Stickman Readers' Submissions February 3rd, 2020

Dating in the Philippines Part 6

The online dating game continued….As I previously mentioned, online dating with Filipinas has long had its heyday. The deterioration is mainly as a result of Filipinas quite often blatantly looking for a free ride in life and older foreigners looking for a Filipina to bang on their yearly 3-week vacation.

I would say there are a small number of genuine people there looking for a long-term relationship and what people call “true love”, but the majority of males and females there are often playing the constant game of deceit.

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The Foreigners

Lives in the West, full-time employee, hard working, lives in the suburbs (which are desolate, soulless, empty environments), not super cashed up, over 50 and finds it hard to meet decent women their own age, especially in the Aussie suburbs, we coined it “The corridor of shattered dreams”. As a side note, I find it also difficult to find women over 35 that are worth a relationship, especially if you live in an average suburb.

I have noticed that the more beautiful people live in the more affluent suburbs in Oz, to be honest. Say for example, popular beachside suburbs or inner cities where a lot more young people work and the social scene is more active in general and higher socio scale.

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When I visit Oz I stay beachside, but it certainly isn’t a high-class area and consists mainly of working class people, which I certainly don’t mind. There are still so many hot Western women in Oz and young good looking guys would not be complaining, but for average guys over 40 who are not rolling in cash or have a magnetic personality, the pickings are not so rosy.

The last time I returned to Oz I was mind-blown at how many women over the age of 25 were “Beefy, Cakey, Chunky and Frumpy”. Add to that the fact that even a lot of pretty women over the age of 30 have issues or baggage that they haven’t dealt with. A mate once said “If a women is over 30, pretty and still single, there is often something wrong with them. It isn’t a rule but I could strongly agree with it. Guys here aren’t all stupid, and snap all the hotties with brains quickly and have families with them quite often.

I know personality counts for a lot but personally I wouldn’t particularly be interested in pursuing an overweight woman for a relationship and certainly not for sex. It’s not gospel, but in a lot of cases, overweight people often share in a common lack of discipline, which I simply do not respect, nor would I like to be touching a body that resembled a bowl of jelly. Just my opinion. <Fair comments, but don’t you think it would be an idea to let us know whether you’re a Brad Pitt / David Beckham look-alike. What’s the bet you’re not?Stick>

Anyway, so the lonely Westerner in the suburbs who often hasn’t really travelled in a lot of cases, has a mate that travels to SE Asia etc, listens to his stories and he takes an interest in the fact that there are willing and eager girls in the Philippines desperate to meet a foreign man, regardless of age. He may or may not be aware of the real reasons often Filipinas seek out Western men, and probably doesn’t care too much anyway. I make a point of saying of course not every foreigner in online dating is the same and has the same life situation, but I am just talking of the more commonly seen.

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He opens an online dating profile and it’s game on.

The Girls

Living in the Philippines, quite often very poor in their living standards and levels of education, large families that they often need to support, 80% are single mothers or more, not very intelligent, often lazy, has a friend in their province that married a old  foreigner that often threw money at them and they got to reside in the west and now sends money home and raised the families standard of living etc.

She opens an online dating profile and the game is on.

The newbie foreigner to Filipina online dating at first is quite often clueless about Philippine culture having never been there before. At first glance he sees loads of beautiful young Filipinas (and they are often super pretty. I reckon the abundance of pretty Filipinas is mind blowing when you are walking around the cities in the Philippines. Looks wise, they would be in such high demand if they were walking the streets in OZ). There is a catch however with a huge portion of these young and pretty Filipinas…they are dirt poor and have very little to offer in the way of a long term relationship besides the pussy between their thighs a lot of the time.

The newbie foreigner would have no real idea at the magnitude of the girls unfortunate situations either! A little insider knowledge for those of you that don’t know Filipino culture at all, of course there are some exceptions to the normal trend. In my opinion, the prettiest Filipinas are often the most poor. One of the main reasons being malnutrition. They often remain slim due to lack of money to buy excess food, especially junk food.

I have noticed a lot of Filipinas from wealthier families are quite often overweight and much uglier than their poorer sisters from the provinces, simply because they have money that allows them to eat more junk food and sit on their asses whilst a servant does the menial labor for them, not all of course. Besides that, the average Filipina doesn’t age well anyway due to the bad diets of a lot of them, way too much consumption of white rice, way too much sugar and the general lack of energy a lot of them have to begin with, air pollution for the city dwellers too. The province girls working the farms often remain strong and slim due to the workload and fresh produce that they have access to.

So we have all these very poor girls online looking for a Foreigner to save them and their families from their current lives…to be continued.

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