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They Are Amongst Us

  • Written by Sidney
  • September 15th, 2018
  • 4 min read

Oh no! – shriek, horror – they are amongst us. They have infiltrated our society. No, I’m not talking about alien invaders from “War of the Worlds” or even “Monsters from the Black Lagoon” – but equally repugnant and corrupting to the spirit and sanctity of what heterosexual men the world over hold true and dear. Their heterosexual lives.

That’s right: I’m referring to those twisted mortal souls called “Ladyboys” or the more non-flattering reference “Katoeys”. The supposed third gender in South East Asia. They have arrived on our shores to wreak havoc, to trick men of refined standing to partake thereof the penises or anuses of these men.

These men, that have gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal their true sex. Make no mistake, gentlemen, they are not true women. They are twisted quirks of nature that believe they are women. And some do look like women and sometimes even better than a regular woman.

But it’s only a slight of hand – it’s really only a magic trick of smoke and mirrors. And those that seek to promote and straddle the fence of their own sexual orientation, are mere protagonists and seek to give license to gentlemen to partake thereof the anus and penis of the ladyboy. By claiming that a few indulgences cannot be admonished, and does not negate their heterosexual status.

We are led to believe by these protagonists that a human with a penis and testicles can paint himself up with makeup, even have breast augmentation, dress like a woman and somehow this magically transforms said being from male to female.

An individual that for all intents and purposes could fertilise a woman and propagate life. He has semen and sperm. The Ladyboy is a man. Interesting isn’t it. How some people can buy this magic as being real? It’s really bewildering to a thinking and rational person. And of course the protagonists will also claim that gentlemen are not homosexual if they gladly receive the penis of the Ladyboy into their anuses or mouths and of course vice versa. It just means they are “Into Ladyboys”.

Why – it could even be construed as offensive to even think such a thing. Better to believe that we are all gender neutral and society (the majority) has no right to make any further proclamation of the situation. Ahhh we live in an age where if you have a firm conviction, or belief – then that should hold true. A complete denial of all social and moral convention; as long as you firmly believe it to be true.

As many know I have a predilection to massage – in all its forms.

Sometimes firms sports massage for joint and muscular benefits. Even delivered by male masseurs. No problems there.

But of course naked sexual massage is of interest to me more.

The feeling derived from a real female caressing the body, in a sensual way is delightful. So is the climax to the massage.

I think most masseuses enjoy delivering this form of massage, to (even for an extra fee) gentlemen in the knowledge they have given wonderful service, and the man has left satisfied (and happy). Although more so Chinese than Thais.

What I have observed is that masseuses get very upset if the climax doesn’t occur – it’s seen as a poor reflection of their skills. In this case, reassurance is needed as men don’t always get aroused enough – sometimes.

My observation that prompted this submission is that Sydney is being infiltrated by bargirls and Ladyboys.

The former is just a thought based on the way the typical bargirl adorns her body.

Body graphics, tattoos, tramp stamps.

And in my travels here in pursuit of pleasure I have encountered many like this. Grotesque tattoos. Word has spread in Thailand that in Australia these girls can get the same remuneration for a simple happy ending (without the need to sleep with a man). Many are quite lovely with super bodies – with most coming from the Isaan region. Although some are from Phuket, Bangkok and Pattaya. Power to them I say.

In two of the massage shops I regularly go to I’ve noticed a change. And it’s happening more and more elsewhere (I suspect). Whereas before the owner would steadfastly forbid the girls to perform “happy ending” massages – eventually it becomes a very practical issue. Allow it discreetly or go broke.

But I have encountered four Ladyboys in these shops. I have asked them. I made it a point of asking their names – so I would not be accidentally encountering one when I ask for massage there. They are quite friendly and follow a certain pattern of behaviour and looks.

Most are much more forward than real girls in their sexuality, none had the giveaways like the Adam’s apple. All wore long slacks and covered shoes. Their hands and arms were like a man. The shoulders were broad, hips narrow, taller than Thai girls.

But above all the look of the face was masculine (although hairless and girly looking).

To me, the tells were – the facial appearance and the tone of voice. From a distance I just couldn’t be 100% sure. Like one you would encounter in Bangkok from a distance.

Beware you heterosexual men when you go for a massage – “There Are Pretenders Amongst Us”.

Stick‘s thoughts:

Sidney, your rants about ladyboys are getting silly.  Why don’t you “do a Dana” and come back with something a bit more interesting.  We’re all dying for you to get blown by or porked by a ladyboy.  Why not get over and one with and tell us what it’s like?  As many a ladyboy says, “Never try, never know!”

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