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Makha Bucha Day in Bangkok Part 2

It was ten past midnight when I left Spanky’s, having resigned myself to an early night, as it was Makha Bucha Day, and all bars had to close for 24 hours. They were closing one by one, and the Plaza was darkening. But Butterflies looked as though it was still open. Perhaps I might be in time to get the dry humping girl, Dao. I walked into the bar, and was delighted to see that the girls were still on stage – but not for much longer. By the time I had walked around the bar looking for Dao they were beginning to leave. I asked after her, but nobody knew where she was. It was a repeat performance of what had just happened at Spanky’s, except that Butterflies was a bit slower in closing down. Once again I went out in despair, though was cheered to find that a few other bars were even slower in closing.

Actually, some were very slow – two hours slow. The last few bars closed at 2:00 AM that night. However, since I have no desire to name and shame (or should that be name and acclaim) those bars, I will describe the bars I visited in those last two hours in alphabetical order, without any mention of how late they stayed open.


This used to be one of my favourite bars, especially for its shows, so I was pleased to see that it hadn’t changed at all. There were still the old Halloween figures hanging from the ceiling, the largest being the witch with a Fender Stratocaster suspended over the bar. Even more surprising was that the girls were wearing the same costume that I remember from my last visit to this bar in 2010 – black, strappy bikinis with fishnet stockings and knee-high boots (now with the inevitable platform soles and high heels). There were eight of them, which is quite a good number to say it was so late and the eve of a Buddhist holiday. After a while, the shows started. These were nothing special, just two girls dancing in costumes that were slowly stripped off (down to panties – no full nudity in Nana!) but it was late, and I don’t doubt that their main shows are as good as ever.


This bar was so vibrant it could have been the peak of the evening. I counted 12 girls dancing on a small central stage with a tub at one end and a small carousel on the other. They wore blue patterned bikinis and the usual monster shoes. Several went topless. There was a shower cubicle in which a girl showered herself (again, with her panties on). The average standard of the girls was the usual OK-ish, and there were a few good lookers. I guess there would have been several more earlier on.

As it was very late, I found that I was suddenly popular, and girls kept hitting on me. I quite liked one of them, and offered to buy her a lady drink. The waitress was kind enough to point out the price: 370 THB. So I did my well-rehearsed, “Pang maak!” (“Very expensive!”) and sent her away (politely, I hope). (By the way, if you are thinking of learning Thai, you will find that phrase to be the most useful in the Bangkok bar scene in 2020. The first word is pronounced as it is in English. The second word should be pronounced with a high tone. Just say it in a tone of shocked disbelief and it will sound about right).


My popularity continued in Erotica. This is a small bar on the corner of the stairs as you go up to the third floor. A number of hello girls lay in wait and try to change your mind about visiting Butterflies and go to Erotica instead. If they succeed, you will probably be disappointed, but that night I was delighted to find any bar that was still open. This is an old bar which has not changed since I first popped in (and popped out again) in 2006. It has a small glass ceiling, but these days it is so dirty you probably wouldn’t even know that you could once see through it and up a dancer’s skirt (though as you can rarely see more than a pair of knickers in Nana, there doesn’t seem to be much point).

There were six girls on stage, who were average at best. One of them grinned alluringly at me, but as she was a tad plumpish, I tried to ignore her. However, when her set finished, she came and sat with me anyway. Well, it had been a cheap evening so far, and as lady drinks were only 170 in that bar, I bought her one. She must have been keen to tempt me into a barfine, because she pulled down her bra and placed my hand on her ample breasts. But they were ample in the wrong way. Not full and pert (like #925’s or Chompoo’s) but full and flabby. She even pushed my hand down her panties, but that was too fast for me. I like to get to know a girl a bit before I start feeling her up, and anyway, I didn’t fancy her.


It was a comment by Stickman on my last Angeles submission that aroused my interest in this bar, as apparently, it is the first Korean-owned bar in Nana Plaza. The name is intriguing, as is the traditional Geisha head on the logo, but that’s about it. Inside it is a cookie-cutter Bangkok gogo bar with girls in black, strappy, thong bikinis. How much more interesting it would have been to have developed the Geisha concept in their costume! There is a central stage with an interesting tiered design, the highest tier being a carousel, all in stainless steel – smart, modern, but again, they could have developed the Geisha theme with some Japanese-style fittings (maybe I should open a gogo bar!) There were about six girls in each set of the usual ok-ish standard. Nothing stood out, but again, it was late and the stunners would have been barfined earlier. The remaining girls were desperate for business, so I enjoyed a level of popularity that is unusual when there are younger, handsomer men around, and there are still a few hours left to hook them. One girl practically jumped on me, was feeling me up, and dry humping in my lap, as well as making suggestive motions with her hand and mouth to suggest that, if I did barfine her, I would not be disappointed in the blowjob department. Some guys seem to like this, but for me it is a turn off. I had no intention of barfining her, but just for fun, I did my kiss test: I made to kiss her, and she automatically turned her cheek (fail!). To pass the test, she would have to give me a full-on kiss, and as we got to know each other better, perhaps over a second lady drink, some delicious DFK. It is my experience that girls of her sort make lots of promises to get barfines, but often don’t deliver.

That was not my last bar, because, as I said earlier, I have written about them in alphabetical order. But there was a last bar, and there was a time when the last lights went off, and the Plaza was dark, and I had to go home.


Nevertheless, that evening was a valuable lesson about how you can enjoy yourself in the Bangkok bar scene in 2020. My total expenses for Friday 7th February to the early hours of Makha Bucha day on Saturday 8th February were 2,300 THB (c. 56 GBP) – not bad for a lot of good, girl-ogling fun! So, if you want a reasonably priced night out, avoid bars with inflated lady drink prices, and don’t barfine.

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