Stickman Readers' Submissions February 24th, 2020

Congratulations, You Are A Winner

When we were children, we noticed something about cats. We had cats outside that did not belong to anybody.

We noticed that if we tried to touch a kitten when the mother cat was around, we were in real trouble. The cat would jump on us and the consequences would be undesirable.

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Every animal, by instinct, protects its children. Laws of nature. Humans do the same unless something is terribly wrong with them.

These laws of nature do not apply to Thailand. Bear with me, please. I know all about political correctness in the west.

When I first heard that some parents in Thailand send their daughters in to prostitution for money, I really did not understand what I was hearing. It is sad that some people reading this may be sceptical about my lack of understanding. Who ever heard of such a thing? I have been living on this planet long enough. That a mother and a father and brothers, who are supposed to protect the girl in the family, teach her morality, etc. would send her to be a prostitute?

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It sounded so dark. So depressing. So unbelievable. What kind of parents are these? What do they look like? Do they have a heart?

One thing is for sure. I would not want to associate with such people for one moment. I like my stomach.

Then I said OK. Maybe it is only a small sample of the population of Thailand. The rest of the Thai people must be human beings. Bear with me. I know all about political correctness in the west. I will try to give as few details as possible in order to keep my privacy. I lived in Thailand for two years. I was involved with one of the best universities there (which means nothing academically). I dealt with the “elite” of Thailand. I don’t know where Pattaya is and I am not sure how to spell it. I have an idea where the red-light districts in Bangkok are but I was never there. Yet, I never met one Thai woman or man for that matter (and I am straight as an arrow) that had morality enough not to sell her soul for money. Honesty? Good luck finding it.

Now, people will tell you (me), you have not met every person in Thailand. It’s true. People will say that there are women in Thailand who are good normal women like all women in the world. Really? Show me. You never met one. I never met one. Nobody here met one. If anybody here met one they would not write submissions to this website or any website. They would be too busy being happy.

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Thai women always complain (or rather it is well known) that every Thai man cheats in marriage or any romantic relationship. Many married Thai men have a mia noi (second wife. i.e. a mistress). But Thai women forget to mention one thing. Who do Thai men cheat with? Blond women with blue eyes? Where do they get these women? Well, they are the same women who complain. They are all Thai. I remember once going with a Thai woman to a bar restaurant in Bangkok. We met her sister who was there with her boyfriend. She told me that her sister has four children and the reason why she is divorced is that her ex-husband was not good. He was irresponsible and he cheated on her. Now she knows that her sister is in love with her boyfriend. Now, in every normal society, you would have sympathy for such a woman and you would be happy to hear that she met a man that she fell in love with. It is nice to hear that a woman with a broken heart from her cheating husband found love. In the end of the night we take a taxi. But he takes a separate taxi. We dropped of her sister in her apartment and we went to my apartment. I asked my companion why her sister and her boyfriend did not go together for the night. She said, in the most natural way, without blinking, that her sister’s boyfriend went home to his wife and his children. But he loves her sister and he sleeps in her apartment two nights a week. I asked her about the fact that this man is married. She either did not understand or pretended not to understand what I was talking about (you will never know what they really think. Assuming that everything is a lie, pretense, manipulation, and/or deceit is your best bet).

Thai woman #1. I was sitting on a train for the long ride to Bangkok. She came to sit near me. She told me that she has a husband. And she asked me why don’t I ask her out. You see, the concept of marriage in Thailand is the same concept as it is in the west like pink elephants are the same as my right shoe (whatever the hell it means but I think it describes it). She had sex with me on the first “date” (because I paid for dinner and her taxi). After going back to Farangland, she would have sex online with me saying things to me like: “F… me on the bed of my husband”.

For the newbies to the crazy world of Thailand: every Thai woman has an original story. Their imagination is mind-boggling. Oh, she wanted to marry me and she wanted me to bring her to the west. Amazing Thailand. It is sad that I even have to say this. But for the stupid ones among us, of course I told her where to go.

This was the simplest and least harmful encounter with a Thai woman. I went on many dates. Supposedly all normal women that I met in everyday Thai places. Each had a story. The mother always comes up in the middle of the first meal which I am paying for, of course.

Thai woman #2: Oh God. Where do I start? She told me that she was a virgin (I did not ask). What does a gentleman say to a woman in her 40’s who says that she is from a “traditional” Asian culture? Thai culture. And she says that she is a virgin. You simply have nothing to say. And she knows this. She had sex with me on the first date. I took her for an HIV test. She was positive. Luckily, I am ok. This happened 5 years ago and I have tested myself a million times since then. I could write a book about what I went through for the first three months after she got the result. She was not a prostitute, at least not officially. She had a government job, 9 – 5 every day. I wanted to believe somebody in Thailand. Was she sorry? Nothing. She felt nothing. Total psychopath.

I know a farang who has lived in Thailand for 25 years. He married a Thai woman. As far as I know, and I met her many times, there is nothing about her to indicate that she ever worked as a prostitute (even the concept of prostitution in Thailand is blurry, at least, to Thai people). She converted to his religion. He makes tons of money in a good, legitimate business. They have a few children together. She is about 3 years younger than him. And never has peace of mind with her. I don’t think that she ever cheated on him (Who knows?). He keeps her on a short lease, 24 hours a day. Everything that he says in front of her is always calculated to teach her what marriage is. He is paranoid and never happy. Again, I cannot imagine that she ever cheated on him simply because he knows where she is 24 hours a day.

Thai woman #3: I was sitting in a restaurant late at night. And she was having her dinner too. She started talking to me. After a few bears, she told me that she has had a boyfriend for 15 years and he is planning the wedding. They have a wedding date. Here is her problem. She is not satisfied with him and she is not sure if she wants to marry him. Then she asked me if I would do her a favour. I declined. Why? Not because of my high morality. Because I don’t need another 3 months of worrying about HIV. True story (my story. I don’t know about her story. You will never know the truth with a Thai woman).

Psychopathy in Thailand and in Asia in general is very prevalent, based on my personal observations. If you are looking for a serious relationship or marriage, with a Thai woman, good luck. I have been reading things on this website for a long time. Mr. Stick is not a psychologist. But he is very qualified to say that he knows Thai culture and Thai women. It is my understanding that he once married a Thai woman but is no longer with her.

It is easy to understand why we fall for these women. Women in the west lost femininity and we are no longer attracted to them. And we all know about how sweet and easy-going Thai women are when we meet them. But I will say this again (at least to myself, in case nobody else is listening). If you get involved with a Thai woman, and all you lost is money, time, and your sanity, be grateful that you still have your life, without jail, and without HIV. Congratulations. You are a winner.

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