Stickman Readers' Submissions April 8th, 2019

An Old-Fashioned Style Trip Report

Started my trip with a Lyft to the Arizona shuttle soon to be renamed. Uneventful 2 hour ride from Tucson to PDX. Then things get odd… Plane to Denver cancelled/delayed so we all got on a plane to SFO which was also delayed making my connection very short. Met a lot of nice people while waiting. One sad thing was a guy was sleeping on the floor and we assumed he was drunk. Turned out the paramedics came and he likely had a stroke.

After the issues with United any airlines would look better but ANA never fails. Flight crew all very cute and attentive. One had a face like a pug dog but she was so cute. Also she was the happiest girl on the team. Did not see a ring…lol

He Clinic Bangkok

Dinner (Lunch) on ANA was quite good, interesting mix of Asian and American. Cold noodles with a sauce package, sea weed salad with pickled mushrooms, a green salad with Thousand Island, dinner roll with American butter, main course of meatballs (mystery meat…lol), followed by Hagandase ice cream. Also a cheese and ham tray I saved for later.

It never ceases to amaze me we are flying at 545 MPH at 44000 feet in minus 67F. Drinking free beer and eating well. Only downside is I am in row 43 (last), center aisle inside seat on a 777. Get to listen to the toilet flush every time….Oh well. Tradeoff is the main kitchen area is behind us so the cute attendants have been by about 45 times in the first 3 hours, all so cute. Only better gals I have seen are on China Air. True porcelain dolls.

Layover in Narita was strange. More than a bit tired I moved to my anticipated departure gate. After a while a flight person came looking for all the lost souls sitting at the wrong gate. Rather a rapid walk to correct gate at least a quarter mile away. Narita is huge and seems to get bigger every year. I was bussed to the plane and passed at least 45 very large planes (I do not think anything smaller than a A330 gets to land). Must be near a trillion dollars of plane on the ground at anytime.

CBD Bangkok

Flight to Bangkok rather uneventful. Two nice gals coming to meet a friend teaching English. They will have fun. Food was good, far again portion exceed my expectations. Customs on arrival was crazy, long looping lines, 40 minutes waiting. No use complaining as we all know….TIT. Cab ride uneventful also, about 450B with expressway fares and a tip for not killing me and getting bags out. Staying on a sub Soi off Suk, I got loads of offers as it was a Friday night. Chilled in room with a beer and ice from a gal who runs a little bar out front.

Later got the jet lag and hunger. Went down to food city and Tuk Lae Dee for a delicious crispy chicken and rice. At 83 Baht (2.50$ US) I left a 100 Baht (17B tip), she was very happy. Place runs on volume not margin. On my exit picked up 2 liters of water and a bag of ice for 33 Baht (1 Dollar). After Airport prices I could only laugh.

Return trip to hotel was a case of running the gauntlet. Thankfully I had a bag of ice and got to beg off to get home. The girls and drinks will be there tomorrow….lol

End travel to Bangkok



wonderland clinic

First night back in Bangkok. Walked through Cowboy early… 9ish. Lots of talent standing out front of Cowboy, Rawhide, and others. Went to Nana and grabbed a beer on the rail out front. One of the hostesses sat with me. Nice gal, very honest. 36 and she has four kids 4 to 21. Decent looking gal. Someone will meet her and seal the deal.

On into the plaza. Mostly walking around but peeked into Twisters and they had some top racks on display. Ordered a beer and blew off the first gal. Then over walked Bonus (933), she has short hair which is usually not my thing… But.

Fine little frame, nice personality, … I bought here a drink and what a deal. Sat with me for 10-15 minutes, lets just say hands were free to roam. She wanted me to do short time, making it clear that was one hour, 4K total. Begged I had no money thinking why take you back to do the same stuff I am doing here. I am getting too old to do short time with strangers even if they are nice and very cute.


Day 2

Just the stuff I can not put into general, LBFM from last night shook me down for 1200B, begged off on future expectations (never keep all of your cash in one place). After she left I snoozed for a bit and headed out. Nice lunch at MBK and a stop at St Louis for pre screen for eye work. On return snoozed and decided to get a massage. Gal on 7/1 promised me a real massage… never expect a real massage on 7/1. Ended up giving her 600B upstairs think okay. Got downstairs and it was still 300B at the door. Live and learn.


Day 3

Went out to eat, then slept until 4:30 AM, a gal at another massage place was nice so I took her to TookLaDee for a bowl of soup. We got a few things at Food ? and returned to parlour. She had to stay but another gal came back to room. Later realized she was a former he. Super nice lady, highly educated. Asked her when she knew she was a she…”6 you I always wanted to wear dresses and sing” Reminds me of America where I know gays that knew it also in grade school. It is a shame when we suppress reality.

Walked into Terminal 21 and a gal asked if she could walk with me. We had a bite and she is back in room, Homeless, wants to stay… I say ok and told her I have little money… ok. Shy and very conservative dress. Looks to have large titties, time will tell. My hotel requires a ID and a phone call on exit so I do not worry, Also I only keep money for the day in room/wallet

Homeless gal still here, she talks to herself at times and plays with water in the bathroom. Seems in no hurry to leave and but did get naked (no action) so I will but wait her out I move hotels tomorrow. Going to check into Nana to use the pool and breakfast. Nothing wrong with a naked girl to decorate your room. Thought about hiding her clothes…lol

Went out last night at 1am, met a nice 39 you but nowhere to go as had crazy girl was in room, she is from Chiang Mai with two girls 7 and 11. Nice personality, northern skin, and nice topside shall we say, let me give her an inside shirt squeeze. Started to walk off and thought “what give her something”. Turned around and gave her 200B and it probably will help her remember me and think better of me. Means so much more to a street gal than me.

Walking back and a gal in full Hijab chatted me, I thought can not miss checking this out. Went to her room and for 1K it was everything included, even her condom lol. There was no way I was getting out of her place until the volcano erupted. Her roommate came in and offered to join in for same. Said not today and she cleaned up and watched. Turns out they are Persian from Iran, My gal was plump but not fat. She had the fairest clearest skin. Think perfect Thai skin but white as copy paper. Nice personality too boot and spoke great English. Knows American politics and has a sister in USA. Will visit that again, got her number.



Just chilled in room with CG and did a walk, she knocked back a liter of whisky which explains the crazy. Super hung over in AM. Told her I was moving and she was not coming along



Moved to Nana hotel. Much better than old days of musty rooms and such. Funny the lobby looks stuck in time, just rooms, pool, and buffet much better. Totally remodeled room, Buffet moved to 4th floor and looks excellent, I will update after breakfast in AM.

Pool also looks great, a bunch of old guys chilling out, I will fit right in…lol Saw a younger white couple headed to the pool and thought what? She was cute, the guys will be salivating.

Update…. Can not make this up…. Told a Thai Gal from day 2 (now TG) she could come over and stay and swim. Said she was on the way, typical Thai hours late. At pool I meet Izzy, nice guy headed back to Zurich that night. I get out of pool and this smoking hot older lady walks by asking if the lounger next to me was available. Izzy pulled a towel off and says yes.

We visit for about 45 minutes and I ask her to dinner. Acted like a little girl. Said I call you 6-7.. OK. Meanwhile TG shows up with brand new swimsuit and all here stuff to stay. Said I meet Farang lady we are going to dinner, she seemed ok I gave her money to drink with a friend.

Go to dinner and then back to room for snuggles, will not have sex without condom. I took it in stride and gave her massive tongue pleasure and got repaid very nicely. Then her son calls and wants to walk to Soi Cowboy. Ok, out we go and have nice time people watching. Back to room and I finally chased him off. More snuggle, kisses, and mutual oral Oops knock on door TG comes in, told her we are just snuggling and tried together to join in. She storms off instead. Now my Czech smoking hot gal decides we can have sex, no condom. Surreal body and a pussy so tight I could not get two fingers into. Her husband died 9 years ago and does not have a man, just works. Once I got her started she totally got into it.

Well knock on door TG is back… this time gets super pissed starts calling Czech gal a whore, demands she get the money I paid to Czech gal to her (no money involved). It got so bad I called reception to get TG removed. Reminded me of how Thai police resolve issues. Very serious looking guy listens to both of us while eyeballing the Czech gal in bed. Say okay you give her (TG) 2000 Baht…. Mind you it was not a suggestion…. You give! And they escorted her out and I then had the best sex in 20 years from Czech gal all worked up by the show. You can not make this up. Sadly she is leaving today for Phuket, we will not forget each other.

Walked to Robinson to replace swimsuit and between Soi Nana and about Soi 7 there were 8-10 police waving people over. Saw a few white papers being handed out. This was about 4 pm and by the time I returned all had left. Interesting, most had GoPro style cameras on their helmets.


Day 6

Nok came over and spent the night. After round one she fell asleep. Whispered I go walk around. Did the Suk loop, many…many offers. Begged off on beer carts but it interesting when you are nice to girls.

Went to TG’s cart to see if I could calm her down. Her mom (not real adopted) said she was out (assume customer) . Told her she was upset about Czech girl, she laughed and said she think every customer her husband… can not make that up.


Day 7

Buffet with Nok, she works everyday 10 AM to midnight. Invited her back but sister is in town. I said send sister over….lol

After she left I chilled and decide to head out to see a cat show (I know there will be jokes). Walked out of hotel and met a gal from one of the drink carts. She went with me to look for a cat show and ended up eating at MBK. Returned and bought her a swimsuit (300B) and we did the Nana pool. Complete Issan LBFM, sturdy frame, very brown skin, lively personality, thick but not fat with lovely curves. Old guys at pool eyeing her.

After swimming we came back to room and she repaid everything nicely. Somewhere around round two we lost the condom but that did not stop things. I think if you are nice and patient everything happens. Stay clean yourself and find girls that want a condom..then?

Thai women remind me of cats. Can not tell them anything, just be polite, tell them they are beautiful, caress and be kind. Also like a cat most love eating and sleeping… not a bad life if you find a sponsor…lol

Seems like some of them have never had a real lover…. Just get used for one sided sex, especially in the trade. My goal is to watch them have a good time. Currently lady is sleeping next to me and it is amazing. Probably will get round three in an hour. Will update on Su.

Walked while Su slept as I was going to keep her awake by playing with her. Interesting party at the small park on the even side of Suk (Soi 20 plus). Many food, beer, and other booths.

Su went to work, I napped and then decided to get out for a walk and food. On the way out more mature gal really wanted to walk with me. Nice visiting with girls, saw Su and she really wanted to be bar fined (off drink cart). Begged off and finally ate at TLD. Came back to hotel and same gal saw me… offered a massage for 500B, She actually did a decent massage. Then off came the towel. Smoking body, got her to come. She was very happy but I only had 800B… no problem! She was just happy and coming back to swim in the afternoon. She might be thinking long term….yikes! Bear in mind this is a gal I would die to date back at home.

Meant to mention. The Drink carts are not allowed onto Suk until the vendors shutdown (police say so). So they queue on side sois and when it’s time pounce on their spot. They often have been waiting for a while (2-3 hours) and are super happy when on the main road… It’s like the party restarts.

Eye apt in AM


Day 8

Down to hospital for eye, took about 4 hours as they dilated both eyes, cataract too thick to examine the retina but we will proceed. Estimate with ocular lens and an overnight stay 70K B (2200 USD). Visited with George who will stay in hospital for his issues.

Went back to hotel and cute older gal came over and swam for a bit. she looks good in a swimsuit. Two guys from Germany were at pool, just got in that day. One spoke very good Thai and even sang her a famous Thai song. Came back to room and visited. She left and I chilled for a bit. Decided to head out and see what was going on….


Day 9

Completely crazy night, met two Americans at Maxim’s. One a long term with Thai wife, other on day 1 or two. After a lot of stories and such went to Patpong in a Tuk Tuk. Long Term calls wife and she comes down. We close down Patpong and head back to Nana Hotel to drink my room dry.

Phil had an early flight to Phuket so we headed back to his place to visit as he packed. On the way grabbed a gal, said come get naked my friend is leaving, she was amused but came over and was a good sport, even gave me the cuddle treatment. Nice girl, she was also leaving in an hour for Trat, a 10 hour bus ride. She really wanted to stay but her family was expecting her.

Invited a tiny gal (Noi) to room, it was late and she was excited to get into a room and sleep. Said she had 4 other people in her room. Probably just a crash pad.


Day 10

Woke up late after closing down Patpong with the boys. Took Noi to Breakfast after way too much fun. So tiny and so fun. Had to leave breakfast quickly as George called from hospital. His wife has an eye issue. Got there and helped out a bit. Things got better and I made a run back to hotel. Couple of drinks, picked up laundry, and got some ice and snacks.

Went back to St Louis hospital. Swanee got us dinner. Grand kid is super cute. Got internet working as I will spend a night this week for eye surgery. Can back to room and Noi was waiting. She and a friend Fon came up. Gave the each 300B to give me a four hand massage. Nice, 10$ each for a double massage. Invite Noi to come sleep again, she showed up after I had slept 5-6 hours. Kept me up for a bit (hee hee). Nice girl, shows up and tidies room, washed my dirty clothes. Old school girl from up country. Loves her Isaan food and a lot of people know her (locals) and she gets respect.


Day 11

Was good last night on drinks and got up early to get my ocular fit (part of the cataract surgery). Turned out they were expecting me yesterday (was too hung over), but they will fit me in today at 430. It’s at the military/government hospital.

George got wheeled off to surgery, I went back to Nana where Noi is still hanging out with food, a fish Pla Tu and some kind of noodles. She is a happy soul. We walked to 7/1 and had a drink at Mike’s bar. Asked about a taxi to Pranburi, 2200B…hum

Back to St Louis to see George, he did fine and I brought him up a sandwich. Then off Noi and I go to the Military hospital Thankful she was there we had to go to at least 5 different places. Got checked out by two people and 3 very fancy optical testers. Total cost 780B (23 USD).

Back to room for some playtime Noi got street food, Isaan style for 50B (1.80$). After a while she fell asleep and I went to food court for my recharge. On the way back went into Beer Garden Soi 7 and met a very attractive 43 year-old. Said she owns her own house (wonder who bought that?), says she trying to meet someone as a partner (can you spell sponsor?). Still I got her number and asked if I could see her place, said yes.

Back to room where Noi still sleeping probably never knew I left.


Day 12

Noi awoke about 5am and molested me, we both napped and I woke up to get breakfast, Nana buffet very good but little changes to offerings from day to day. Might get old if one stays long term. Speaking of long term, Sam came over and joined me. A Brit he has mobility issues. We chatted, he is staying at Nana Hotel for 3 months. Got a one month Visa extension just up the street on Soi 3 but will have to travel to Cambodia to get third extension, planning a taxi round trip same day.

Sam told me a tall Swede gent that sits in the lobby has been here non stop since 1998…20+ years. At 20% discount he pays about 1200 baht for room, internet, buffet, coffee shop, security, pool, daily paper…. Cheaper than anywhere for long term assisted living.

Told Sam about Noi and asked if he wanted a get a massage from her. She can always use some extra baht. We will meet at pool or I will ring him, Noi is a great swimmer

Noi went to her room and Sam and I ate at Cabbage and Condoms, decent food and great staff. Took a nap and no Noi by 2:30 AM so out for a walk. Came back with a Vietnamese gal and you can not make this up. As she was giving her ID to security Noi appears. No Problem! Noi sat in bathroom while I get a very nice massage and snuggles. Both girls nice to each other, but as soon as we were alone Noi cleans me up and shows me who really knows massage and how to please. It was like the bar was raised.


Day 13

Off to St Louis for cataract surgery. Noi is staying with me and a big help. Very attentive. Buttered my toast at breakfast. Saw a lady at breakfast with small child. We played with baby and this girl had the nicest legs. Later saw her on BTS and she is from Cambodia. Hanging out with a younger (by Nana standards) English gent at Nana but said her kid has mosquito bites from her hotel… (me thinking why you not stay Nana?) I would host this lady.

Surgery was a bear…. Rolled me down at 1:30, eye drops for 3 hours (diliate, immobilize), every time a super cute gal coming into vision. . Finally into operation room, my cataract was severe due to a previous surgery to save my retina. Loads of ultrasonic grinding. Then the lens went in… yipes. Staff was amazing and super concerned about your safety and comfort. Back to room with Noi who got me some Thai food, hospital assumes since you are farang you want western food.

Staying the night, nice room on 15th floor (24 floor place). I am looking out to the end of the Silom line (BTS) and getting a nice view of the bridges over Chao Phraya. Staff just came in with meds, Pain killer mixing well with some Sang Som. Hope to sleep well.


Day 14

Slept well, nice having someone in your room. Noi and I went to breakfast at hospital food court. Loads of places open outside in the morning. Back to room and about 10:30 they pulled the bandages off eye. Wow… can see but all vertical lines warped. Kind of like a fish bowl. Doctor saw me at 11:30, released, and coming back Sunday AM. Noi started to get an attitude, walked to BTS and we went out different side. By the time I bought home a bag of ice she had gotten food and was in the room After eating all was good! Hungry Thai women are no fun. My theory is Thai ladies three favorite things are sleep, eating, and shopping. Also I have the BB theory, Baht makes me look good, Beer makes them look good. She packed up to go see her daughter.

Being free I started to walk around and at Stumble inn ran into Dave from the pool. Chatted a minute but he wanted to get back to room. Mike moved to the rail with me and we hit it off. He came to room (never been to Nana hotel) and we had a couple of drinks. Went off to cruise the street and get dinner. Came back and pulled a gal up to the room. Very cute.

Later walk through Nana Plaza and into Twisters, asked 933 (Bonus) to come over. Still really cute and changed her hair color, rusty/golden brown… looks good. Same softy touching, Mamasan wanted a drink for bringing her over. Still wanted me to bar fine her and short time for 4000B total… Don’t think so.

Picked another gal out front Nana, super nice gal with some of the nicest breasts. Woke up at 730 and finished my drink and slept until 10:30.


Day 15

When I finally got up at 10:30, just sat for bit reflecting… what a night

Called Mike and we met at Emporium to eat. Very nice view of a lake park on right side of food court (4th). Tasty Larb(?) a spicy pork and rice. Got a Thai Iced tea it helped with the spicy. Little shopping and sampling in the grocery store. Dates, Ham, and a couple of candy bars for the girls. Gal that threw a fit when she saw me with Czech girl (Phaya) coming over to swim. Should be interesting, will tell her she owes me before anything else (except food/swim). Mike thinks I am crazy to let her back but last time was very lucky and crazy fun.

Phaya came over to swim, all seemed well until I told her no money. Threw a fit. I gave her 800B just to leave. Shame on me for being nice Mike had just come to room and says he thinks I like drama… Maybe, I think adventure and exploration… expecting the unexpected.

Mike, Sam and I went to dinner at a Irish themed place (on St Pats day) just down Nana and had their Friday fish special. Met a deaf girl and took her home for snuggles. After that found Mike and Sam at Stumble Inn bar. Couple of drinks and then got a cutie (Joy) in front of Nana. Said she would sleep until AM but left about 1:30. I was sad as she was a complete cutie with a great backside.


Day 16

Slept in a bit then headed out to get Bath and food. Exchanging cash and Noi shows up. Gave her 100B to get food and came back to room to let her inside. Knock on door and it is Joy from last night. I did not understand she was sick last night and promised to come back today. Joy and I got to get food and Noi has food and stays in room.

Come back with Joy after eating and we do a little snuggle session. Knock on door and it is Noi. She seems chill and I even got the two girl snuggle. Joy has to leave and Noi gets odd. Off they both

Joy coming back tomorrow, wants to go to Hua Hin Monday. Might be both might be one… stay tuned! I know I will.

After Joy Left I dropped off laundry and rode the sky train to Bang Wa, It is across the river but as busy as this side. Nice market opening up, tasty food, clothing and such. Turns out if you go too far on the multi pass card, they charge you 15B. Stopped at MBK and ate some Sushi, my bad forgot to say no cucumber and burped all evening. Saw some cuties but turns out the girls shopping are no looking for an old farang….lol

Its election day so no alcohol sales. I walked to Mike’s bar and he had a lot of customers drinking out of cups. Word probably spread and they came running. Walking back and a gal (Duan) wanted to come back, said massage how much… 2000B, me no no, her 1000, can not, 500? Ok. She is a sweet gal, probably will take her to Hua Hin now that Noi is off.


Day 17

Went back to St Louis for a checkup and I have to have another procedure to rotate the Lens to correct astigmatism Came back to Duan, we left room to get it cleaned up. Back for a nap and after she tried every trick to …well you know. I was too tired and thinking about surgery again. Rationing my remaining whiskey, hope sales start up again soon. Worst case Mike’s

Alcohol sales started at 6pm on St Patrick’s day, Sam and I preloaded on drinks before Joy arrived. Super happy soul, childlike at 30(?). Over to Stumble Inn, Sam drinking double Guinness to get a hat.

At the Stumble Inn I see a total hottie showing about 2-3 inches of skin between shorts and shirt. Gave her a tickle and got an odd look from the guy next to her. She gets up and dances with her friends, comes back and I try again… Dude says “Don’t touch her she is a good girl”. I about fell off my bar stool. Me thinking “you keep that dream alive”. When you’re gone it is just the next guy.

I take off for a in room and get a naked massage with Fan. About 40 minutes and in comes Sam with Joy, right behind them is Noi. Crazy party night, Sam asked me about the details the next day…lol, why me


Day 18

Bummer Noi took my phone, it is not the money it is the contacts and pictures on the trip and before. Went to St Louis for my rotational surgery, doctor super nice. Still I had to pay another 7000B. Same follow up in America at least 5x. Girls in surgical ward super nice to me. Wish I could take one home. So sweet and classic Thai. All classic Thai, no Issan to be seen.

Went to MBK and got another phone, nice unit. After did a sushi roll (asked no cucumber!). Great people watching, food courts are the bomb. Sam and I had some drinks, later went out to make a friend. Met a post OP LB. Extremely nice body, no action. She is sole support for family, super stressed to make money. Little later went back out and met Lek, super chill 30 you with a 6 you boy. She really liked me and we setup Line. Said next time not charge me. I will always give but it is nice to be appreciated. Girls like being touch and stroked without it being just T&A (Tits and Ass)

Sam came down to room, we had a nice visit. Went to pharmacy as I seemed to have lost my new eye drops. No problem 150B… Probably 6X in USA. Walking back as usual was a test of will. So many lovely ladies. Deaf/mute girls out front are so cute, reminds me of the movie Shape of water.


Day 19

Down at Hospital for follow up, everyone super nice, can already tell my eye is clearer, still wavy. Made an appointment to get a colonoscopy.. Headed down to Prawnbury in private taxi.2.5 hour ride for 2500B. Driver very nice.

Went to market and it was fun. Only farang in the place but treated well. Awesome local food.

Swanee and friend Tip made a great Dinner and then we hung out with Herman and wife. Super nice guy from Belgaum. George is lucky to have him near. Tried to get Tip to sleep with me but she was scared about me and her reputation. Cute girl, 45 you no children. Exceptional set of tits.


Day 20

George got me up for breakfast about 8:30. Nisha a hoot. I went down to Tip’s place for a Pedi. Nice job, she asked for 100B I gave her 200B. Swanee out to market so we visited a little. Super nice 45 you, no babies. Decent English as she had a farang BF before. I would love to see her body but not going to happen.

George and I Did a little house work (painting) before going to the mall. Good sight seeing. Came back and Herman helped hang new nights outside. Nisha swam in small part of pool. Just stripped down and swam, super cute. She is such a happy soul.

So many little details missing but it has been a great visit. Sleeping with Swanee’s son, a nice kid but no English (separate beds , not kinky). Will move to tall house tomorrow as Swanee’s sister is coming to stay. Wish Tip would sneak over for a snuggle. Back to Bangkok Friday and start getting ready for Colonoscopy and eye follow up at St Louis Saturday AM. Lek coming over, hope she stays the night.


Day 21

Moved to little (tall), had a beer then went to Safari land. They moved from Hua Hin as they were getting crowded out. Lots of land now and they are rebuilding the road this year. Afterwards we had lunch on the beach. On the way home stopped a Global, a large mixed merchandise place. Bought 8 LED bulbs and installed 6 in front room. Chilled in tall house, went down for dinner but George and Swanee were headed out to help their builders who had a flat tire. Visited with Herman, wife, and Tip who stopped by. Nueng brought me over dinner but I walk back to eat at table. After said my goodbyes. Had a little trouble sleeping as dinner was late


Day 22

Up early waiting for my ride. Headed back with Swanee’s friends who brought up Swanee’s sister and her daughter. Nisha and she get along well.

My Thai driver and wife speak no English so I dozed a bit, woke up after an hour. We got gas a snacks, I gave them 1,500B. Checked into room and ran off to 7-11 for supplies.

About 5-6 pm took Nok from out front, just a massage” Wow she started undressing for the shower and she was smoking hot. 29 you with one of the best breast jobs I have ever felt in Thailand. She took a liking to me as many do, best BJ (joked are you lady boy as you know what your doing). All in enough humor all was taken well. She really wanted to get me off, it was late again, drinking, and thinging about hospital in am. Got to love you can have an hour of serious distraction for 40-60 USD…. I blow that in half the time at US clubs and barely see pussy and only limited breast touches.

Back to room to start laxatives to clean out system for colonoscopy. Nothing at first but in the end it was totally effective.


Day 23

Got up at 430 and restarted the laxatives. Think I am clean enough inside if he wants he probably see my tonsils. Lost 2.5 kilos overnight. Great doctor… One small Polyp and a sub?. Said don’t worry do again 5 years. Rice and two fried eggs at hospital. Super cheap.

Back at Nana looked for some low hanging fruit but only real gal wanted to start at 3K B at 3 pm…. Not even that good looking.

Later got two girls up to room and swimming. One not pretty, one a plump hottie. At pool got asked where I got her, said out front. Had offers of rooms to send her after. Ditched the not pretty and took the plumpy to dinner at Terminal 21. Nice time and she went home(?)

Noy texted she was coming but probably got a better offer. Went to take a walk after a nap. Ran into a nice, not rough looking gal. Took her up for a massage and ended up having extremely good sex. She was so happy, got done and neither of us wanted to sleep. Finally at 330 set the alarm for her to get home. She is 29 with a 10 you son. Another gal who has not had someone pay attention to her. She wants to come over again and do a 9pm to 5am session, okay by me.


Day 24

Woke up when Tukta left, then fell asleep until wake up call at 645. Made it to the Hospital at 7:45, they had me prepped (weight, BP, Temp, eye chart, autofocus, and eye pressure). At 7:55 Doctor showed up, straight into office. Eye is doing well. Checkout with meds 1,027B (30$).

Eye is better, released to travel. Will have follow up in the fall

Back to hotel and breakfast with Sam, he is on the mend after a throat issue. Said might have been food but doctor put him on meds. Took a nap to recover from last night and early morning. Sam wants to borrow phone but disappeared. He does that when a cute thing shines a smile at him.

I gave up and went to On Nut to Tesco Lotus. Great people watching and a great lunch of Garlic Squid and rice 65B (2$). Got room treats. Back for a drink on the dry election day. Second no alcohol day on this trip. Opens up at 6Pm so bars will breath a sigh of relief.

Sam going off on a visa run tomorrow. We visited a bit tonight but he is trying to be good.

I walked down Suk and turned on Soi 11, only made if 100 feet and had a very interesting gal…. Moved on and got an even more interesting offer of 1000B…. Massage… ? Okay do not follow too close. Got a small bite to eat and she came up to the room. Proceeded to give me the best oral massage ever. Phone rang and it is the gal from last night. Shuffled number one down stairs, shook the sheets, and went to meet Tukta. Impressive at 5’8.. Super fine ass. She came hungry so I sent her down for food. Total trust as she left phone on the charger and purse in room.

On a side note, I met a gent on the skytrain, asked if he worked here or was visiting…. Working, What? Lottery promotions…. Me thinking “boiler rooms still working here?”


Day 24 woke up when Tukta left. She really is a specimen. 5’ 7-8 tall, perfect skin. Great personality. Tonight we will go have tour of Cowboy and get dinner. It’s a bummer she has to leave early for her kid but I admire her keeping a kid since 18….

After she left, got up at 10 and realized I missed the Buffet (Nana). Cleaned up and went to MBK food court. Excellent Fried rice, chicken and pineapple. It was surprising there was a considerable amount of onion slices mixed in… good thing I like onion. Decent people watching, bought a few things at the grocery store on floor 4. Outside cool today and even a few raindrops. Chillin in my room and sent a text to JJ to see if she wanted to finish that oral massage she started last night.

No response from JJ so off to Terminal 21, checked my food court card 320B left. Ate some tempura and went to Soi 5 for a massage. They picked a smaller gal but she was strong. I wonder what their tip expectations are as I gave her 50B and got no response. Back to room for a nap

Nap did not work so I got a slice of Pizza at Ronny’s on Soi Nana. Nice guy Ron, 70 you, had his grand daughter over. Same age as Nisha 3yo. Tukta called and said she would wait out front of Nana. Came back and she knows a lot of the girls out front. Well respected, on return a gal came around a corner and looked startled and gave Tukta deep Wa.

Tukta and I went to Terminal 21 and then Soi Cowboy. I did not realize how small it really is. Back to room and after some snuggle slept until she left at 530. Do not really know where she goes. Has a passport and has been out of the country to Europe twice…. Have a great body, will travel.


Day 25

Realized this is my last day in Thailand. Had two gals up to the room before Tukta came over. First was fun and got some info as she could be a Hua Hin traveler…. Simple plump. Second nice also but not go without condom.

Tukta came over and this is the end. She just sleeps, non performer after the first night, asks for anything she sees. Think she also took 150$ out of my small bill fund. It is difficult always having to lock everything up.


Day 26

Got a lift to the airport, nice guy good English. Travel easy so far, on the leg into SFO. United never fails to let me down. Tight connection and doors closed on connecting flight. Did get 20$ in food coupon (liquid lunch). And a reroute to my city avoiding a shuttle bus…. Guess some things work out.


Funny story, I saw Bangkok’s best waving people over again on Sukhumvit. Came back from my outing and saw a Cop with his clip/ticket board walking to the police box at Suk and Nana

Me: Give a lot of tickets today?

Him: Yes you want one?

Me: Sure

Him: What for?

Me: Walking too fast

Him: chuckles

Me: no for walking too Pom pui (fat)

Him: laughs and says Nit Noi…

I was thinking before that I just do not see the stuff people report about being stopped and searched et al. Never have had it happen… Granted I am 60 you white guy no tats, normal hair…. Just your typical pervert tourist.

North Korea and its watchers have nothing on the maids at Nana hotel. One of my gals was told they think I drink too much, worry about my liver…lol. Another time knocking on a friends door… Maids watch and then tell me him go out… Always watching.

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