Stickman Readers' Submissions January 4th, 2019

Parasites and Hosts

After the first trip to Pattaya I, like many others, developed a fascination for the place, mainly a lot to do with the sex I guess, along with a bit of Thailand mixed in. Fast forward to 2018 and I wouldn’t step foot, nor waste another cent there for the rest of my life. I am early 40’s, good looking, young-looking, but certainly not immune to making mistakes in life, especially with the opposite sex.

For me that first trip was magical so much that I let a booked flight go, and stayed on. Luckily, and very much so, was the fact that my Aussie dollars at the time were about 32 Baht to the dollar, so what better time to waste money? And I did!

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Now though, under 23 Baht to the Aussie dollar, time, experience and many observations and I fxxxing detest the place, but more so the parasites that reside there, taking into account there are some good people there too not related to or directly feeding off the seedy sex industry.

Each to their own in this life I say, but fxxx there are some of the biggest losers born into this world there, Farang and Thai, actually lots of Thai, they are known as Thai bar girls. Not all of course, but many are the lowest, scummiest most brainless children I have ever met in my life.

The Parasite Thailand is full of parasites, especially Pattaya, many are bar girls but also many deemed good girls too. There main aim in life is to attach themselves to a financial host, preferably a dumb one who is easy to extract money from. “Take Care” Typically Pattaya whores love the two week millionaire, alcoholic, not so intelligent types as an extraction target.

The Host- Any nationality really, common hosts in Pattaya are men over the age of 50, sometimes not very well off, out of shape, men who often would not get the time of day in their homelands, and so often it is their lifestyle which contributes, so they come to poorer countries and pay for pussy, and pay they will. Men who were not so successful with women over their lifetimes and somehow seem to be looking for the meaning of life in the bars of Pattaya or somewhere in Thailand and are fooling themselves into believing Thailand is a wonderful country, which in my opinion it is not!

The Pattaya bar scene is not a nice place to spend your time really, it’s a dark world on the evil side of life, and if you look into what it really stands for, it isn’t even really fun. The whole scene is set up to extract your money with the least amount of effort, that’s it, period!

I know of so many over 50’s guys spending time there living what I would describe as a total time bomb existence. They are paying their girlfriends a salary each month, even when they go back to their homelands. They are out on the piss every night, destroying themselves, yet they somehow think they are killing it? Really?

I will clarify that I liked the place too for a length of time until better judgement, staying sober and just seeing far too much bullshit put me off the place. I know two guys, and they are nice guys, sending whores, or ex whores, whatever you want to call them, depending if their sponsors are in the country at the time I am sure, 15k a month…hehe. I will tell you what…any guy out there choosing to flush their money down the toilet by sending a monthly stipend to a dirty whore, please stop, I will give you my bank account details and you can deposit it there, and I promise I wont waste the money, it will be invested in an income producing asset, not a liability like a whore.

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I was sat at a bar with some friends one night, one older guy that is paying a whore, ex whore, who knows, to be his girlfriend. She got drunk and was a total cxxt to him, and you could see right then that she clearly had no respect for him at all, and he has been sending her money for years. He doesn’t have a high paying job, and maybe comes to Pattaya three times a year for month trips. So she only has to fxxk for three months a year yet gets paid for the rest of the year by my friend, to fxxk other men, who pay her too. The sad part is that she is fat and ugly! It’s his fault though for doing it, I know. Its a shame he wont get off the piss, hit the gym and pull a decent girl back home instead of fuelling his lazy whores shitty lifestyle. Ah but alas, that’s what the scheming Pattaya Parasites rely on, ill-disciplined men.

Pattaya has become to me, a place of resistance. If I did go out to a bar to have a drink or a game of pool and a look at girls, not to barfine, I spend most of the night declining monetary requests, schemes, attempted scams, reverse psychology, guilt trips and then at the end of the night requests for tips and a fxxking keeneeow or a scowl when I of course give them nothing. I feel like saying, ” Hey cxxt, you just made money off me being here, here is a tip….don’t fxxking ask for tips…you cxxt.”

But I know to remain calm in this wasteland as we cant offend the delicate little Thais spirits now can we? After all Thailand is the almighty number one and Thais rule, just ask the racist little fxxkers, in a lot, but not all cases. If Thailand is the best country in the world to live, then sorry I just haven’t seen that portrayed there.

I once dated a bar whore for a couple of months. I paid her per day, even though I knew it was wrong. She was by far the worst time of my life and a complete nightmare. The disagreements about money were constant. Being that it was never enough. I always went into the agreement with the thought of paying as little as possible. She mouthed off many times about money. Once or twice I said look cxxt, I pay you to fxxk me, I do not pay you to be my girlfriend, and I would never pay someone to be my girlfriend, of course she didn’t take that too well, which inside made me laugh at the pathetic self entitled rice farmer.

I am a guy that always wants value for what he pays for, and I made sure that she fxxxed me as much as I wanted, I made the cxxt earn that money, that’s for sure. There were times when things were nice of course, but I was never paying the whore to spend time with me, in my eyes that was free, She was a whore so I paid her to fxxk, as whores should. They aren’t good for anything else, so hey?

I could sum her up as a complete child though, the most deceitful person I have ever met in my life. Totally brainless and clueless in many ways. Toward the end I saw her as pathetic really. Her whole outlook on life was geared towards Farang taking care, and that’s how she saw Farang, she never saw them as people at all. People to be used and thrown away once the money ran out.

I am tight with my money now, as I want value for my spending, and throwing big money at a dirty whore ain’t got no value. She once asked me how much money I had in the bank? I replied a million baht, she called me a cheap Charlie. Of course that was a fraction of what I have but either way the cxxt wasn’t getting it, why would I give her more?

The point being she is so used to stupid fxxxing Farang throwing money at her, so if you didn’t succumb to her requests you were a cheap Charlie. I hate the term cheap Charlie, and fxxx you to anyone that calls people that. The funny part is that most of the time a grubby little Thai is labelling someone a Cheap Charlie, it’s actually the Thai that is the cheapest cxxt of the lot.

A vast majority of bar whores don’t spend a cent and you pay for everything, so that 10 to 15 k stipend becomes more like 30 k or much more when you add in beer, food, daily living expenses and god knows what else, the sky is the limit. THE TERM CHEAP CHARLIE IS USED TO MAKE YOU FEEL CHEAP OR GULITY AND TO BREAK YOU DOWN IN TO GIVING THE PARASITE THE MONEY THAT THEY WISH TO EXTRACT. Next time a little Thai cxxt calls you a cheap Charlie, smile and say thank you, because its really telling you that you are strong and wont give away money unnecessarily. More power to you….ha.

I was sat at a bar with said whore one day. She pipes up and tells me that she would like me to go back to my country and work for a while so we can go on holidays together. Huh really? I had to laugh. I had the money to go on an all expenses paid world trip, should I have wanted to, but there was no way in hell I was financing that cxxt! The audacity of some whores hey…again though her mindset was because too many Farang have thrown money at them and now they are accustomed to it.

It was toward the end of the relationship, well agreement, disaster, nightmare or whatever you wanted to call it, yep I blame myself at the end of the day anyway. I had seen enough, the lying, the other sponsors, the pawning of the gold, the deceit, oh my, the deceit, the childishness, the needing to win, the lack of respect for foreigners, on one occasion I discovered drug use and I am sure there were more times, the tantrums, the violence, the insanity, the bar whore friends all extracting money from fat old men 30 years their senior…yeah I had seen enough.

One of her lazy assed whore friends was getting a monthly stipend from an Aussie guy to the tune of 10k baht a month, and he rarely visited, so it was easy money for her, he was extremely fat, and the whore was ugly too. No disrespect to him. The whores referred to him as that fat man, they didn’t even use the guys name (remember its flushing money down the toilet) yep the respect was huge, not!

It was brought to my attention by my whore that her hooker friends thought I was cheap and came to the conclusion that I was dirt poor obviously because I wasn’t succumbing to her monetary requests. She had threatened to get a real or normal job, but I knew that would never happen. The whore that was milking the fat Aussie had made one too many comments regarding me being poor and I had had enough of the whole thing.

In reality she was dirt poor without a doubt, hence the reason for selling her fat ass and scamming sponsors. I know some whores do quite well, but believe me this one did not, she wasn’t attractive at all. I mentioned to my girlfriend that I wasn’t impressed with her friend’s mouth, especially that she had it all completely wrong. I knew I was done with the whole scene by now, Pattaya, the girls, the lies, the alcohol, the shitty class of foreigners….I was over it

I knew I was leaving Thailand, but told no one. A day or two before I left I sent my girlfriend a screen shot of a dollar figure from one of my bank accounts…no personal details of course. The note I attached to it read “Tell your friend to shove that dollar figure up her smelly pussy” I just hope they lost a bit of face as a result…hehe.

It has been written about time and time again here, the fact that it is not healthy to spend extended amounts of time around bar whores, as their world is completely removed from reality and normality. It is a world full of lies, low quality people and complete deception, and to have any involvement with whores besides fxxking them and paying them, is getting yourself involved in the darkside of life, or swimming at the bottom of the barrel in the case of Pattaya whores.
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