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Dating In The Philippines Part 2

Greetings, this is part two of dating in the Philippines. To put it in perspective, I am a young, fit, educated, attractive guy, but not Brad Pitt in his younger days.

Like I mentioned in the first part, dating here in the Philippines is vastly different depending on your age, how you look, how you live and how conduct your life. Much like anywhere in the world really, say no more. A lot of foreigners here claim the Philippines to be a dating paradise, which is partly true I guess. The guys claiming it to be a dating paradise in general are really saying that they can get easy, young, very low-class pussy on the cheap. These are the guys that very often have a bundle of psychological issues and couldn’t make it with women at home, especially now that they are old men.

I do think pretty women here are in abundance and due to a high population are in general easier to meet, but to get quality you need to be quality. For sure the happiest guys I see are the ones who are with girls close to their own age. The most embarrassing and quite common sights, are the old foreigners with their little brown squatter girl, 30 or more years younger in tow. These are the guys who are most unhappy, deluded and are paying for everything twice.

I’m going back to my country and selling everything!” I have heard this one many times now. This train-wreck usually consists of a foreigner over 60 with a girl under 30. Typical story….the guy has issues, vices and a boring life back home. He has a bit of coin saved and maybe a property back home. He arrives in the Phils after already meeting a girl online. Falls head over heels for the young pussy and loses all rational thinking whilst on the pussy train.

A guy once told me his 25-year younger girlfriend is always so happy, so jovial etc. I see him paying for everything, taking the family on holidays etc. I’m secretly thinking….Well of course she is always happy now she has basically won Lotto! I would bet 3 months ago when she was living in the shanty shack, the family are making financial demands, the kids are hungry and the roof is leaking when it’s pissing down rain, then she might just not have been so happy and jovial.

I am certainly not saying all poorer girls are bad…a lot are not and have a hard life. In reality though if she is poor, 20 years or more younger, then in 95% of cases IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, so don’t delude yourself. I could write a book on all the crazy situations I have seen here.

I remember once meeting a guy in the high-end condo building I lived at. He was 70 years old, quite fit, but looked 70 years old, as you do. He met his girl online (the worst place) and she was 26 years old. That’s 44 years difference. She was smoking hot, yet looked so out-of-place in the building. and she certainly knew she didn’t belong there, and wouldn’t even look at anyone, except the odd sly look at the young guys working out in the gym.

The guy went back home “to sell everything”. While he was gone he was financing everything, she was living in his rented condo. She brought the whole extended tribe in many times to live it up while he was gone, everyone living there thought it totally ridiculous! He got zero respect from the wealthier Filipinos living there.

Filipinos with money would never dream of doing that! Of course the relationship went belly up, as per 99% do. I never found out if he sold everything….I hope not.

There are way too many foreigners here living their retirement years on a tight budget due to being cleaned out by a girl with a primary school education and the parasitical family. Unless you have a high quality lady and are in a solid, equal partnership then putting houses and land in the name of a dirt poor girl with little morals or education and an IQ of 50 is total financial suicide….to be continued.


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