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Open Letter to The Married Guy Wanting A Thai Girlfriend

  • Written by Baht Man
  • January 18th, 2019
  • 4 min read

Firstly, you’ve come to the right place for advice and feedback. Stickman’s probably has the most experienced readers and contributors (and more of them) than any other site I know. Stick’s readers’ opinions will differ, of course, so you’ll have to choose the best advice for you, personally.

There’s going to be some people who are thinking that it’s wrong to be married, and yet doing what you’re doing. I have no opinion on what’s right or wrong in that regard, because, for one thing, you didn’t specify whether or not you have an open marriage or some other kind of swinger type of arrangement between you and your wife. I would, however, advise caution on your part (you and any other married man) and point out that what you do in Thailand can quickly turn to shit. I know, because as I’ve pointed out in previous submissions it’s so easy to accumulate a closet full of skeletons in Thailand. For example, what if this girlfriend of yours gets pregnant? Can you explain that to your wife? And will she understand? Or are you planning to just forget about your child? You said you wanted a Thai good-girl? And this good girl is having problems reconciling her Buddhist belief system with having an affair with a married man? Do you think she’d have a problem with abortion? What would Budda think of that?

On the other hand, she might not be such a good girl after all. She may have a husband of her own, too. She might already have a child — or two. That’s when things can get really complicated. Does she have stretch marks on her belly? And in general, what do you really know about this young little good girl? Did you have her investigated? I don’t necessarily mean a full investigation including surveillance. But did you at least have her checked out? I can tell by reading your letter that you have got a thing for this girl. Yeah, yeah I know that it’s great to now be able to have sex twice a day for the first time in 9 years; however, my advice to you or any man, is think with the head on your shoulders and not the one between your legs. Do you want my honest and unvarnished opinion?

Frankly, you seem like a guy who is getting all twisted up over this “good girl”. You probably think about her all of the time. Sounds like she might have you hooked, already. And knowing what I know about Thai women (much of it from firsthand experience) I can tell you that many of the so called “good girls” are taught how to play a long game. What do I mean by “long game”? There are some girls in Thailand who understand that it’s a lot easier to separate a farang from his money by gaining his trust and love, first, and then the fool voluntarily hands over his money in very great quantity. Remember the saying, “a fool and his money soon part”? Remember that? No where on planet Earth is that more true than in The Land Of Phony Smiles. Suckering men is big business in Thailand. And the minute you forget that is the beginning of the end for your long-term happiness.

I’ll just throw a few experiences out there for you to think about. I knew a married guy who spent months at a time in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He had a “little” wife; meaning he had a second wife. And his little Thai wife was one hot looking 9 on a scale of one to ten. And she was awesome in bed. I nicknamed her “9”, and all of my expat friends knew who I was talking about. I can’t repeat the specifics of just how good in bed she was, but suffice to say she was the kind of girl who could single-handedly solve most ED problems. And the best part was that she outwardly appeared to be a good girl. She had no history as a bargirl, call girl or freelancer. And she was so easy to get along with. This “good girl” would even sit right next to the married-with-children guy while he was on the cell phone with his other wife who lived in his home country. The good girl knew everything — and I mean everything. But his first wife knew nothing. The Thai girl too much, way too much. That’s how much she gained the married guy’s trust. Sounds like a dream come true — right? Wrong.

What eventually happened was the married guy fell in love (or so he thought at the time) with his little wife. But guess what? The good girl didn’t really love him. She was actually being coached on how to set the hook. And once she got the hook in the married guy she played him like a fiddle. To make a long story short. The guy ended up broke and broken hearted. And so did his first wife. And I don’t think the poor bastard or his family has been the same ever since. So, you have to ask yourself: is what I’m doing really a good long-term move? Or is what I’m doing mainly for immediate gratification? You have to ask yourself: what is my long game? And then act accordingly.

Finally, I’m not judging you. For all I know you have a bitch for a wife and this Thai girl brings you true comfort and happiness. Maybe she really is a good girl. Maybe you two have a future together. Just be careful is all I’m saying. And be honest with yourself. And before you fall in love with any Thai woman, have her checked out, first.

Chok dee,

Baht Man

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