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Ode to the Bleeding Hearts

  • Written by Sidney
  • May 6th, 2018
  • 5 min read

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I give call to all manner of people – whoremongers, bargirls, freelance girls, working ladies. The good, righteous and all the “sinless” alike.

I propose we give thanks for the bygone good ol’ days in Thailand.

With reverence we mourn the passing of those old days, when Thailand was in rack and ruin.

All the poor shanty towns where its citizens really miss that lifestyle.

Yes, the days when whoremongers could count on an all-night girlfriend experience for a fiver.

Why she would even wipe your arse and hold your cock while you took a piss.

She could be counted upon, to even fxxk your brain out all night to please the master.

In humble gratitude she would do this and more.

Yes, they were the good old days. The days when there were no modern shopping malls – Terminal 21, Siam Paragon mall, Robinson’s, Central World, MBK, Central Embassy, Platinum Fashion Mall, Discovery and so on.

No BTS Sky train, MRT (underground).

They were wonderful days as some would nostalgically recall.

No cheap taxis, no Suvarabhumi Airport.

There was an abundance of street vendors that would be willing to sell contaminated street food; using recycled oil for many days. Ahh they were the good old days.

The days when Thailand didn’t have world-class medical and dental facilities with all the high technology associated with it. CT Scanning, MRI and ultrasonography. The capability of carrying out lifesaving surgery to best practice world standards.

Why … if you got sick in them good ‘ol days, maybe you would be one step away from death. “Thems were the good ‘ol days”.

But many from that era lament that all the fun has gone from Thailand. “It’s not like it used to be” – some will say. It’s changed – and not for the better – some will say.

Some of these whoremongers resent having to pay more for working ladies. To share her body to please him. Instead of a fiver now we are required to pay at least 10x that amount – for a one of two hour experience.

Yes, isn’t it wonderful – and I’m sure some would want to keep these demi-mondaines to that bygone era.

They resent that these girls can now negotiate a fairer price for the rental of the pussy.

And as we all know gentlemen – every pussy has a price – indeed it’s a coveted commodity – isn’t it?

And its use can be attached to market forces. Just like any other commodity. Correct??

So why on earth would anyone mourn the passing of such a time?

Maybe in the naïve belief that time should stand still?

That the passage of time is a reflection that they are getting older and frightening?

The erroneous belief that a place or destination is responsible for their happiness?

That they have not taken into account, that the passage of time is relentless and have not kept pace with the inevitability of change?

Maybe they can no longer afford the lifestyle they had?

Now, of course there is nothing wrong with moving on as a means of pursuing a new life; with vigour.

But, I do believe that being bitter with the inevitably of change is quite irrational.

To expect people from a more contemporary era to accept what it was like (and how good it was) in the good ‘ol days; just doesn’t cut it with me.

It is quite meaningless.

We hear all this scaremongering that Thailand ain’t what it used to be like, the red-light districts will be shut down soon.

Absolute effing nonsense.

And of course the veterans will jump on me. “I’ve been there for 20, 30, 40 years – and I know more than you”

Bullshit is my retort. Your time-warped mindset is really your problem; that you have to grapple with.

Are you bitter that you now have to pay 50 bucks to get your rocks off with a freelancer? Or, you have to pay $200 to have an all-night session with a real beauty.

F**king pay it. It’s not going to kill you, and you can help some soul and their families.

I don’t think it’s much fun for some working ladies to lay next to some fat, smelly, abusive slob – do you?

It’s a different story if you treat them nicely, respectfully and of course get the best mutually satisfying deal – with everyone being happy.

In terms of the Thailand experience. It’s not going away any time soon.

As evidenced by the great time my mate Pal and Myself had not long ago in Thailand.

Plenty of options available for THB 800 up. Depending on your tastes and budgets.

Same story in Bali – Indonesia, China and other South-East Asian countries.

There are options available everywhere.

Change is your friend – not your foe.

Stick‘s thoughts:

Anyone who has a lengthy history with Thailand knows just how much things have changed.  You don’t need to be a 20- or 30- or 40-year expat to know it.  Thailand really has changed markedly, and in so many ways.  In some ways it has changed for the better and in other ways it has changed for the worse.

As far as the naughty nightlife industry goes, I think most who have experience with it agree it has not changed for the better.  Good fun can still be had – with the proviso that the price of “partying” is significantly more than it was and in some cases you’d need to spend multiples of what you did in the past to get a similar experience (and I’d posit that even then that level of fun / service might simply no longer exist).

If Thailand’s bar industry today offered the same fun at the same prices as we had in my early years there – the late ’90s – I’m not sure I would have left.  That’s not to say it was changes in the bar industry that caused me to leave – it wasn’t – but perhaps it is an indicator of just how much fun things used to be.

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