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I Love Myself And It Is Not Hard To See Why

I know that when I am in my 60’s and 70’s I can still go to Thailand or any other Asian country and won’t have to pay a single satang for any lucky girl that I choose to be my companion. Go figure now, I am half the above-mentioned age. I’m not a bragger but I must say that I am not a cut above the rest of all those old and ugly mongers, who are polluting the streets and beaches of Pattaya, and who don’t even have half a brain (did I mention that I am ultra smart myself?). Like that sorry sod The Pretender, I would bet all my money (and believe me I have loads because apart from being incredibly handsome and super smart I also probably make more money then all those washed up white sods in Pattaya combined) that he never ever could attract any women at home. Reading from his ramblings there seems to be some intelligence there, he even uses words I never heard of (go figure, my IQ has been measured at 125) but alas anybody can use a dictionary.

So even though The Pretender pretends to be smart, he lacks the personality to attract anything close to a female (I bet he could not even attract a ladyboy), it’s sad really especially comparing him to myself. As I said above I am not a bragger and totally not an arrogant person, but even back home in the Good old USA I attract the most beautiful and smartest women without even trying: like a turd attracts flies. this is because I am the greatest catch imaginable and women see those things. Especially Western women who are without any exception way smarter then any Thai woman and also Thai ladyboys and those Western women have lovely personalities to boot. This is the reason I like to go to Thailand for a change.

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In Thailand it’s even more obvious how far I am above the white riffraff here. Especially in Pattaya all girls and I mean ALL of them are  drawn to me like moths to a light. Usually I don’t take a bargirl longer than 3 days. I take only the most beautiful and sexy ones and I never have to pay one satang, because they love being with me but then again who wouldn’t. I do pay them a little bit, usually around 150 baht per day however because I am not an asshole, and as cashed up as I am (my bank account currently registers 17 million US dollar) and I am still making around 25.000 dollars per month, so 150 baht per day does not blow a hole in my savings LOL.

I am very capable of finding the most decent, smart, gorgeous woman back home in an ultra second because I am not a washed up, fat old fool like every other foreigner in Pattaya. Those guys are so incredibly stupid by the way, they work  menial jobs in their own countries and still send money to the girls when they are back home.

I am in Pattaya now and I feel like Brad Pitt at a fan club gathering, my goodness but those are the perks of being the greatest catch, I stick out here like a diamond on top of a pile of rubble.

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I am currently breaking my rules a bit. In Pattaya this time around I found the most incredible, beautiful, smart and nice bargirl with the greatest personality I ever saw in Thailand.  Anyone has ever seen and she loves me so much that she begged me if she could stay with me. I only pay her 150 baht per day but the things she does for me are amazing. She keeps my room spik and span, she goes shopping for me whenever I need it, she massages me every day 3 times!!! (and God can she give a massage), she teaches me Thai and she is an incredible teacher, we have the most amazing sex 5 times per day, and any kinky stuff anyone could ever dream of, she cooks the most delicious dishes for me (I have a state of the art kitchen in my room). She has worked as a chef in a 5-star restaurant before she became a bargirl so you can imagine the feasts she cooks up every time. She even asked if she could pay my 5,000 baht per night hotel bill but I refused that because I am a real gentleman besides being an incredible catch.

She even begged me to become my girlfriend but even though I am cashed up beyond believe and totally not stingy, I will never support a lazy cunt. So I told her to improve herself first, find a great paying job and then I will consider her offer.

I am not one of those old tossers who are too dumb to think and send the girls money for nothing, sorry that is just not me.

Any farang who wants to hang out with me in Pattaya and grab some beers is more than welcome to send me a message, however I will not pay the whole bill, you pay your own drinks and that is the end of the story. I am a great guy to hang around with, which comes from being modest, nice and a all-round great guy, and who knows maybe some of my greatness and golden glow might rub off on you when you are around me and you may even find some nice company due to that.

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