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I Broke My Rules

I Broke My Rules

by Rides

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Greetings. These are some of my experiences over the last three months in Pattaya. Good and bad, it’s just what I have been living, I don’t expect everyone to agree with what I say. Firstly though, I read the last piece written by the Pretender. Now I am not sure who this guy really is? All credit to him / her, he sounds very educated academically. I read words I didn’t even know existed, no doubt the intelligence is there, but….what is said regarding Western Women sounds like utter nonsense to me.

I know of so many Western women who are totally amazing, and are happily married and honest to a fault. From what I have experienced in my life Western women expect a man to be a man, to have standards and self-respect, style and charisma. They want him to be himself, and lots of times it has fxxk all to do with money.

I have seen first hand so many low-quality bottom feeding foreigners in South-East Asia who have sworn off Western women. My guess is that the women lost respect for these guys possibly due to a Neanderthal attitude, drug use, alcoholism, the inability to improve one’s self and basically a lack of self-respect.

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I think women in general, especially in the West, have a superior insight in to life than the average man, and far more emotional intelligence. The Pretender’s comments seem absurd coming from a person that sounds so well written.

And the comments are hardly justified when the Pretender comments on how wonderful Pattaya is. I would say the Pretender possibly doesn’t have the personality to attract a decent, intelligent and honest woman. To deride an entire species is basically insane. In my opinion a good Western woman is far superior to the average Thai woman or ladyboy, it’s just that a lot of Thai women in Pattaya are easy as long as there is money on the table…surely everyone is aware of that!

I know for sure when I am in my late 60s and 70s that I would not want to be going on Viagra-fuelled sex binges with girls half my age. Give me a nice wife of sound mind and a nice home in the West any day where people are far more normal. If you can’t get girls in your own country it’s time for some self introspection and ask your self why…don’t blame the women….it sounds foolish!

Pattaya is hurting right now and all I can say is som nam na! It’s an absolutely good time to come and visit, money and customers are scarce and those that are smart, look good and are cashed up are what I consider the golden geese right now. It’s nice to have so much power.

I have never seen the place so quiet as it is right now. God bless low season!

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I have been coming here for many years now. I am still young too, a cut above the average beer-swilling pig that frequents here. I have always had a rule of three days with a girl and then goodbye. This trip I broke the rule. It just happened and I went with it. It was probably not the wisest thing to do, but financially it hasn’t hurt me at all.

Since spending an extended period of time with a bargirl all the things so many readers have written about are absolutely confirmed. Very few of then can’t be trusted at all, and have very little respect for themselves or foreigners. The more time I spend with her the more she opens up about family and friends and that bullshit phrase, “Take Care“.

Now I know there are some diamonds in the rough so to speak, but the general trend is deceit, laziness, stupidity, and many more of the worst character traits a man could see, and yes I know that I am dealing with basically the bottom feeders of Thai society. I know!

Tales of sponsors, idiots sending them money, idiots paying way too much, girls with one foreigner boyfriend yet in love with other men. I hear if you have a girlfriend you must take care? Um no, I will correct that and say if you are with a lazy, foolish rice farmer’s daughter then they expect you to take care of them. A bargirl judges everything and everyone by the bubble they live in.

“I not like Thai man.” Um, maybe you don’t like the bottom feeder Thai men yes…but then again, darling, you do not and will never have access to a Thai man from a higher station in life as a partner. They are too wise! The girls will just never admit the truth.

Since staying with this girl I have seen first-hand that nothing that comes out of her mouth can be believed at all. I do have feelings for her but I am still able to keep a distance in the end and take care and sponsorship will never happen.

I did mention if she wanted to be my girlfriend then the bar scene would be kicked into touch and she would have to make an effort to improve herself and get a real job. Don’t get me wrong, I am cashed up but I am not willing to support a lazy cunt and her extended family. What for?

Her main goal seems to be to find a dumb foreigner to “Take care.” Well not this one! If I want a girlfriend then I am more than capable of finding a decent girl, here or in my own country, because I am not some washed up, fat, old fool.

It’s truly astounding how many foreigners are sending these girls money and basically getting nothing in return. Many of these guys can only stay a month in Pattaya and then must return home to work to replenish the bank account.

Currently I am paying for the girl I am with but it’s not permanent, and as soon as I leave not a satang is paid to her. The money she asks from me is so small anyway. She likes being with me but of course she still needs money so I can help, but the amounts she asks for and what she does for me is almost unheard of in Pattaya. I guess that comes with being a decent catch.

I have told her it’s up to her to keep me or not by improving her station in life, but I won’t hold my breath! I do feel sorry for the poor guys working hard in the West in menial jobs to send money to these bargirls who really don’t give a fxxk about them. Take what I say as you will….

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