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Dating in the Philippines Part 4

Greetings! My dating in the Philippines submissions are only my thoughts, opinions and experiences living in the Philippines. I know some will agree, and some will disagree.

I have always done well with women wherever I go in the world but would only get in to a long-term relationship with a quality girl. As I pen this I just received an email from a Filipina I was casually seeing a little while ago. This girl was super pretty and 30 years old. Unfortunately she has recently fallen pregnant to an American guy she met in online dating.

So she informs me that she is pregnant to this guy. He lives in America and seemingly has to work and doesn’t have the funds to move to the Philippines. He is apparently sending her money now due to being pregnant. Now she also in the same email tells me she loves me, as she did before and she misses sex with me.

She would like me to go back and see her and have sex, yet she tells me she loves her American boyfriend whom she is pregnant to. I think the American guy would be so happy to hear this, whilst she is carrying his child and he is sending her money, she wants to continue having casual sex with me.

This is exactly why I kept her on a casual basis previously. She has the audacity to complain that he doesn’t send her enough money each week. Now this particular girl, like so many online Filipinas, doesn’t have a pot to piss in financially, does the odd job for small money, doesn’t want to work full-time, and has done years overseas as a helper, only to come back to nothing as the family spent everything she sent back to the Philippines.

My response to her complaints that he doesn’t send her enough money were not sympathetic and definitely not what she wanted to hear. I replied that she should be grateful that he sends her anything at all considering she is only a few months pregnant and hasn’t actually had the baby, so technically she is getting free money right now.

I also added that before she became pregnant she didn’t have a job either, so go figure. This is a girl that wants me to keep banging her on a casual basis. I am not, of course, and I feel a bit sorry for the guy, who has made a huge mistake. Fair play to him though for stepping up to the plate.

This is just one girl, but there are so so many that replicate her in personality and behaviour. They think that foreigners are just a money source, and if they are sent money and helped financially, there is often no appreciation or gratitude at all toward the guy. I actually think you get more respect from Filipinas if you don’t give them money at all. Sending a Flipper money will often not buy any loyalty whatsoever.

Online Filipina Dating

I have always stuck by the fact that 90% of the time it’s far better to meet a good Filipina on the ground in the Philippines, even better if you live there for long periods of time. You are behind the eight ball when dealing with online girls specifically looking for foreigners, period.

To begin, online is where a lot of guys start before a first visit to the Philippines to gather up a few girls to meet when arriving there. Filipina online dating has long ago had its day really, as most are purely there for money reasons or a citizenship to a Western country to earn foreign dollars to send back to support the family of 10. In 80% or more cases it’s nothing to do with her love for you.

Rarely, or never with Filipina online dating do you see a Filipina from a wealthy family, as they don’t need foreign men and just simply don’t need you at all. If a foreigner works in a company in the Philippines as an expat its possible to meet a cashed up girl, but mostly richer girls date richer Filipino men, and quite understandably so.

Online there are paid sites and non-paid sites. The non-paid sites are by far the worst in terms of quality of girls indeed. They contain the most deceitful and the most hookers, and believe me there are lots of whores on the unpaid dating sites. The paid sites are better, but unfortunately the majority are still looking for foreign men, money and a better life are the main agendas. They will lie about it, looking for true love blah blah, and some are, but the majority are very questionable indeed.

To be continued….

Stick‘s thoughts:

This article is further evidence that most of the easy ladies in Asian dating websites are not exactly girlfriend material. If one wants a causal fling then fill your boots but if looking for something serious, the low-hanging fruit is seldom the best choice.

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