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Congratulations – You’re a Loser

Black Pagoda Patpong Bangkok

When I was a young man, I noticed something about posters, especially anonymous ones, who stout-heartedly claim not to be something; when almost always they are. This post about how moral the western world is vs. Thailand, is also the delirium of an impostor Thai “expert” claiming to have lived 2 years in Thailand, working at a top-notch university, hobnobbing only with elite Thais, and with no personal experience in Thailand’s red-light districts.

To me, it’s obvious this guy is really a monger. Bear with me, please. I know all about western men claiming to be Thailand experts when they’re nothing close. The most obvious evidence of this is that Mr. Elite is writing his post for a website that mostly caters to men who like to spend time in the red-light enclaves of Thailand. (No offense Stick, as I read and enjoy your website very much.) How did he find this site if he has no interest in these things? Why would he take the time to write to this audience? And why is his prose so obviously “high-school” when he brags on his elitism?

The other reason he is so obviously a monger are the people he writes about in his stories. These are all people any tourist or monger can meet (“sitting in a restaurant late at night”) in the red-light districts and elsewhere in Bangkok. If his normal clique were university professors and instructors, why no stories about them? Surely, he must have gotten to know some who would set him straight. Were they also sending their children to work in Nana Plaza?

As a former monger myself and a frequent traveler to Thailand, I have yet to meet a western man who did not once enjoy the company of a Thai prostitute or had ventured to these districts as a tourist. Even Father Joe of Klong Toey knows of these districts, as he’s rescued many a child from these places. And let’s not forget there’s a growing group of foreign women (including my Thai wife) who have visited these areas. I even took her into a popular Soi Cowboy go-go bar because she was curious about what they were like (she lasted 15 minutes). People like you will say that there are western men in Thailand who don’t know where the go-go bars are in Bangkok. Really? Show me. You never met one.

I also noticed the theme of your screed seems to be Thai people, especially women, have no morals at all. That’s a very broad accusation to make, one I’ve never heard from anyone, including the few hardened mongers I have known (a couple of whom lost big money to a bar girl.) You would know that if you hung out with elite Thais. Also, that group would include my wife, her sisters, her late mother, and lots of nieces. All of whom lead normal lives with no problems with Thai husbands or boyfriends. They are all strict Buddhists and on the integrity scale they rate higher than most of my American friends. Really? Yeah, me and thousands of other travelers to Thailand have met similar people.

For those of us Thai travelers who do wander outside of Bangkok and the tourist areas, we see a much different Thailand, one you have obviously not experienced. These Thai people are kind to strangers, help their neighbors, raise their children to be good people, and to succeed in life. When I visit my Thai expanded family, I rarely pay for anything. I am part of their family and they have always treated me that way. Compare that with the “walking ATM” treatment I got with my old Thai girlfriend who turned out to have a prostitute past.  Sounds like what you experienced as well which means you were once a monger who hung out with prostitutes.

In closing, those of us who have been involved with Thai prostitutes and their families know they get involved in this dirty business because of desperation. Mr. Elite seems not to know there is no safety net in Thailand. If you have no money and you become homeless or sick, then that’s what you are. Sure, some hit it big in the bar business, and they and their families live like royalty for a while. But it’s always fleeting. And recently, there seems to be more economic opportunity for everyone in Thailand, and is probably the main reason for the declining quality of bar girls. The smart, and probably the good looking ones, now have better choices to this degrading and ultimately failed lifestyle. Good for them.

All these things are true about Thailand and yet Mr. Elite doesn’t know them. Maybe he’s not so “elite” after all. Maybe he’s Mr. Bigot or more probably, Mr. Brokenheart who is trying to extract some sort of revenge for a bar girl who broke his heart and his wallet. Yeah, that seems more likely. My sympathies to you Mr. Elite, but guess what?

Congratulations – you’re a loser.

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