Stickman Readers' Submissions June 29th, 2020

My Story Part 2

Once upon a time I went to Bangkok. On December 6, 2019, I wrote the first part of My Story.

This is the sequel:

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I was a lucky guy, and received a lot of responses from my first reader’s submission. And I met a great guy from Australia who saved my life.

After I was broken down, physical and mentally, this great guy who I will call “R” came to the rescue. He taught me a few things about girls and the bargirl environment. After corresponding with him, I started to heal.

Until I was diagnosed with cancer, my world begin to sink again. After starting the treatment and starting to go on with my life again, I felt fine. Around January the bargirl started to message me again. I didn’t respond. Each month until now I still get some stupid text from her. Sometimes I replied, other times I didn’t. If replied she didn’t send me anything back.

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In March of this year I decided to block her on both WhatsApp and Line. A few days ago suddenly my phone rings. I pick up and guess what, it’s the bargirl. She says she isn’t happy with her new boyfriend (UK guy, 52 years young), and said she misses me a lot, that I was a dream for her. I asked her why she never replied to my messages, even if she initiated the exchange. Her explanation was that she just wanted to know if I’m alright, nothing more than she cares about me.

But after 8 months she realised she had made the wrong choice. She told me she couldn’t wait for me because she didn’t knew I really would come back for her. She needed to survive and had no other choice. The rich guy she is with now has a lot of money, and pays everything for her. She has expenses of 60,000 baht a month, but of course she doesn’t love him.

She said she wanted to be with me but I will not / cannot pay that sort of money for being with somebody. She decided to stick with the guy until I came to Thailand to get her. After talking with her mother and friends because she would take a great risk, she came back on her words. She said she really was sorry, but she had to think about her family, and she didn’t want to give me her shit.

I learned some lessons here:

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First off, all can bargirls fall in love with someone but it isn’t be like ‘normal’ people falling in love with each other.

Secondly, will they choose money above everything? Yes / No. It all depends what you can offer over someone who offers money alone.

After she came back on her choice, I got some texts She said that she is really sorry and she has to what she has to do. She said she isn’t brave enough to choose me because she’s afraid that it wouldn’t work one day. (She would take a lot of risk.)

Funnily enough, after sending the text, she calls me again without saying anything: I asked her if she could you repeat what she wrote to me, but now to my face. She couldn’t do it, so she made me a deal. I would be her secret boyfriend, and would wait until the guy paid off her property which he said he would do. After the property was paid off, she will be with me because she loves me.

Honestly, I didn’t decline the offer and also did not agree, I didn’t know what to say.

After 8 months waiting I did get some answers:

Yes, our time together was real.

She just thought I was talking shit: Even if you find a bargirl who wants to be with you, she will always be scared that some day you will stop the funding. That’s why they have many guys around and they will keep them around in case of that very situation.

We as farang will always be scared that she is cheating on us, so what we have here is mistrust from both parties, (that’s the reason it will never work). These kind of long-distance relationships will give you headache all time and really are not worth it. You have to trust someone but you have to verify it also.

I’m a little sad for her boyfriend who is wasting money on someone who doesn’t love him. It’s just a business transaction for her, and one day she will leave him because a girl who doesn’t love someone will never stay with him for long time, especially a bargirl who has slept with hundreds of guys. I guess once the property is paid off she will leave the guy, like they all do when they have got what they want.

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