Stickman Readers' Submissions September 18th, 2018

Get Out Get Out!

A backpacking blog post I read about Pattaya proclaimed backpackers (BPrs), were sharing stories about their travels in Thailand. “GET OUT GET OUT, GET OUT OF THERE. ITS PEDO LAND” wrote one of them. Hahaha I just had to laugh. Over the years I have found them to be ignorant, clueless, narcissistic people. Yes, I stayed in hostels when I was young, and they were a lot of fun. Now in this generation, BPrs are sooo different.

When I first arrived in Bangkok, I stayed in the Khao San Road area. The location was great, close to all the sights I wanted to visit. The locals were friendly and helpful. But almost immediately I didn’t like the vibe. It just felt cheap and tacky. And I saw idiot BPrs walking around bare foot trying to look cool. I fu88ing hate BPrs.

He Clinic Bangkok

At first I got mad at the thought of western bloggers telling travellers to stay away from Pattaya. How ignorant and silly. I thought of the many things they are missing out on. The fabulous Nong Nooch Gardens, the amazing golf courses, the amazing tiger park where I got to feed 2-month-old tiger cubs, the fabulous temples. Why would you not want to visit the Pattaya area where there is so much to see and do? And then I realized, it was just western self-righteous prejudice and mis-information (yes, she strikes again). The zillions of Chinese, Japanese Middle Eastern and Indian tourists certainly don’t miss out.

The subsequent days, I realised the Khao San Road area is geared towards low-budget travellers and BPrs. I certainly won’t tell anyone not to visit though. I always recommend to go see a place for yourself. But seriously, why would you stay in a hostel when you can get a decent hotel with breakfast for around $20 a night as I did. Low budget to me usually means low quality, low standards. When I was in London I stayed at a very busy hostel, and was treated really well, and had an absolute ball. I still recall those days with much fondness. I guess everyone’s motivation to travel is different. I’m sure that plenty of the BPrs I saw in Khao San would never venture to Pattaya. And the blog post I had read affirmed this.

I am the first to admit though, I had a similar attitude before coming to Thailand, and I have written about my reluctance to visit the country in my first submission. But if there is one thing I have truly learnt in life is that not to judge a book by its title page 🙂

CBD bangkok

I also do not bother much with the many online recommendation websites. Most of the restaurants and hotels recommended are just overpriced hipster places. Yuck. Why would I want to eat overpriced western food, or overpriced local food that is usually prepared and presented in a trendy manner, but doesn’t reflect local dining at all. I laugh every time I see an establishment with a rating sticker on its window. I ate at one such place in Cambodia, proudly proclaiming how they have a 4.5 out of 5 star review. It was crap. But it was busy, busy with BPrs and trendies posting their photos of their “amazing Cambodian food”. Seriously? Most of these cafes / restaurants I have seen are just mutton dressed as sirloin beef. But each to their own I guess. If people feel safer eating or staying somewhere that has a good online rating then good for them. And I guess most are good quality in general. But they are so generic and boring and the flavours are usually bland and safe.

The amazing street vendors, and food sellers and out-of-the-way places / hotels will never have a high rating if one at all. Who cares! I live for that sort of food and experience. What a shame they have been removed from so many areas around Bangkok. Maybe their ratings weren’t high enough! Thanks wanker hipters BPrs. (Yes, I know there are other reasons why they have been removed, but I want to blame the “progressives” 🙂

I am excited about the soon to open Terminal 21 in Pattaya. So far it looks amazing. I have been holding off returning to Thailand / Pattaya until it opens. I just hope it doesn’t push too many street vendors away. I love T21 in Bangkok and hope the new one is just as good. With this new addition, Pattaya will be the ultimate destination for me.

In general I have found Pattaya cheaper all round than the other tourist hot spots like Phuket, Bangkok, Koh Samui etc. Pattaya has so many more options for fun and relaxation. The choice is almost endless, the shopping is fantastic, and when T21 opens in October 2018, it will almost be perfect. What more can a single man want? Let’s keep Pattaya for us 🙂 Let it not be spoiled by know all BPrs. We know what Pattaya is really like. We know the unique and amazing fun we have there.

wonderland clinic

So yes stay away BPrs, no this is not your place. Stay at places like Van Vieng which you nearly ruined with your stupidity (I know, it’s Laos). Stay at grimy Khao San Road with all your barefooted “cool” friends. Stay at overrun Phi Phi, (yes I have been there for a week and loved it), and Koh Phangan full moon party (done that too, it was fun. But too many drunk BPrs). Go to that trendy Romanian guru Stick mentioned in his latest submission. I’m sure he has a 5-star rating haha. Wonder what he’ll do in prison? I just had to laugh when I read that article. Yes I know there are much more Asian tourists there now, but give me them any day of the week. They come, spend money and generally don’t judge. Gosh I’ve even seen western families there every time I have been.

Pattaya is such a resilient place. Reading some of your early submissions, they mentioned dire warnings of crackdowns, red light districts being closed, bars closing, etc. Yet it is still here and thriving. The 4 times I have been, I have not noticed any difference! Still bustling, busy, exciting and expanding!

So yes take your own advice, “GET OUT GET OUT” BPrs hahaha leave it for us. Stay away from this dirty horrible evil place. So full of horrible people and exploited locals. Hahahaha if they only knew. I’m glad they don’t.


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