could join us. I told Mae that Nicole needs to find her own customer. The next day I sent Mae back to work and I found a cheap room for 800 pesos at Kokomos suites. Jess came over. I asked her why Mae behaved the way that she did when I had been so generous. She explained that When Filipinos see that a foreigner has a good heart and is generous then they think that he is weak and a fool. I told her I was thinking about going to Boracay, she told me that she used to freelance there in the bars. I told her I needed help looking for an apartment, Irish and Jess’s lesbian lover came over to help. Jess’s girlfriends name was Gomez and she dressed like a boy. They took me to their room at the end of the street through a maze of alleys and stray cats. It was like a concrete prison cell. There was no furniture so we sat on the floor and drank coke. We looked at a couple apartments, Jess asked if she could stay in the apartment while I was away on my trips. The next day I found a cheap room above Insomnia, it was a low end bikini bar near the entrance to walking street. It was also close to Mae’s bar. I asked her to go to club aqua with me, she told me that she didn’t want to go so I went out mongering to find a girl.

The night before I went to Cebu I met a Filipino American man named Rudy at the rooftop bar at the penthouse. He gave me advice on how to monger in the Philippines He also told me to look for his cousin Eve in Xanadu and His cousin Divine at Xcess.

I went to Xanadu and asked for her but she wasn’t there. A waitress named Maria took a liking to me so I bought her drinks and she would bring over girls that I pointed out. One of them was Cherry, I liked her because she was thicker and had bigger tits than most of the spinners. I spent 7000 pesos that night buying her and the other girls drinks. Then I got sick and vomited all over the bathroom floor, I tipped the attendant. The staff carried me out and put me in a trike.

The next day I messaged Mae and told her to come over. She said she would come over after her shift at Flamingo was finished. I went to Xcess to look for divine but she wasn’t there so I went to Xanadu to look for Eve, the girls didn’t know her. I started to suspect that Eve and Divine didn’t exist. I spent two hours there buying Cherry and the other girls drinks then I told Cherry I wanted to Barfine her She told me she would leave with me but no sex. The whole night she was grinding on my lap and flirting with me. I wrote her off as a Second degree cock teaser, paid my bill and left.

Mae Came over at the end of her shift and wanted to sleep over. When I tried to make out with her she stopped me and said I would have to pay her 4000 pesos.  She was no longer warm and nurturing and she was giving me only duty sex. The girlfriend experience had turned into the wife experience. She asked me if I wanted her to leave. I said no, I wanted to bang her out in the morning. I went out mongering again to find a girl.

At 4am I found Rhapsody, There was a young girl in a dress at the door she was a 10, I ignored her and had a look inside. None of the girls were hot so I exited. The girl in the dress asked me why I was leaving, I told her that I didn’t see anyone I liked. She held out her hand, I took it and she led me back in. Her name was Alicia and she was 19. We connected instantly, we had a short conversation and I barfined her. She was feisty and she kept pushing me playfully as we walked. She called me daddy. I bought her a swimsuit at the shop and took her to the roof top pool at the penthouse. We swam for a little and then made out in the pool. I took her to a short time hotel and I had sex. I still remember how her body bucked and writhed. I told her I had to go, she wanted me to stay. I got her messenger and left.

When I returned to Insomnia Rachelle was asleep and Sergeant Mayhem was sitting in a chair in the corner smoking a cigar.

This one is liability, soldier.

But I love her.

Don’t forget where you found her, disengage and proceed to the next target.

You’re AWOL


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