Stickman Readers' Submissions November 23rd, 2019

Where Do We Go From Here?

So many years back now, many of us chose to escape the loneliness of being middle-aged – however wide that range might be – by taking advantage of the great numbers of poverty stricken Asians to soothe the loneliness of our own neurotic western cultures when the female was gaining more and more dominance of most aspects of our sexual lives as men. I went to Thailand first in 2000 and stayed ten years. I started living there in 2003.

For me it is approaching twenty years in Asia, and aging is maybe forcing me back towards the homeland. Recently, I suffered a bone infection that was life threatening along with the potential for amputation.

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Having had a few more surgeries than I should over a three-year period, both knees and both hips in separate operations, I had compromised my own immune system.

I knew since the start in Thailand I needed a strong immune system but was not aware that multiple surgeries was another threat. Not smart on my part.

The only smart thing was finding a friend I could stay with in the States and flying there, not knowing what was wrong with my three-year old left knee and tired of paying cash to docs here. It was just sore as hell. Once there, the docs thought it was infected and we did a bone scan in a huge Siemens machines. The image lit up like a galaxy of stars which turned out to be Staph and Brevia bacteria. The Doc said, “You have a nightmare ahead!“ Somewhat accustomed to some money hungry Asian docs over-dramatizing, I was leery. But everyone I knew there convinced me this guy was right. First they took out much of the knee and put in a spacer that sprayed antibiotics around the knee and gave me limited support walking. On it all went for 6 months, two surgeries and a Picoline running in my upper arm into the chest and over the heart being fed my a 500 ml load of Vanco antibiotics (expensive) everyday, reloaded at 8 AM each day for six straight weeks

After they said all that crap was gone (5 months later) they put in a fresh knee. The surgery was amazing as I had a spinal anaesthetic and was wheeled into the operating room while music from the late 60’s and early 70’s was playing in there delighting my ears. Then the old boy (maybe 10 years younger than me) told me I was going to like the next drug. He put a mask on me and said this is Ketamine. That kept me out for most of the three hours and a two liter blood loss. But, a pretty decent time given the circumstances…


So the comfort started about a year ago when I spotted a girl in Flamingo Bar I had seen only a couple of times over the last few years. She was friendly and started coming over after work if I would not try for sex.. She was such an elegant stunner, I thought, if for free she could stay over. And she came over for three weeks nightly until I just had to have it and the deal started. I was in a lot of pain and limping so it was ok to have someone that beautiful, 21, 5-7 with the best body I have seen hanging around and feeding. As my standards are too high and maybe above my pay grade I went for it for below standard rates. But, she was quite nice and quiet.

Turns out she had come to Angeles City at 18 and never stayed more than two weeks in the bar until she was bought out, twice.

I don’t pay the bar to have a girl leave the bar, as that is clearly human trafficking and I am cheap. What I work has been Facebook Messenger for many years and in Pattaya as well. So it went for January 1 until April 16 when I flew limping back to the homeland.

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Anyway, I flew to the States, got hospitalized and the girl kept my spirits up by twice daily chats. And, has been here every night since I returned from the US, in mid-October. The depression I had in the early months was sure alleviated by a happy, Samar coconut farm girl.

As a long term bad boy I was surprised to learn I was spending less money and not going to the stinking bars. Then when one is faced with a possible amputation and halfway around the world it was sure pleasant to have someone in touch like that with positive twice daily cheer.

Well, I am still recovering and most of my time is spent staying off my feet. But, it is all okay and at 73 I am still learning things perhaps normal people learn much younger :)

I guess only child syndrome may have led to being alone so long it doesn’t matter. We have a fast life and are responsible for our own happiness.

I am happy as I have been and it beats that little thrill of those transactions in the bars. Girls who are very active have a less welcoming tight harbor, not to mention those pretty lame conversations with phony cheer and a short visit. I used to prefer such ways.. And it is ok..

Still paying as I go, she just hangs around and doesn’t put the hand out often enough to really annoy me as many have. It is just easier in the Philippines.

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