Stickman Readers' Submissions February 20th, 2019

Dating in the Philippines

Good day, readers. These are a few thoughts about dating in the Philippines from a white foreigner’s perspective. I am early 40’s, fairly handsome, look young, and in very good shape, don’t smoke, barely drink, financially doing good and have no mental issues that I am aware of… I have lived on and off for years now in the Philippines.

Foreigners dating here usually meet girls here as per normal everyday life when living or working here, or meet them online in their home countries and usually come for holidays to meet the girls. Me personally, I don’t work here, I don’t need to work here.

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Foreigners owning businesses here or working for a multinational company would certainly have the pick of the best quality girls quite often, especially if the Foreigner is white-skinned and under 50 years of age, 25 to 40 then even better for them.

Regardless of your age or situation in life, especially if you are a white man, its super easy to meet girls, it’s just the quality of girls that will differ. Obviously the poorest girls are the easiest to meet for sure but come with a load of baggage and are riddled with personal and family problems in a lot of cases.

The more middle class girls are much harder to meet and date but if you are a respectable younger guy with a range of interests then it’s certainly possible to date them. The wealthier class of girls here are very hard to date for  a foreigner indeed. I know it could happen, but I am yet to meet a foreigner in a relationship with a girl from a wealthy Filipino family.

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The class system here is very well-known, nothing hidden at all. They have A class B class etc and it’s spoken of openly, unlike Western countries so much. The wealthy simply do not need foreigners at all, simple as that. There are more than plenty of high quality men and women in the wealthy classes to keep them all happy. That’s not to say a white superstar or top class guy couldn’t crack it into the wealthy class here, but they would be kings in their own country and have the pick of all the pussy, so why would they bother?

Wealthier Filipino men will pay poorer mistresses and hookers, but they will not be seen with a hooker in public, and will pay them very little, basically what they are worth as these guys know the society well, its only dumb foreigners that over pay the girls here. As we know a lot of wealthy people are tight with money, nothing wrong with that. The wealthy avoid the poor most of the time or as much as possible.

A wealthy man will rarely, almost never, ever marry a poorer girl, as the classes here just don’t mix too often. A wealthy family would not approve of their son marrying down as such, plus there is just no reason to take on the  financial liability of a poor family for life.

Much is similar in Thailand I believe? A foreigner really does have to mix with the better class of locals if he is to get himself a higher quality girl, through work, sports or maybe the Church, and he needs to be younger or closer to her age to do so.

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As in most countries, the younger,better and more financial male gets the best girls, its nature at its best. I laugh at the Foreigners I meet here that harp on about Western women being bad etc. It’s funny as the guys doing the complaining are often ugly, fat, broke, dumb, lazy, unsuccessful, sex tourists, alcoholics, smoke and are just generally unappealing to women in general.

It’s just that poverty here is that extreme, that the poor women look to them as an option, a broke foreigner here on a pension of $1,500 a month is super wealthy compared to the families living in the squatter areas of the Philippines. To get a good woman anywhere you need to have something that attracts a women.

I have never seen a really good-looking Western man, sports star, or one with serious coin complaining that Western women suck etc….Its these fucking foreign clowns in Asia complaining, that suck, and any good woman can see it a mile away.

Women here can be met anywhere, just like back home, but the more effort you make in life the better your results will be. Older seedy Foreigners talk about the Philippines being such a great place for pussy, blah, blah. What they are really saying is that its easy to get the lowest quality young  pussy here to satisfy their sexual urges that they never fulfilled back in the West while they were busy drinking piss and ruining their marriage and blaming their wives.

I have lost count of the amount of times I have met a 55 plus year old, and old-looking foreigner here, who is alcoholic and smokes Marlborough Reds! For some reason within the first 15 minutes of meeting them they feel the need to show me pictures of the latest 19-year-old they are fucking…Sometimes they will tell me they were a couple and it didn’t work out. I’m thinking, really, it didnt work out between a 60-year-old man from a completely different culture who was dating a 20-year-old who doesnt have two 20 cent pieces to rub together, you don’t say? I often wonder if they even really know it was all about the money or the thought fell through their alcoholic, underdeveloped minds?

These guys instantly assume I am drinking and whoring just like them. To see the look on their faces when I tell them I hardly drink, go to the gym and don’t date whores or squatter girls…it’s priceless. Even then they are still trying to tell me where the best bars are in the area etc. They then proceed to give me their contact number and would like to hang out! (I am a good wingman) Out of politeness I take the number, and then when around the corner I hit delete.

I have nothing in common with these guys at all, I find them completely stupid really and quite sad indeed. I would not be caught dead being seen in public hanging out with seedy sex tourists in the Philippines. Nevertheless these guys are apparently living the dream? (I didn’t know that life’s ultimate prize was to be paying poor girls and their families in the slums of the Philippines for the use of their often unwashed and unhygienic pussies…I think I need to get a book on the meaning of life as clearly I must have missed something….

To be continued.

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