Stickman Readers' Submissions September 3rd, 2018

A Lucky Man

I met a tall, turbaned, man about 9 years ago while walking in Khao San Road. He said to me, “I see you are a very lucky man”. I took no notice of him as I had seen his scam in action before and dismissed the thought from my mind.

I suspect that just maybe I have been that lucky man.

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There has been much discussion on this forum about the relative merits of both western and Thai women, some for and some against them. I have experienced both types both back home and here and yes, there are the good and the not so good amongst them all.

As I was saying, about 9 years ago I came to Thailand after the final days of a deteriorating marriage and a few trips to both Vietnam and Thailand. I met some beautiful women in both countries and formed relationships both short and long term. Yes, I met some good and a few that only wanted assets. In my own country at the time, the only interest I could elicit from the fairer sex was from divorcees who wanted financial security. That is not to say that all the western women from home were like that as I know many who are the nicest women but not available as they were already taken.

In due course here I met a wonderful young woman here. She ticked all the boxes in that she was university-educated, was a trained masseuse, was employed and had a good family who don’t ask for money from me except occasionally and it has always been paid back.

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Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you see it, she got pregnant soon after we met. While she did not come to live with me, we stayed close during the pregnancy and after the birth and I stood by her and visited her most evenings.

We had a few problems from her interfering flatmate and also from her mother in the beginning, but we eventually got things sorted out and produced another offspring. This is not what I had planned when I came here but in retrospect, I have never been happier.

My lovely wife is the best person I could have imagined getting together with. Until recently, she looked after the house and boys. I had to quit my work in March this year and my wife immediately went and got a job in a spa (for which she is highly qualified). Her income does not match what I was bringing in but it all helps.

We compliment each other in many ways and only rarely have more than a mild discussion about whatever we were talking about. Mostly due to that interpretations to Tinglish. Her English is very good. We are quite content most of the time just being together.

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Just how good is she? I have been diagnosed with possible cancer for the second time in 4 years. The last time I lost a Kidney and now there is some concern about the other one. Still early days and I have already started treatment which is about as invasive as it can get. While I am undergoing treatment my wife will stay with me and sleep in the room if the stay is overnight.

We are blessed in that my wife’s older sister lives with us and helps with the house if she is not working. I could not have anticipated a better caring family to be involved with.

I have thought about moving back to Australia a number of times over the last few years but what I read in the papers from there, life would be pretty bad as nobody wants to employ a senior citizen without any tertiary qualifications. Think I will stay here and go back to see family every 2 years or so.




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