Stickman Readers' Submissions March 2nd, 2020

No Fool Like An Old Fool, Am I Just Another Stupid John?

The Stupidity

I have a confession. I never thought I would end up as a stupid old git. It has happened.

He Clinic Bangkok

At the end of my short trip to Pattaya I wandered down Soi 6.  I wasn’t looking for a bonk, just a beer and to check out the girls. Beach girls are plentiful and a lot cheaper.  Gets the job done without the pretense of love. Planned on leaving Pattaya the next day.

Six years of living alone have made me a little hungry for a relationship.  Another sad and lonely old git?

Young Miss Nakhon Pathom, not the sexiest, not the most attractive, caught my attention, but she is tall and skinny with no English so we spoke Thai.  Well, for the first time ever I decided to pay the large Soi 6 barfine (1,250). Stupid, stupid, stupid.  Big mistake #1. This young girl was pregnant at 16, similarly aged boyfriend cleared off to another girl as soon as he knew it, mother at 17, and followed older sister into the bar at 18 plus three months. One month later she met me.

CBD bangkok


The Actress

She turned out to be an awesome actress. “Ao jai geng” does not even begin to express it.

Clung on to me like there was no tomorrow. Wanted 300 years together.  Aaah, the drug of young genitals and the half blind infatuation of an old fool. But after a couple of decades in Thailand I am not entirely and obliviously cuntstruck.

Next morning I agreed to meet her at the bar again and take her out. Maybe we have something together? Give it a chance, eh? Went to the bar at 14:00 as arranged and she had gone upstairs with some guy. Big fail. Little disappointed but no big issue.  I left and went for a beer in another bar. Then came a long long series of messages, “sorry”, “please come back to me”. I ignored the lot. Then at 01:00 a little “miss you” popped up. Bugger. OK, I called her at 09:00 in the morning, big mistake #2.

wonderland clinic

Incredibly within 30 minutes she had showered and rushed across Pattaya to my room. The budding Thespian talent was surging to the surface. I asked if she would like to become bf/gf. Huge hug and kisses. Inside of 60 minutes she had gone back to her sister’s room and the bar, got her stuff and was ready to go.

With a vaguely “this cannot be really true” feeling I booked cheapish flights back home to southern Thailand. That was a new experience for her.

Two days later was my birthday. Young Mai was keen to buy me a present. I said it’s OK, just save your money. But no, she spent 250 baht on a T-shirt and then 600 Baht on a dinner at MK. Surely this must be real? I was, so to speak, heading to heaven.

Everyday she spent a couple of hours video-chatting to her mum and 15-month old kid. Nice, I thought. If she loves her mum and kid so much, then maybe there is a bit left over for me too? I don’t mind helping support her kid if I can also bask in that love and affection.

In the evenings we watched a film together, sometimes Thai. I even sat through the goddamn awful Thai film Pee-Nak 2 in the local cinema. Two hours of my life I now resent wasting.

We planned a trip to Pattaya in the next two weeks so she could be with her kid for a while. In the meantime we headed off for a couple of days to one of the islands.


Addiction and Cracks

It didn’t take long before she insisted I block my former girlfriend on LINE. OK, we have been separated for six years, but there was never anything acrimonious on separating. We simply kept in touch every few weeks. I know she really wanted to get back together, but I was not interested and never indicated any interest, despite overt come-ons from her. Sad now that I blocked her, she is a nice person. Hope she will answer my next message.

Then my phone was scanned for any sign of other females. Nothing to be found. <Why the fxxx did you let someone do that? NEVER let anyone do that and if they so much as suggest doing it, kick them down the road there and then!Stick>

Now she was spending a lot of time on her mobile phone. I didn’t mind the long chats with her mum and kid. But I was getting fed up with messaging her friends, surfing clothes and shoes, and watching Thai drivel, with its screams, yellings and stupid “boings” used as  punctuation to indicate its time to laugh, just in case the audience is too brain dead to realise. I hoped I could slowly wean her off this brain addling crap. Massive mistake #3. No way that would happen.

In particular after a bonk late in the evening I wanted to sleep together. On came the damn phone and she was checking Facebook. I asked her to turn it off, now “I am talking like her mother”. First thing in the morning, check the phone. During meals, check the phone.


More Cracks

Slowly there was a change from being “loving” to sudden mood changes. An example, holding hands on the boat ride back off the island she suddenly chucked my hand away and said, “if you don’t want to hold my hand, then don’t”. Just crazily out of the blue.

Or if another woman caught my fleeting attention, bang! “Why are you looking at her?”


Cracks, Check The Eyes

If her eyes don’t shine at you every time she looks, you are being played. Sometimes they did, but more often they didn’t. I overlooked this key crack. Mistake #4 or maybe I missed a few others?


Finally it all crumbles

Today arrived back from the island. Felt vaguely uneasy about the whole relationship and where it was going. I was now beginning to wonder how to extracate myself without a blow-up. She flopped down on the sofa and out came the phone. I caressed her head and fired up the computer. Not soon after she asked why are you ignoring me? I said I that I saw she was busy on the phone and that I thought it would be OK to read my email.

I checked out her Facebook page on the PC, it’s easier than on the phone, mostly it was full of garbage, on the whole it correlated with the what she had told me. But I asked her why she had send a “love” and not a “like” to one guy who had posted a selfie of himself a few days ago. He had clearly been on holiday and bonked her. And another guy living in Pattaya has been sending her likes on every post she made. Apparently this is OK, and I could do the same. Hmmm. Really?

No more mistakes this time. I was fed up with the phone addiction and mood swings, I asked if she wanted to go back to Pattaya.

Flood of tears (fake?), a bit of anger (good actress?) and she packed her bag.




The last 12 days have emotionally exhausted me.

I should have stayed in Pattaya a few more days to get to know her better. Not doing that was my main and biggest mistake. I just wanted to get out of Pattaya and hoped that living in a nice house and decent area with support for her kid would be good for her as well. Apparently not.

I reckon a girl who has crossed the Rubicon and become a sex worker can only be an ephemeral experience. Once over the river there is no return. Apparently there is a limit of just a few sexual partners before it becomes almost impossible for a female to “bond” in love to one male. One shitty experience with a Thai guy “the first love of her life and father to her kid” has already  poisoned the chalice.

I am very glad this has quickly reached the inevitable end, but more than a little sad that it never really stood a chance of being successful. An old fool, that I am…..

We males can be manipulated so easily by the wiles of a young female.  Yeah, I treated her incredibly lovingly with a lot of tolerance and even sent a couple of thousand baht to her bank account after she left to cover her trip back and for her kid. She never asked for any money. Not a single baht, except the first night. But apart from the travel and food expenses I did give her a small gold necklace, which she indeed said at first said she didn’t want. But was clearly very pleased to wear it.

She could have had so much more, but ultimately failed at being the actress. I really don’t know why she gave up. Lack of decent role models, immaturity, stupidity, true character emerging  or liked the male attention and money she can earn from Farangs in a bar? Or maybe I was never considered as a potential longterm partner, just another stupid John? Whatever, the first seven days or so were great.

I am also dismayed that the bars in Soi 6 allow such young girls to work there. 18 years old strikes me as being way too young. She is too young to even visit one of the bars, but apparently Thai law allows them to work in there. Naturally not as a whore, as prostitution doesn’t exist in Thailand. Except when the police discover a few Vietnamese and African working girls near Nana Plaza.

Stick‘s thoughts:

Too young, too great an age difference, and everything happened way too fast. It was doomed from the start.

nana plaza