Stickman Readers' Submissions May 13th, 2020

Lockdown In The Philippines

Just a heads up on lockdown in a major city in the Philippines. Lots of insanity and madness at all levels. The country had major problems and human rights issues prior to the so called corona virus, now it’s all just snowballed. Millions of the poorer people’s lives have been made worse than they already were. Without the monthly pay check they are basically screwed. Lots of problems getting food. A lot of the aid hasn’t reached them, and possibly been pocketed by those in power, as people have suggested. Yet so many people just go about their daily lives.

This is the first time I have ever heard some Filipinos say this is a shit country. Usually they are quite patriotic. That’s not to say a lot of the masses are speaking out. The average poorer Filipino is not often found to think for themselves or question or do their own research. So many reactions to this whole so-called pandemic have been nothing short of disturbing indeed. As a society it has got to be one the most easily scared and manipulated that I have ever witnessed, especially in the lower classes.

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That’s not to say there are also a lot that have had enough of what’s going on here too. I would love to see the people here rise up and stand up to authority here, but we might be waiting a while. There is a lot of the usual media bullshit and fearmongering going around to keep people in a state of fear, and believing what they are told. I have read quite a few blatantly bullshit news articles stating corona virus deaths, when for sure it was cancer or heart disease. The headlines always seem to say another Covid death, until you read the fine print as such.

In my opinion, the people of authority here often have no idea what they are doing. What I commonly see here is people in positions of authority that clearly do not possess the intelligence or common sense to make decisions that affect people’s lives. The main problem with people like this is that they think they are smart, but they are not. It’s a common trait here, maybe a form of narcissism.

All the lockdowns and mass testing has done nothing but ruin people’s lives and destroy the economy. Yet they are hell-bent on all the testing and I think they fail to even see what they are trying to achieve, through lack of knowledge and common sense. I do think some of the leaders here are switched on, but maybe don’t get the chance to shine due to politics. Or maybe here the authorities are just doing as they are told by their western exploiters? The positive figures are very low here, and the death rate extremely low across the country. From what I have researched the tests are not even accurate, and almost pointless. I suspect the death rates here, although low, are still inflated. One report I read headlined, “Another Covid death”. I then read the article and the patient had stage four cancer and apparently tested positive for Covid, so you can see the bullshit there.

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Picture a dog chasing its tail, and that gives you a perspective of what they are doing here. Prior to all of this there was attempts at implementing martial law, so I am not sure this has anything to do with the extreme measures here. Checkpoints everywhere, military, quarantine passes, being watched most places you go….you get the picture. I just toe the line to keep out of trouble, and mostly get left alone when I go out. I am tackling this lockdown my own way, especially health wise, which means regular fresh air, sunshine and being as close to people as I can, to keep my immune system functioning correctly from the herd immunity in general we rely on. When I go to the local market I breath in deep and take it all in to keep living the way I always have. Being locked up alone is not good for the body’s immune system. We need germs for immunity.

To finish, I just want to get on a plane out of here. I’m done with this country and its backwardness, lack of common sense, stupidity and insanity. There are many wonderful people here for sure, but as a whole this ain’t a place for an honest, straight-talking, intellectual Westerner.

I believe you haven’t been to the Philippines, Stick. <You’re correct and I have no plans to visitStick>.  Well, save yourself the trip. You are not missing out on anything you really must see. Oh and one more thing, I remember the president here once on one of his ill-thought rants who said foreigners are ruining the Philippines.

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