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Angeles City: Same Same But Different Part 3

Sometimes you walk into a bar and there she is…..and moments later you are hugging and a kissing in the back row of the bar (to paraphrase The Drifters). Other times she’s not, nor in the next bar, nor the next, nor the next. It was to be a night like that. But the tale is worth telling, because I had decided that my theme for the evening would be “new bars”, and I ended up visiting five bars that I have not visited before (or for many years), not counting Old Club, which I have adopted as my “local”.



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I started the evening at about 7:00 PM at Old Club. I soon noticed that there were fewer girls than usual and asked Nica, my waitress friend, where they were. She explained that they had gone home. High season being over, many girls in Angeles take the opportunity to visit their province. I was disappointed to find that this included two of my favourites, a beautiful 19 year-old called Geraldine, and a girl I nicknamed “Long Hair” because, well, she has long hair (down to her butt). One other of my favourites was still there, Mia, for whom my nickname is “Big Boobs”. She is also 19, and amply deserves her nickname. I bought her a drink and we laughed about the time last December when I first met her, and her friend Geraldine, and barfined them, on the promise of a horny double act. It was only on the way to the hotel that Mia told me that Geraldine did not “do sex”, so as it was Geraldine I really wanted, I sent them away. I was miffed at the time, but soon got over it, and I always buy them a drink when I am in the bar.



It had been 10 years since my last visit to this bar, so I was interested to see how it had changed. Back then the bar was packed, both on stage and off, but there were only six girls on stage this time, and in that large bar, they looked lost. (I’m sure I would enjoy myself more if I could forget all those packed stages in the days of yore!) I got talking to a waitress, and she said that a lot of the girls had gone home after the high season. Just then, one of the dancers appeared at my side and started chatting to me. She was a friend of the waitress and was not going to miss an opportunity. I bought them both a drink and talked to them for a while. They both bewailed the shortage of customers at this time of year, and the dancer said that she would have gone home too, but she couldn’t afford it, as it was in far away Leyte, and was too expensive by air, and took too long by bus and ferry. It was interesting to talk to them, but as I didn’t fancy either of them, I drank up and left.

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This bar was better. It was quite full, though once again, there were not enough dancers: only seven on stage, several more sitting with customers. However, the stage was not huge, so it just about cut it. I had no sooner sat down when the gogo girls left the stage to be replaced by “spotlight dancers”. There were just two of them and they danced erotically to slow music in black, strappy bikinis. Not that I found it erotic because both were plumpish. I cannot believe that a bar would choose overweight girls to put under the spotlight. The show seemed to go on for a long time, and then I suddenly got it. The whole idea of spotlight dancers (or whatever they call them in any given bar) is to get round the girl shortage by only having one set of gogo girls. The spotlight dancers give the gogo girls a break. But that means you have 50% fewer girls to choose from. After what seemed an age, the gogo girls were back, and to be fair, they were not bad. Three of them were eminently barfinable, and one of them in particular took my fancy: #8635 Joylyn (are they kidding me? Do they really expect me to believe that there are over 8,000 girls working in that bar!) She had curled hair, a lively attitude and a warm smile, not to mention a well-shaped body with a flat stomach. I tried to catch her eye, but she was intent upon a group of Koreans sitting at the other end of the bar. I waved to her, but no response. I would have asked a waitress to bring her to me, but none was available just then. I kept watching her, trying to catch her eye, but she would have none of it. Indeed, I am sure that she had seen me, and was avoiding my gaze. Well, those Koreans were handsome young men, and I was just a grey-haired, over-the-hill westerner. By that time I had finished my beer, and wondered if I should order another and try. another girl, but being ignored is a bit of a downer, so I decided to move on.



This bar was so full that I had to sit at the stage, which is a medium-sized, centrally placed stage, looking quite full with about 12 girls on it in black thong bikinis. I was immediately taken by a petite cutie and asked a waitress to bring her to me, but she turned out to be a bad choice. I have never in my life seen a bargirl look so reluctant to join a customer. She positively scowled at me and had very little to say for herself. So bad was it, that I bought the waitress a drink and asked her to join us in the hope of livening up the conversation. Me and the waitress had quite an enjoyable chat, but the dancer made no attempt to join in. So I necked my beer (to get it over with) and just as I was paying my bill saw a heavenly vision right in front of me. She had her back to me, and it was the perfectly-shaped butt in the tiny thong bikini that did it. I looked her up and down, and the rest of her body was just as well formed: curves in the right places and not an ounce of surplus fat – but what was her face like? That’s the thing with central stages – the girls you want to check out are always facing the wrong way. Well, I was leaving, so I went round to the other side and “clocked” her (as we say in Yorkshire). Pretty! Of course she was! Usually, with girls, if one bit is pretty, they are pretty all over. I caught her attention, said I would come back later, and left.

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