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Are Thai Bargirls Different From Us?

Well fundamentally of course. They are female – we are male.

But in many ways we do what it takes to get what we seek, at that moment in time; or in the long term.

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As western guys (and indeed Thai men) we are trying to satisfy our desires by means of a leg over and the girls are wanting a leg up (in life).

Can’t blame any party in this transaction – but that is how we operate.

This also applies to western girls … but the leg over part is often a protracted, long winded and painful journey without any guarantees.

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Thanks to their bitter and twisted sisters polluting  their minds, in regard to feminism, a lot of western girls hit that terrible (I’m being left on the shelf) 30th birthday.

But a lot never learn and want the best of both worlds.

The trappings of the now antiquated and toxic view of the feminist movement, and being in a position of control over males.

Cynical as it may sound – there is a whole generation of women unwilling or unable to move away from the reasoning of feminism. So be it. By the age of 40+ and still un-ensconced; some decide to co-habitate with other like minded women. Good – they deserve each other.

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Many western men just couldn’t be bothered to tolerate such nonsense

– with rabid, foaming at the mouth females; that regard men as the bane of their lives.

Thanks to the feminist movement however, women have more opportunities now – job wise – so for them it hasn’t been all bad; but whilst such opportunities have opened up for them – it has been at great personal cost.

A life with a career; but often no male life partner.

The ever diminishing available male market place.

With men not associating with bitchy women; when better ones are available elsewhere in the world.

In my time, I have been associated with many ladies, mainly of South East Asian descent, in massage and other services.

What becomes clear, and it’s no surprise, that many of these girls really wouldn’t be offering services – if other financial options were available to generate sufficient income – to give them and their families a leg up in life.

Invariably, I am almost always asked the same monotonous questions; to quickly judge if I am a suitable candidate to give her a leg up in life. Nothing wrong with that.

If one is deemed as not being in the position of providing for them, they move on quickly to the next possible potential candidate.

Some  say that these ladies always have other options – but tell that to a girl that has aged and often infirm parents, a couple of kids being looked after by them, and having rent to pay, put food on the table.

To provide for all the necessities of life.

In an ideal world we should all have an abundance of money, and opportunities; so that distasteful work wouldn’t be necessary.

I’m sure some fellows digging ditches in the road, on hot summer days; would prefer to be in an air-conditioned office – unfortunately life deals people different hands.

So they eventually do what they have to. They do what they feel is necessary to survive: to eat, pay the bills, provide for their families and hopefully find some sort of happiness along the way.

Mind you – there are working ladies that are after shortcuts – for the latest Iphone, designer garments, shoes, handbags etc. For them, servicing gentlemen isn’t such a chore and indeed easy pickings.

So, when you feel like demeaning these ladies (it’s very easy to brand these women – these bar girls or otherwise as cheap wh***s for offering services to gentlemen). They are only renting a part of their bodies in exchange for money.

This mostly is not a lifetime profession (hopefully). It’s a stopgap measure.

They are not selling their minds, loves, children, aspirations and dreams. They are just sex providers.

No – they are not to be disrespected in any way.

And if we are purchasing services from them – even more so. We as men are the needy ones … to pay money to satisfy our carnal needs.

If we disrespect them, by extension we are disrespecting ourselves and humanity. Hence the word w****e monger. The needy gentleman, purchasing the body of a woman to satisfy our sexually needy side.

So reflect on that.

When you feel like demeaning these ladies by calling them tramps, slappers, pros, hoes, or worthless wh**es – you have degenerated to a sub human dimension.

A dimension devoid of basic human compassion – and an acknowledgement that says – you are also sub human for feeling this way.

Treat them well.

Treat them as you would have others treat you – with compassion, understanding and respect.

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