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Jessie Vard In Trouble With The Law


You may recall one of my first live shows on my YouTube channel – the Phuket Property Nightmare was focused on the topic of British expat Ian Rance and Irishman Colin Vard who have been living almost penniless with their children on the outskirts of Bangkok as they struggled against overwhelming odds to recover properties they bought on Phuket. Both men lost their investments, something neither of them imagined possible.

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Well, Colin Vard’s daughter Jesse who is half Irish and half Thai has blossomed into a very beautiful young woman and has been working as a model here in Bangkok.  Jesse has over 1,000,000 followers online – many of them Thais impressed by her fluency in the local language.  Jesse has got herself in big trouble with the law and faces a year in a hellhole Thai jail for raking in thousands of dollars from half-naked photos promoting illegal gambling websites.

I won’t go into too much detail about this as you can Google her name and read the articles but what I would like to discuss in this submission are the institutions you should not place your trust in and what you should place your trust in as a farang here in Thailand.

I have come to the firm conclusion that you’re much better off not investing in Thailand, not doing business over here and not working here full-time with a local business on the ground.  It’s my opinion after spending a lot of time over here on tourist visas over the past 6 years that the risks are just too high and the laws and society is set up in such a way that you as a farang will ultimately lose.  There’s just no security here for us foreigners.  That’s the bottom line.

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<At this point I need to state that this submission was edited, in agreement with The Pretender.  Seldom do I ever remove a chunk from a submission but there are some things that just should not be said in Thailand, things which could be libelous and cause problems for those who wrote them and those who published them.  As such, I removed a list The Pretender had made after he acquiesced to my request to do so – Stick>

Read very carefully what I wrote above.  I’m not saying these institutions cannot be trusted by the Thais.  I’m not trying to disparage them or to bring them down.  I’m not trying to discredit them or anything like that.  I’m simply saying that YOU, Mr. Farang, should place no trust in them.  None whatsoever.  That doesn’t mean you should not do what you’re legally required to do.  You should simply do whatever you need to do to avoid situations where you could be blackmailed or find yourself in trouble with the Thai police which would bring you in to the Thai justice and possibly even the Thai prison system.  You should avoid marriage so you avoid the legal system.  You should avoid condo ownership.  You should not buy land in rural Thailand in your girlfriend’s name.  Don’t do anything that could get you into trouble with any of the institutions I have mentioned.

Put your trust and faith in the following:

1. The Thais want your money.
2. The Thais want you to spend as much as your money as possible – on them.
3, The Thais want you to provide them with security at your expense.
4. The Thais will say and do almost anything to get your money.  It’s your job to make sure they know you’re not a sucker and that you’re not going to be taken for a sucker by them.

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The actions I suggest you take to keep you safe:

1. Rent your condo.  Say no to condo ownership.
2. Rent your bargirl.  Say no to marriage.
3. Rent everything in the land of smiles.  Say no to ownership.
4. Keep all of your assets and your businesses in the western world.  Do not sell up and move your assets to Thailand.
5. Live in Thailand for short intervals off the income from your western world assets.
6. Keep a stash of cryptocurrencies – money that YOU own that is not connected to any government or bank including the government and banks in your own country.  Bitcoin should be your main holding.  Buy Bitcoin and take ownership of it.  That means a hot wallet on your laptop and / or your mobile phone.  I also suggest a cold or paper wallet and possibly a Trezor or hardware wallet.
7. In between your yearly Thailand trips, obtain short-term holiday or tourist visas for your Thai friends to bring them to your country for very short time intervals (no more than 2 weeks) in between your trips to Thailand.  Realise the pitfalls and the downsides of doing this and the potential problems that might occur bringing them to the western world where they will be exposed to all manner of cunts.  You know what I’m talking about.  If they start causing you problems for whatever reason then bring over one of your other Thai friends.  Rinse and repeat.  This has the added benefit of allowing you to avoid engaging in romantic entanglements with your local women most of whom’s minds as we well know have been poisoned by political correctness and feminist dogma (which exerts itself most aggressively and is most profitable I might add in richer countries where women can reveal their true nature without fear).

You will heed the lessons of Ian Rance and Colin Vard and all other western men like them who have gotten themselves into trouble stemming from placing their trust in the Thai legal system thinking their investments would be safe.  The risks here in Thailand are simply too great.  You have so much to lose and very little to gain investing here in Thailand.  The Thais are in the exact opposite situation – they have everything to gain from you spending or investing your money here!

There is nothing stopping you as a westerner in a relationship with a Thai to go to a solicitor in your own country and create a legally binding agreement for your western assets which state that your Thai love will get the lot after you depart this earth.  You then pay a Thai translator to translate it into Thai and give a copy to your teerak.  You then simply rent and stay out of trouble in Thailand and whenever your Thai love brings up the subject of entanglements you bring out the contract.  You could even go as far as to have clauses that she gets nothing if for example you’re murdered by local mafia figures, if she murders you, etc – anything that makes it so she can’t cash in your chips.  So she has no financial incentive to fxxk you over before you die of natural causes or by your own hand, on your own terms at a date and time of your choosing.

My advice for all of you westerners is this:

1. Do not invest in Thailand.
2. Do not open a business in Thailand.
3. Have a lifeline in the western world and use that lifeline – whether that be a job to go back to, etc.  Something or someone reliable that will snap you back to reality.

Remember here in Thailand you the foreigner are literally THE BUSINESS.  You’re the one with the gold.  It’s the job of the Thais to transfer as much of your hard-earned money in to their pockets.  It’s very important that you recognise this.  A very smart farang in Bangkok and he knows who he is once said to me that every interaction with a Thai contains the seeds of an economic transaction.  He was absolutely spot on.  That’s the bottom line, gentlemen.

You need to very seriously think to yourself about how you’re seen here in Thailand as a foreigner.  You’re the source of income.  You’re the business.  You’re the one the Thais are looking to make money from.  You’re the one providing security – for them.  If any trouble goes on – you’re the one paying.  Not them.

Remember this: Thai wives, girlfriends or partners are often targeted by Thai fraudsters because they often have access to the land deeds, usernames / passwords or other details and access to their husband’s investments.  If you’re known and seen as a farang with plenty of money consider that the Thais will be after it at all times so remain vigilant at all times and that means for years.  I wouldn’t trust anyone over here completely and that goes for your Thai love and other westerners as well.  In one of my recent videos I keep six ladyboys I discussed an untrustworthy ladyboy I know.  Her last Facebook post was a photo of her and her farang love at Bangkok airport.  She was seeing him off.  She said I love you.  I was browsing her Facebook post when the messenger app popped up.  It was her asking me when we’re getting together.  The guy was not even on the plane back to Farangland yet.  I can’t make this stuff up, gentlemen, I really can’t!

Just last night one of my long-term ladyboy friends who I had literally just had sex with in a short-time room.  I arranged 3 nights with her and gave her the money in cash up front as she was in need to pay some bills believe it or not.  I had just left and got on a motorcycle taxi back to my condo and she messages me asking if I can help her set up a Yahoo email.  I had already set one up for her a year prior as I got her a tourist visa to Australia and I needed an email address for her.  So I sent her the username and password.  I logged into the account to make sure it was working OK.  Emails started pouring in.  They were messages from western men from a Thai dating site that she had just signed up for.  She just signed up at 10:20 PM and literally she started receiving emails from men at 10:22 PM.  Wow – just wow!  Who needs fiction when real life is so fascinating!  Imagine what it must be like to have so many men want to pay you money just to have sex with you.  There’s lots of money in beauty.  That doesn’t mean that you should try to earn some of that money for yourself by setting up a bar here.  The Thais will win of course and you almost certainly won’t.

One more thing – think about Colin Vard.  He lost big time and now look at what has happened with his young daughter Jesse.  Think very carefully about what could happen to you as a farang by becoming entangled with a Thai.  Reflect on the poor treatment you have received by women in the western world yes.  That’s important – reflect on that.  Consider that the brilliant treatment you receive here in Thailand by the Thais is motivated by money just as the poor treatment you receive back home is also motivated by money.  A western woman’s best interests are served by keeping you a sex-starved, dancing monkey as a western man.  That’s what’s profitable to her to keep you as a pack-horse provider.  Limiting the amount of sex she doles out to you increases her control by offering you the reward on the condition of your high workload and resource provision.  That same poor treatment of you is not profitable to a Thai woman.  In fact – the exact opposite – treating you like a king is what’s most profitable to the Thai women and ladyboys.

It’s a fxxked up world isn’t it, gentlemen?

Alright I’m done.

Stick‘s thoughts:

I agree with the overall point you make, but there are some points I disagree with.  While I have long also commented that you should only invest in Thailand however much you’re prepared to walk away from, such an attitude does mean that you may miss out on opportunity.  I had an opportunity to buy a very nice condo in Sathorn a couple of years after I arrived in Thailand at what was then a steal at 2 million baht.  That same unit today is worth north of 15 million baht and you’d flick it in an instant at 10 million.  That’s some potential gain I missed out on, to say nothing of what would have been 15 odd years not paying rent!  Some foreigners have done very well investing in property in Thailand.  And let’s not forget that plenty of foreigners have made a fortune in Thailand so it’s not all bad news!

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