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The Largest Prison On Earth, Home

I’ve made 3 posts on the site so far and feel I must update once again although covertly  as I do know other people that also use the site. The first post was mid 2016, second towards the end of the same year and third Jan 2017.

Just to throw in there, I’ve been reading posts from way back in 2004/5/6 and 7 for the sake of it and I find it sooooooo annoying when we don’t have updates on what were to me the most interesting stories…… that said I write like a ninja on here totally undetected thus I can’t be tracked so who am I to moan…… I don’t even have a user name unlike most.

He Clinic Bangkok

As this is technically a new post I should explain once again I worked in Thailand for going on 5 years and I’ve seen lots of it, done the bar girl thing and it became really boring to me the more I actually looked at what was going on.

I’m not a massive drinker, in fact I’m not a drinker and I could easily not have a drop of beer or any other alcohol for the rest of my days and it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest, I don’t need drink to be confident nor do I need it to relax so it’s of no use to me.

Thailand in my life is simply the second home totally bar free usually these days. I’m 34 and been to Thailand over 70 times.

CBD bangkok

To overview the girl situation…….So I met a girl in early 2016, bargirl but very new to it with 6 guys under her tiny belt, fell in love with her super-fast as we got on so well, she’s young but on the very legal side. I took her with me when working in Thailand so she got to see most of the country also plus others and then I sent her home with a promise of a better life with me in the future, I’ve let her down short term for sure, more on that later.

As with many of us on here I live the double life in fact I actually live a triple life as I have another woman here at home but that’s a different story for another day, maybe.

I have a girlfriend at home in France where I currently live now which is where I grew up and she makes it so easy for me it’s good to have her run the home which we own together, cooking, cleaning, washing taking care of the garden and the cats it’s all down to her but all things physical ended well over a year ago.

Now call her stupid but she thinks I’m just so busy with work I have no time for it. Not true I’m just not into her anymore and I will free her when I get the balls to do so but for now I’m sat tight, not nice for her but no one is perfect…… inc me. I have a date night coming up with her and I just don’t want to go.

wonderland clinic

So my Thai girl….. coming up 5 years she’s still at home with the parents funded by me monthly to the tune of 20,000 baht which she deserves and I in turn don’t miss.

she’s not been near a bar since, we talk all the time I have no trust issues with her but I have let her down as mentioned above. She wants to be in Europe with me but due to a change in my plans I had no choice but to park her up.

My Thai GF like most Thai girls has the crazy in her for sure although I knocked it back totally.

We once had a massive fight where she was about to glass me with a bottle and she soon found out there would be no fighting back id just simply walk away and replace her, to be honest she never got to that point again after that as it’s not worth loosing me is the way she sees it. What I can say though if she ever did feel I was leaving for good god knows what she could do.

I’d never hit a woman, I’d restrain for sure if I had too but as I respect my parents for raising me the way they did I’d just never let them down by hurting a member of the opposite sex.

My situation with work changed or my mind set did anyway, I’d had enough of running a company that was not mine with no shares or end game in sights and although I was in Thailand the money did not stack for the amount of stress I was enduring and in the end I handed my notice in to shock of the company owner and his brother who had shares.

I enjoyed the job and miss it to a point let it be said, I also should have took it less seriously as I missed so much of what was going on around me. The cars, the houses, the hotel rooms, the country the women……all of which I should have paid more attention to and enjoyed more but I was just too dedicated to work.

Many of you will understand how changing anything in a Thai girls eyes is terrible and just not a good thing as they hate change full stop no matter what it is so I explained for me to better my life (and hers) all round I needed to do this.

I took a position running a company high up in terms of the chain of command but it is all Europe based (German company) so my Thai adventures would need to be undertaken in my own time which was no problem as within reason I can have as many holidays as I like without question plus being on a salary of over 150,000 euros with absolute job security was an offer I could not refuse. I’m happy but I don’t take for granted what I’ve got and how I got here.

So then came COVID and everything went to shit as I’m sure many have felt also. It’s been over a year since I’ve seen my Thai girl, I hate it. Work is brilliant and we have worked right through this hard time but not being able to get out of the country is killing me.

I’m spoiled I know but I’ve always been able to just go when I wanted plus I’ve never been restricted by the number of holidays away from work and now nothing…… grounded no matter how much money we all do or don’t have.

I do have links into the country that allow me to work there, I could use them to allow me in (with a 2 week quarantine of course….. I’m far from a VIP) plus the fees that come with it but then nothing is open, I can’t see my Thai girl in the quarantine time and then once again another 2 week quarantine back in Europe makes it just not worth it.

Let it be said I’m absolutely against not taking this COVID issue as a serious matter, whatever your personal thoughts on it are we need to adhere to the guidelines so this is over as soon as possible so I can travel (we, I mean we!)

It’s killing my Thai girl emotionally. I’ve explained it’s not a choice I’ve made, I’ve explained it’s an act of god or buddha and she agrees but every single day she brings new problems with her emotions….. it’s the fact I can’t get too her. She had an absolute meltdown last week just as she was lonely.

We video call all the time but it’s just not enough for the humans we are is it, we need interaction and a loving touch none of which can be had on a video call. I get sooooo frustrated on the old video calls “sweet heart, do my nipples look nice today” or “sweet heart look….. I’m wet” sends me crazy.

So how are all you boys getting on? I miss the travel as it’s part of me…… we all work so hard to keep going there and now no matter how hard we work we can’t get.

I feel totally myself when I’m travelling, even in the local airport on the way it feels amazing just to be out of work and on my way to what I view as my second home. My time is mine I don’t have 1 million staff asking me questions and I can just shut off. I love it.

Looking at the news it does not look like I will be leaving for Thailand in 2020. It’s sad but I’m looking at the reports with realistic mindset thus not to be further let down.

I see so many people hoping to get out there this month or next it just won’t happen in my opinion and if you did get what is there to do? I often watch chad on YouTube (cb media) and his adventures where literally everything is closed and although it’s funny the way he presents it fact is it’s really sad that the whole world is more or less closed. Check out that you tube channel if you get chance that guy is great. (I don’t know him, never met him but watch always with interest)

I will be really interested to see if Thailand pulls though all this and goes back to how it was…….. I’m sure it will pull through but back to how it was? I’m not so sure.

What a strange time we’re living in. As I read the news Spain are getting the second wave now so I’ll probably be on some hit list as my country is so close which will only put my trip back further!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr I seriously have cabin fever!.

I was taking to my old boss just the other day In fact I’m meeting him tonight for a drink (Diet Coke on my part) he’s got money to burn really but like me and most of us he’s also grounded. It’s really effected his mental state! He’s usually crossing borders like us mortals cross a road…… he’s having a real hard time of it “locked up in France” as he states.

The weather here is good at the moment I’ve just made my excuses to get out of the house and gone up the road to another lady friends……. I’ve not seen her in about 3 months she’s rough, small as in Thai frame but with meat on the bones making her very French indeed. Arrived and got straight down to it, I’d dived in far too fast and made the school boy error of not warming up to it……. big flop on, so out to the car for the magic pills, a nice local coffee to help them go down and bang the deed is done….. regret straight after of course. Just thought I’d throw that one in there for you all. In and out in less than 2 hours a 4 out of 10 performance from me and she’s happy. Driving home my thoughts are only of my Thai girl Asleep bless her and how COVID is driving me to do such things. This issue for me when you like the Asian women any other skin type is and of course this is personal tase is a step down.

So life at the moment is absolutely on hold for me, work is my life with nothing more in it , I wouldn’t even go as far to say I’m looking forward to getting back out to the land of fun as none of us have any idea when that will be so we can’t exactly get exited can we.

We all had it so good being able to move around as free as we liked and I don’t think a steep pull up out of this and it’s over is going to happen. I still can’t believe after all this time and all the Tec we have we don’t have a cure for it but I’m a scientist of sex and manipulation not global infections.

As my Thai girlfriend is with her mother the old habits are coming back, the backwards way of thinking, the simple way around problems (usually avoiding) the drive for easy money and being lazy are just some of the traits her mother lives by.

Her mum annoys me, I really don’t like her I find her really ignorant talking about me

When I’m sat next to her and her one track money mind stops me from helping her in the slightest.

I will continue on with my day to day until it opens back up and then update on the next part of my journey once I’m there, I’m literally loaded ready to go and I can’t wait!!! BUT I’m not going until it’s safe to do so and I feel that may be some time yet boooooooooooooo.

Mr. Nobody

‘s thoughts:

My apologies that there had been none posted for a few weeks. I didn’t update this section when I was away from home on a 2-week road trip around the South Island. At the same time only a few came in, which I am publishing this week. My thanks go out to those of you who have taken the time to put something together and send it in.

To all readers, if you would like to see more stories published here, why not think about writing up about your experiences in Thailand, or with Thai people or even how you’re coping being unable to visit Thailand due to Covid-19?

More stories published tends to have the effect of making others put something together and send it in. Of course, if nothing comes in it’s good for me as it’s one less thing for me to worry about. Over to you guys!

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