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Expectations Not Met, For Her

Heading to 104 Street in Phnom Penh I called into an Air Force themed bar to catch up with the boss of the place. She is a charismatic, beautiful, and alluring woman who is married and has a sharp business brain. She has the ability to melt the senses with just a smile and I feel very comfortable in her presence. We have built a very strong platonic relationship over the years which I am very grateful for.

After chatting to her for a while I paid a small bar tab and ventured back in to the bright lights. A little further on I entered another bar, said hello and ordered a drink. After a few minutes I noticed a woman who was not the prettiest in the bar, but had a certain way about her that is appealing. She was with an old bloke at the time (well, older than me) so turned my attention to the entry door as an English friend named Gary was making his way off the street and in to the bar. Within seconds he had a woman under his arm who seemed very happy to see him. I was chatting to a girl filling in time waiting for old mate to either barfine the girl he was chatting to or move on. Very soon after that the old bloke went for his wallet and paid the bar tab. In the process of the bar tab being sorted I kept my eyes on her, and she in turn came and said hello after the bill had been squared. She was like a mongoose carefully gazing, looking for weak spots in her new prey that had just walked it to the den. She had one of the most stunning bodies, well-proportioned and an arse that was as tight as a drum. After the small talk of where you from, what you do etc., I asked her if I could barfine her. Yes, no problem she said.

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Gary was of the same mind-set and barfined his new friend. The plan was to drop me off first and for Gary to continue on to his hotel. I gave the name of my hotel to the tuktuk driver and off we went. After 10 minutes or so I asked where are we were going? As my hotel was not in the direction we were headed. He said to me “your girl want to go dancing.” I thought hang on, I’ve just bought a few drinks, paid a barfine for Miss Mongoose, and she is now calling the shots! Call me crazy, but we were not on a date nor was I informed or at the very least asked if I would like to go dancing. I turned to her and said no we not go dancing, we go hotel. She shot back at me NO, we go dancing. Anyway this verbal back and forth played out another two times. It seemed to me that Miss Mongoose was two accustomed to getting her own way and showed no signs of backing down. To which I instructed the tuktuk driver to stop and got out. I explained to Gary that I was heading to another bar. Gary decided to stay as his friend was keen to go to his hotel and have some fun. No worries.

And off I went, I was only a few metres from the tuktuk and the howling started, Miss Mongoose was turning on the water works and waffling on in Khmer. The tuktuk driver hopped off his bike and asked me to get back in. The driver is a nice bloke who I have known for a while and I explained to him that I thought my new friend was out of line and that we were not in a relationship of any sort and her “expectations” were a little off beat.

I continued on my way and caught up with Gary the next day. He was very happy with his new friend and we agreed to go back to the same bar a couple of nights later.

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Two days later Gary called and asked me if I was up for a night on it? Of course mate, with bells on. The last of the day was disappearing under the horizon as I walked out on the street heading to 104 Street. Took a seat at the dimly lit bar and ordered the first one of the night. Gary’s friend had not arrived yet and Miss Mongoose was nowhere to be seen. For the next hour Gary and myself discussed how western woman had changed and how men in this current age were feeling a tad confused with the whole situation. It seems to me that women have bought in to the narrative that they are somehow inferior to men, and are going out of their way to prove otherwise. I cringe at BBQs and dinners back home now days, Because not only are men being portrayed as all being potential rapists and we somehow have to change our collective thought patterns that harbour inside each and every male, but we also must be ashamed of our masculinity. Not to mention the political correctness that is moving its way in to a mainstream (so-called) modern society. I find it difficult to sit back at gatherings and watch grown men second guess themselves before speaking, with the look of dread in their eyes anticipating at any moment they will be pulled up and corrected by wife / peers for being capable of critical thinking. It’s amazing that this type of nonsense has found its way in to our lives and really goes to show just how easy the powers that be can manipulate the masses by trying to shame men in to thinking we are doing something wrong and must change our behaviour, or our sons will no doubt grow up being wife-beating knuckle dragging rapists. Complete and utter nonsense! The third wave feminist movement is a radical money-making machine for those at the top, pushing the narrative that men are inherently evil.

Gary and myself then both agreed that we should order another round and get pissed! Half way through our round Gary’s friend walked in. After Gary ordered a drink for her she went out the back of the bar, and came out with Miss Mongoose who lived up stairs on the second level. She was all smiles and said she would not get too drunk because when she is drunk, she is crazy. Ok, no problem.

A few hours of beer swilling passed while my born-again friend drank fruit juice. Paid barfine again, tuktuk, and back to hotel. She seemed very sorry for her behaviour a few nights earlier and by the end of the night I was well and truly done. After we showered, she asked if I would mind if she went back to the bar to get some flat shoes because in the morning high heels are not a good look for a woman walking out of a hotel. I gave her the spare swipe card and she was back within 30 minutes. The next morning I suggested breakfast. We had only been at Aeon Mall for 10 minutes. We were the first ones in the outdoor eatery when 2 women showed up that she knew….(mmmmm) would you like to join us she asked them.

A coincidence maybe? Or a sneaky phone call while I was in the shower that morning. (I have a stupid Barang taking me for breakfast……come and get a free feed). We then went back to the hotel and slept, sex, then lunch, sleep again and more exercise. Late that afternoon I went to Larry’s bar and got some take away food and to take back to her to eat as she was starting work in a couple of hours. Half way through the food payment was mentioned. She asked for $100 US. I said I would pay her $50 US (which is a fair price in Cambodia for an all-night stop over) She protested and the mongoose started to appear. Treading carefully, I explained to her that she has been well-looked after throughout the day, which calmed her down for a moment. But minutes later she went in to a rant and started throwing things around the apartment and said that she can be very nasty if she wanted to. I believed her but I stood by what I had said and handed her 5 ten-dollar notes which immediately went sailing in to the air and settled on the floor. She then went in to the kitchen and once again started throwing things about, informing me that men pay her $100 for short time. I did not respond to that statement for fear of making the situation worse. But I did ask her to calm down which certainly made the situation worse. The money from the floor was placed in her hand and the hotel door was opened. I asked her to leave, which she did while still spewing out abuse as she walked down the hallway.

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After six weeks my trip was coming to and end in a few days, so I spent that time reflecting on the good times I had spent in Cambodia. On the last night I ended up back at the Air Force bar to say goodbye to my friend. I then pulled up a bucket outside the bar and was drinking with the resident tuktuk driver, when out of the blue comes Miss Mongoose. A little sheepish but looking stunning, she apologised for going off in the hotel. We chatted on the side of the road for a while before heading back to the hotel. Late next morning she asked to be paid, and I handed her $50. She seemed happy and left. That was the end of my trip, showered, and made the difficult trip to the airport.


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