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The Deal For Men, The Deal For Ladyboys


I’m thinking back to what it was like when I was in my early 20’s. My hormones were raging and I had sex on my mind all the time.  Every Friday and Saturday night I would be out with my friends at bars and nightclubs looking for women to have sex with. It was a frustrating experience for the most part being met with a lot of rejection with a large amount of time and effort needed to be put in to gain one-night stands here and there.  The effort was nowhere near worth the time and money expended and I would have been better off simply going to a brothel and paying women for sex.

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Now let’s consider the ladyboys of Thailand.  The ones who work in the naughty nightlife are in their late teens to early twenties at the youngest and generally with a few exceptions their mid 30’s at their oldest.  The youngest ladyboys’ hormones are raging and they have sex on the mind like we did as young men but instead of it costing them time and money with them trawling bars and nightclubs to find a small number of sex partners they’re able to make money selling their sexual services whilst at the same time getting their sexual needs met.  What a fantastic deal!  When I think about it – if I as a younger, hornier man were able to make money selling my sexual services to women and going out to bars and clubs was a profit-making exercise I would have been living a dream life.  Go out, have fun, meet people, have sex, wake up the next day richer!  What a deal!

Before a ladyboy transitions she has her male form.  The attraction to her, the incoming interest towards her is predominantly from gay men as gay men are attracted to young, good-looking men.  The marketplace of men attracted to her starts to change as she starts taking female hormones and transitioning into female form.  She starts to get incoming interest from heterosexual men attracted to her female look and feminine behaviour.  Unlike when she was a he she now has the ability to start making serious money as heterosexual men are willing to pay her for her sexual services.  Heterosexual men know that sex with women is never free and are willing to pay for a good time.  All she has to do is start working in a bar or freelancing and she will find male customers.


The life of an attractive ladyboy during her early years is one of sexual variety, sexual satisfaction and money but there is a time limit on this.  Just like genetic women there is a time when a ladyboy hits the wall, loses her sexual market value and therefore her ability to make money selling her sexual services to men.  During the time of her most attractive period of life she needs to make as much money as possible because after her looks have faded the jig is up.  It’s game over for her and it’s back to the village in many cases.  I know a number of ladyboys that have aged out of the game.  They know it when it happens as men are no longer willing to pay them for sex.  They spend longer and longer periods standing outside the bar waiting for customers.  They look around and see they have intense competition from younger ladyboys with the paying male customers going for youth and beauty over age.  The male appetite for youth and beauty being insatiable.

Whilst my early years were like most heterosexual men filled with sexual frustration and disappointment, my early to late 30’s has been a period of time in my life where I have had a lot of sexual experiences, variety and great satisfaction during short windows I make these trips to Thailand followed by long periods of time living a monk-like celibate life back in the western world.  I’m just not willing to go through the bullshit of dating women again in the western world so I prefer to stay on my own and do my own thing and keep my freedom.  Going with ladyboys in Thailand and having my sexual needs met in a manner where I call the shots, being the party with the power and control is a far cry from my and most other mens positions in the western world where it is women who hold the rejection card and control access to sex on terms they set with a price on themselves so high that many of us men have dropped out of the game.  There are not many ladyboys in Australia and the ones that are make a lot more money than they can make in Thailand given the massive demand for their services from the hordes of horny, sexually unsatisfied young and not so young men around caused by female hypergamy and female sexual mating strategy which leaves the vast majority of men out in the cold.  Men suspect or know intuitively that sex with a ladyboy will be better than a genetic female as the ladyboy being born male knows exactly what a man wants sexually.

Let’s think for a moment about when a ladyboy ages out of the business of sex for money.  What happens to their sexual satisfaction?

From what I have seen with my own eyes from ladyboys I know that have aged out of the business, it means less sex and less money.  So an older ladyboy’s life will be met with less sexual satisfaction.  The opposite of men like us who are older and attracted to ladyboys.  We can keep having our sexual needs met by a procession of young, hot ladyboys so long as we are willing to pay.  With the power of youth and beauty gone, a ladyboy’s ability to extract money from men and the power they had over men disappears.  Some of these ladyboys stop taking female hormones and go back to living as men and when that happens if they’re able to attain back a reasonably attractive male form then they will be back dealing with incoming interest from gay men but gay men don’t need to pay for sex as all gay men know that other gay men want sex just as much as they do and are willing to have it for free so that leaves the former ladyboy with a problem – how to make money now that their youth and beauty has faded.  Some open salons or other small businesses back in the village.  Others take on jobs.

I have had conversations with ladyboys about what it was like for me as a younger man back in Australia.  They have understood me when I have told them about the frustrations of dealing with genetic western women.  One ladyboy I have known for some years knew exactly what I was talking about when I brought up this topic with her a few nights ago.  She too had seen the troubles young Thai men had gone through dealing with young Thai women with all the hoops these women made them jump through in order for even the hint of sex.  I could see she was thankful she was attracted to men and never had to deal with such problems and go without sexually.  She could see with her own eyes that women were very judgemental, very picky, very selective and how this resulted in many men being left sexually frustrated.  I could see in her eyes and from our conversation that she understood very well that she only had a brief time window where her youth and beauty power could be used to gain the money she needed to live and help family as well as gain the sexual satisfaction she desired.

One of the problems I have struggled with is how to deal with my attraction to ladyboys knowing full well that my attraction to them is based on their youth and beauty.  If I was to get into a long-term, committed, monogamous relationship with one my attraction to them would decrease as their age increased and their youth, beauty and female form faded.  How would I deal with this especially given there are always younger, hotter ladyboys coming to Pattaya all the time?  There are only a few ladyboys I have been with that I know for certain I would stay with even if they reverted to their male form.  That would mean less satisfaction for me as I’m attracted to women physically but I would stay anyway due to the internal beauty I found with these particular ladyboys. I know with one in particular that I have a very strong bond and a lifelong close friendship which is very special to me.

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I have much to be thankful to the ladyboys of Thailand.  Over the past 6 years of making these trips I have had more sexual satisfaction and variety than I ever did as a younger man.  I have had sex with stunningly beautiful ladyboys who are much more beautiful than any genetic woman I have ever been with and that’s both on the outside and inside.  For me there is no going back to genetic women.  My deal is here in Pattaya.  The people I want to be with and around are here.  When I’m back home in Australia and I feel the urge for a relationship I simply think about my experiences here in Pattaya and I know a typical relationship back home with a western woman would never work.  Not in a million years.  My experiences here in Thailand have changed my heart and mind significantly.  It’s Thailand and ladyboys all the way now.  There’s no going back.

Whatever deal you strike make sure it’s one that you can live with.  A deal that meets your needs.  Know that women back home in the western world are not playing the mating game with the same criteria or goals that you have.  Their goals are security, family, monogamy and control of you, the man.  Your goals if you’re honest with yourself and in touch with your needs as a man are sexual satisfaction, sexual variety, freedom and peace of mind.  The closest you will get to achieving these important goals will be here in Thailand where you can live your life authentically and on your own terms.  This comes with a cost of course.  Only you can decide if the costs are worth it, the returns justified and if you can afford to pay the price.

As men when we’re younger we start out with nothing.  We can’t use our handsomeness in most cases to make money from women.  We build our wealth and resources slowly, steadily over time by our work with the unspoken deal being that you will turn over your money, wealth and time to a woman in marriage.  Many women start out in life as genetic celebrities.  They have youth and beauty power from the very beginning and many leverage this power to create fame and fortune for themselves as real celebrities or use this power to ensnare a high status, powerful, wealthy man in marriage.  These women start out with great genetic wealth but they lose it steadily over time.  The ladyboys, like us men also start out with nothing but as they transition to female form they obtain youth and beauty power and the marketplace of men tells them this is worth money.  The ladyboys remember however not having had this power and they empathise with men knowing full well what it was like before they had this great power they now wield over them.  No genetic woman I have ever been with has been able to understand nor empathise with me as a man as to what it’s like being horny all the time whilst having few sexual opportunities without putting in significant amounts of work.  No genetic woman understands things from both the male and female perspective.  Only a transsexual can understand as they have lived life from both perspectives.  Their hearts and minds being shaped by these lived experiences.

Us MGTOW have spent a lot of time talking about women, their behaviour, problems we have with them etc but at the end of the day what alternative path have we set other than dealing with them at least for having our sexual needs met?  The path I have walked for 6 years has got me far away from genetic women and has brought me great sexual satisfaction and great peace of mind.  Now whenever I deal with genetic women I can feel them triggering me.  I can feel their emotional manipulations.  It’s all so obvious to me now but it took coming here to Pattaya, Thailand to really understand what was truly going on back in the western world.  It took getting to know and understand ladyboys for me to truly understand our deal as men.  To truly understand the deal for women and what the deal is for ladyboys in the short-term when their at the height of their beauty and long-term when their beauty fades.

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