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How It Really Is In The Philippines

I just finished reading the submission called Heartbreaker. I will take a guess and say Bangkok Byron has never lived in the Philippines for an extended amount of time, and maybe never even ventured outside of the filth of Angeles City.  Just to clarify, Angeles is a total shithole and often it’s the only stop for much older guys in the Philippines who seem to enjoy the exploits it has to offer, desperate pussy.

The bar scene in Angeles City, is or was, a Philippine version of Pattaya, and not even close to being anything as good as Pattaya, is or was. Angeles is dirty and almost feels soulless. It actually was the first place I landed in the Philippines all those years ago and from the moment I had taken a walk around the Walking Street area, I planned a bus trip out of there.

A good portion of the girls in Angeles City originate from the poorest place in the Philippines, being Samar. The poverty there is rampant and it is one of the worst affected places for typhoons also.. The drink, the sexual exploitation and the unwanted foreign pregnancies, contribute to their ruin even more as they  are some of the most desperate people in the Philippines and often  their lives  end up worse by the time spent in Angeles City. Unless they hit the jackpot and find some foreign fool to marry them, but then again who would marry a whore?

Bangkok Byron stated that there are lots of call centre opportunities in the Philippines, which is somewhat true, however I would highly doubt that the type of girl that sells pussy or would have sold pussy in Angeles would be the type to work in a call centre. A good majority of whores are totally lazy and would never have the motivation, intelligence or energy to work a job in a call centre. Dig deeper into a whore’s personality and often you will see why they chose to become a whore in the first place. It’s highly unlikely a good Filipino girl that doesn’t mind hard work, is from a very moral family and goes to church every Sunday will end up in the seediness of Angeles City, no matter how hard money was to find.

There are call centre jobs in certain cities which on average without overtime, pay approx. 12 to 14 thousand pesos a month. I have dated these girls, so I have a good idea. Believe me, there are nowhere enough jobs around for the huge population in the Philippines. Where a lot of poor Filipinos go wrong is the fact that they can become very superficial and materialistic. They are in general a nation of followers as indicated by the dedication to the outright lies peddled by the Catholic church.

The poorer ones from the provinces that live a self-sustaining life on the farms or in the mountains, often do the best. They are simple people and should keep it simple. Once they go to the cities to chase money and material gain, that’s where it often starts to go wrong. I am not suggesting that they shouldn’t be entitled to things like the next person, but they are often chasing a dream in the Philippines that will not come to fruition.

The Philippine culture in general, without a doubt, is one of the most narcissistic, hypocritical, vain, envious, cruel, immature and spiritually detached (true spirituality) cultures on the face of the planet. The Catholic church has had a huge hand in this by preying on the weak and selling them hope. I have heard the term to describe the average Filipino as a pod person. Spend a decent length of time living  there (not in Angeles) and open your eyes and you will see. Yet I have met many that are gold too, more western in their way of thinking.

I found that it was hard to find that middle ground in the Philippines when it comes to the local people. Either they were total parasites where every second word was a lie or they were overly nice and waited on you to no end. I will still take the nice any day though.

Often a call centre girl will be supporting a family of 8 or so, so after a month at a call centre the salary will be gone anyway, due to the parasites putting their hands out. Often the unmarried or oldest girl is the family breadwinner, and the financial pressure is never ending. ( For all you foreigners out there chasing the Philippine dream….never date the breadwinner, unless you adore paying for everything twice).

As for the 6.2% growth in the Philippines. I call bullshit on that. There is no way on earth that they can come to an accurate growth figure in the Philippines, they certainly can’t in the west, so no chance at accurate growth figures, sorry.

What is happening in the Philippines is that the gap between rich and poor is widening even more, without a doubt. I hardly think this can be called economic growth as such.  The cost of living is rising due to corporate greed, and rampant corruption, which is making life even harder for the poorest citizens. There is no regulation at all in the Philippines, so the big players just do as they please.

Any small advances that have been made are not due to Filipino ingenuity, it’s from foreign companies exploiting the cheap labor, little regulation and ease of corruption. The President is selling the country off to the Chinese at a rapid rate, meanwhile filling his and his corrupt buddies wallets, with absolutely no regard for the people.

A lot of the Chinese businesses there exploit Filipinos with very low pay and bad working conditions, slave labor basically. A massive percentage of the population live below the poverty line, and are also the ones having the most babies due to lack of education and very low IQs.

So no, the Philippines is not doing very well at all, and there are not jobs abound for everyone, that’s for sure. For the poorest Filipino people life is very tough indeed, and will continue to be that way. For the Philippines to truly advance on the world stage and become a good country the wealthy have to stop the corruption, which won’t happen, and the average Filipino has to change their mindset, and only then will we see real progress in the Philippines, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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