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Dating in the Philippines Part 7

Good day, Firstly I would like to answer Stick’s question as to whether I look like Brad Pitt or David Beckham. No I don’t look like Brad Pitt or David Beckham, but then again few do? I am fairly handsome, athletic, energetic, disciplined, magnetic, very clean, hardly drink, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs and am extremely honest and I am mid 40s. Stick, you asked, so here is your honest answer.

Secondly before I begin, I just read a submission by Java about the stack theory. A strange term for baggage. He stated he has had a different dating experience than me in the Philippines after he read my Dating in the Philippines part 6. I would suspect a major majority of foreigners have had similar dating experiences in the Philippines as it’s a culture of pod people. After reading Java’s piece it looks like he has had the normal dating experiences a lot of guys have.

Funny enough that I was talking about the online dating game involving Filipinas and foreigners in general from what I have seen. I didn’t really mention my dating experiences in the Philippines. Java may apparently be 50, cashed up, retired and good-looking, but I suggest he go back and slowly read that piece.

Java, now that you mentioned it, I have had varied dating experiences in the Philippines in my years living there. I have dated girls with money, girls with some money and girls that don’t have two  x 50 cent pieces to rub together. The really poor girls were the most pleasant, but a liability as far as a relationship goes, as I am not into paying for everything twice.

I found good-looking Manila girls at times pretentious and would lick their own assholes if they could reach. At times I could put this down to men in general, especially foreigners, throwing too much easy money at their pussies, resulting in common cases of unbridled narcissism and the theory that their pussies are lined with gold.

As for middle-class girls, well you could call them middle class, but not really middle-class like in the West. Reason being is that yes, they do get a higher wage, which is still often small on the grand scale, but they often take on debt too to keep up with the Joneses, as such. A lot of the new money Flippers are notorious for feeling the need to appear wealthy, like they have made it. When in fact they often still have money problems and bludging family members with their hands out.

So in fact a lot of middle class are not much better off than the poor as the poor have nothing but owe nothing, whereas the so called middle class borrow like there is no tomorrow. The most distinct feature of Philippine society is the massive gap between those that have, and those that have not.

I would also like to add that I have read many posts on Redcat and some of the posts are good from good guys and some are written by egotistical, insecure little boys that seem to think they are killing it by making promises to very poor girls, bedding them and then breaking their hearts.

Good-looking upper-class men date good looking upper-class girls in the Philippines, mostly within their own race. It’s actually quite noticeable that a lot of wealthy Filipinos don’t like Foreigners all that much anyway. As a very judgemental culture they see lots of old sex tourists with young province girls young enough to be their daughter, so without any more knowledge they view all Foreigners that way. I know some that are enlightened and look further and give you a chance, but in depth thinking and inner wisdom isn’t a strong point in the Philippines. The church has a huge influence on the way people think there…the motto of the Catholic church is never to question anything. They get it wrong often as us younger respectable guys wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere near sex tourists or the places they frequent. I wonder if now Java has found his partner she is actually an upper class Filipino or a girl where you have to pay for everything twice?

Online Dating Continued….

The girls…Just to clarify again, online is the worst place to meet a future partner. When you go on the paid sites there is one very common trend. The Filipinas almost never pay for memberships. My guess is 10 out of a thousand might pay a membership when it comes to online Filipina dating. Now there are some flowers online for sure, but it’s up to you to pull out the weeds, and online Filipina dating sites are thick with weeds! The fact that almost all of the girls don’t pay memberships is a great indicator of how dating them or a relationship would go…the guy often ends up paying for everything twice. I stress of course that there are exceptions, but they are few and far between, especially when young Rosemary in the province has a Foreigner that lives and works in America and sends her money and pays for everything on his vacation. Rosemary tells all her poor friends that all Foreigners are rich and the old men especially are super generous, and good luck to you guys who want to have an equally contributing relationship with girls like this, as it seldom happens.

Remember why they are often online in the first place…financial security, a better future or a citizenship, none of which a province boy of her equal could even come close to providing most of the time. If I had $1,000 dollars for every time a Filipina told me I was rich then I would be a seriously wealthy man indeed.

There are a lot of handsome local guys in the Philippines. Filipinos are quite attractive people on an average, much more than in the West in my opinion. The average poor girl has little or no chance, more like no chance, of marrying a Filipino guy with money, no way. Online Girls are certainly attracted to Filipino men, but often want to punch above their weight as such, and move up a few classes, which they couldn’t do with a Filipino man, not unless they both worked hard at it to make wealth, which is possible, but not so common.

Then there is the other issue for the girls, the fact that a good portion of Filipino men like to bang other women, and the richer guys sometimes have mistresses. Something not so common in the West. Truth and integrity from a cultural perspective in the Philippines, is way down the list below rice, Karaoke, white skin and basketball, there are of course many individuals of strong character also, but I am describing the general population.

When you first look at all the profiles in online Filipina dating, you will see many pretty women for sure. So for a newbie Foreigner who has never visited the country, they would kind of be mind-blown, especially given the looks of plenty of Western women that they would be used to seeing, you know the look…a lot of older Western women could put on a jersey and fill the role of front row prop for the local rugby league team, (or the presence of the Gvunt). Just a side note explaining the Gvunt. I didn’t coin the term by the way. The Gvunt has become more common in the last 20 years in the West. The Gvunt is what looks like a kind of second stomach above the Vagina and adjoins the top of the vagina. I can’t speak for all men, but I find them to be quite unattractive.

So we have thousands of pretty and apparently available, willing young Filipina looking for Foreigners online. Slow down tiger…but there is a catch…actually there is quite a few, all is not what it seems to be… be continued…..

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