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Women’s Deceptive Marriage Pitch


I have been thinking about sales pitches.

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The female’s sales pitch essentially boils down to – marry me, take care of me, be my protector and provider for the rest of our lives together. Commit to me. Provide me with money, resources and half your income for the rest of your life. Let’s buy a home together. Live with me, love only me and any children we have together. You will never be with any other woman ever as long as you live once you commit to me. In return I might, when I feel like it give you sex occasionally which you and every other man out there seems completely obsessed with. The clocks ticking as well – my fertility window is closing rapidly and there are many other men out there who will buy what I’m selling so don’t you dare waste a moment of my time if you’re not interested in committing to me. My looks will fade with time. Your interest in me will also fade in time once the love hormones wear off. By then I will have my hooks into you and it will be very hard for you to leave me without losing half of everything you have ever earned and suffering incredible shame in the process.

Compare that to the Pattaya escorts sales pitch – I will show you the best time of your life at an affordable short time rate. You can come and go as you please. You’re free and most welcome to see other escorts as is your true nature as a man to seek variety and there are a large number of other escorts available here at very affordable prices. Importantly – you get to keep your freedom, your peace of mind and your time when you go with someone like me. Let’s get together and have a great experience together. Many fantastic experiences are available with me and my associates.

Which pitch is more appealing? Who is more honest – a woman pitching marriage or an escort pitching short time?

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I say the escort is more honest as women know exactly what they’re up to and they pitch dishonestly, essentially engaging in a deceptive sales practice.

No woman I have even known has ever delivered an honest marriage sales pitch to me in the way I have described but that was the sales pitch all of them gave me when I think about it carefully. I just never bought it. No woman ever closed me. It just never seemed like a good idea to me to commit. Time, wisdom and lived experiences here in Pattaya, Thailand have taught me marriage is essentially a scam. It’s the ultimate bait and switch.  It’s not for the benefit of men and women damned well know this. Their mothers know it. Their fathers very much know it yet they’re working to convince us poor hapless men that it’s a great deal for us to lose our freedom and to take on responsibility and obligations which we never would if we realised the deception they were engaging in from the beginning. To trick us into doing something against our best interests.

And speaking of best interests let’s talk about mine and yours as a western man.

As an Australian man do I have a moral obligation to only date Australian women in Australia? Am I morally obligated to stay in the local dating market where my market value is average instead of taking flight and traveling to a less developed market where my value is higher? Are you morally obligated to stay in your country and deal with your local women?

I’m 100% convinced that western women as a general rule despise western men that travel to places like Thailand because we take our money, resources and utility value and we spend it on foreigners which makes that value unavailable to them. Part of what keeps the sexual market value of western women so high is the huge demand for them, maintained by large droves of thirsty men who want to sleep with them. If all these men went foreign, demand drops and so does western women’s value.

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I tried a Tinder profile recently which stated that I’m a frequent traveler to Thailand and surprise, surprise – very little interest compared to my other Tinder profile – what I call my “dancing monkey” profile (which conforms to what women really want – marriage, security, family, home ownership, wealth, commitment).

I have been told by women in Australia that the best I can hope for in Australia is a recently divorced 40+ year old woman with a few kids in tow. A gross, loud, rude, overweight and obnoxious woman that is that way from practice because she can get away with it and still have men lining up for her. Fxxx that and fxxx everyone who wants that for me.

Here in Thailand I have many more dating options and I will continue to exercise those options!

It will be a very cold day in hell before you ever see me in a relationship back in the western world. It’s just not going to happen. When I get back to Australia in a week’s time I will go back to being invisible. I have come to enjoy this mode a lot as I get a lot of work done and it spares me from any of the bullshit I would be on the receiving end of in a relationship. I pity my married friends. I couldn’t imagine living the life they do especially after experiencing the freedom on offer here in Thailand.

Good night. I’m done.

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