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Been With a Ladyboy?

  • Written by Sidney
  • June 2nd, 2018
  • 5 min read

Please note: Don’t read if you are easily offended. The contents are somewhat inflammatory.

Yes, I know, that’s our Sidney for you.

That is the 64 million dollar question. Have you been with a ladyboy (sexually)?

On many occasions, when I have been massaged by a Thai girl here in Sydney, I am asked if I have visited Thailand.

Invariably, during the conversation I mention my experience on lower Sukhumvit, when this gloriously beautiful girl, on a soi adjacent to Terminal 21; beckons me over to have a massage.

But alas, the moment she says, “You want massage?”, it is evident the “she” was a “he” with a masculine voice – a katoey.

Of course, I said ever so politely (as I didn’t want to be beaten to a pulp) that she was beautiful; but I was looking for a real girl.

I excused myself and entered the massage shop and had a really nice (real female) give me a stupendous ride for an hour.

Now, getting back to my Thai massage girl. Upon hearing what I said she was surprised that I didn’t go with the ladyboy. She was quite puzzled that I couldn’t conceivably go with the katoey.

She said most likely he had his appendages removed (was post op), and had a pussy fashioned and most likely she was more beautiful than a real girl. <Only a very small percentage of ladyboys in Thailand have had “the op”Stick>

It was very hard to explain that even though “she” no longer had male organs, this person was still a man. His chromosomes are male. His passport reflects “she” is a man, so does his ID. Legally he is a man.

This sort of dialogue has happened with such frequency that I now don’t bother to mention the event.

The point of this submission is in response to many articles I have read; where gentlemen have this yearning to try a ladyboy.

Now, I don’t think these gents are ignorant, and no doubt they have thoroughly researched the ladyboy phenomenon in South-East Asia.

But, what most will say is that they were just interested in trying one, they were drunk when it happened, somehow they were accidentally tricked by a ladyboy and when naked in the room together, well let’s give it a try.

Some will forever regret their first transgression to the opposite side.

Most will affirm they are real men and strictly heterosexual.

Very few will admit publicly, or to themselves, that what was partaken thereof was an act of homosexuality.

Yes, you had sex with another man. That makes you a closet or overt gay – a homosexual.

If you have penetrated a ladyboy’s anus with you penis, or a ladyboy has penetrated you or you have sucked a ladyboys penis or conversely you have been sucked off by a ladyboy then you are homosexual. Or at the very least bi-sexual if you still have sex with females.

I am not homophobic and what men do between themselves is no concern of mine. That is: as long as they don’t consider me as an attractive proposition.

During the course of my life (like just about all males), there have been instances when I got the distinct impression I was being fancied by a man.

When that happens I run a mile as quickly as possible.

Even in my work place a few years ago, a well-known gay doctor invited me to go swimming with him after work.

Well my creative response to him was “Why would I want to go swimming with you?” – His reply was “Why not?” Answer: My partner has dinner waiting for me at home. That put him off immediately.

This gay fellow had (supposedly) a committed relationship with another gay man. Rightly or wrongly my impression of gay men is that they are even more promiscuous than married men looking for “a bit on the side”.

The reason I make such bold statements is: My belief is that gays (homosexuals) are wired differently to heterosexuals. At least sexually. Their sexual drives, their impulses are different. They are sexually aroused at the thought of sex with the same gender.

A true heterosexual man cannot possibly conceive sharing a bed with another man (sexually).

Just because a ladyboy paints herself up with makeup, adorning herself with all the female trimmings, has silicone breast implants, has her male genitals removed – does not make her a female.

It makes “her” a homosexual in pursuit of another man for the purposed of having sex with him.

The point is: if a man defends his action of having sex with a ladyboy, declared he is not homosexual; when there are thousands of real females with real female genetics at his disposal – his is lying to himself. For what reason I’m not sure.

Theis article is inflammatory.  It serves a dual purpose.  There are many reading Stickman’s site. Each week they just sit there, unable or unwilling to lift a finger to write some thoughts about their experiences in South-East Asia.  Could it be they are dead from the neck upwards? Do they expect for others to just entertain them? Surely many are would be whoremongers, or whoremongers in transition or retired whoremongers. Or all others with thoughts of their own; unable to overcome the inertia. If you fit those categories, “f**king” write something – impart your wisdom. Don’t be a dead beat – get moving!

Stick‘s thoughts:

Just because someone has one (or even a few) episodes with a ladyboy does not make them gay or homosexual.  If a guy is only in to ladyboys that does not make them homosexual.  It simply means that they like ladyboys – ask any ladyboy lover and they will explain that ladyboys are a different flavour to gay guys.  Plenty of guys in to ladyboys would not dream of having sex with a guy while at the same time they adore ladyboys.  Almost every guy I know who is in to ladyboys tells me the same – they are not gay, but they love ladyboys.  Note: they’re claiming to be straight either.  Men who like and have sex with women are straight.  Men who like and have sex with men are gay.  Men who like and have sex with ladyboys are in to ladyboys.  They are neither straight not gay.  They don’t need to be labelled straight or gay, just as black and white are not the only two colours – there’s plenty in between!

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