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Cheap Over There – Expensive Over Here

  • Written by Sidney
  • May 17th, 2018
  • 5 min read

Yes, I’m referring to all things Thai. Be they restaurants or adult massage services.

Interesting, isn’t it. In just about all of Thailand (except for the very high-class establishments) it’s THB 300 for a 1-hour traditional Thai massage and THB 500 for an hour oil massage. Add a happy ending to the oil massage and that’s an additional THB 500.

Of course, the traditional Thai massage is no fun for me, as you are contorted and stretched to within an inch of your life. And the last thing on my mind is a quick handy afterwards. For me (if I’m still alive – it’s a release to actually leave the premises). Not my favourite style of Thai massage. I tend towards pleasure and away from pain. Does that mean I am self-indulgent – you bet!

Different story with Thai style full body oil massage. Yes, it’s really grand when those soft, silky hands slide along every crook and curve of your naked body. The anticipation is sometimes better than the event. Particularly when you get your noodle abused by serial cock stroking. Sometimes it takes ages to get the juice finally flowing. Sadly, the well runs dry from CCA (chronic cock abuse).

We fellows do need some recuperative time to recharge. I always laugh at these self-proclaimed studs that claim to be able to ejaculate at least 4 time a day. The words bullshit artists comes to mind. And I’m reminded of the Superman series. “Look up in the sky its Superman”.

Women can cum many times – sometimes serially, but for men alas all our hormones and physiology largely prevent that from happening.

We are very complex, and it’s an interesting concerto of physiological events that progress from arousal to ejaculation. Very complex indeed. Anything out of kilter can have a devastating effect to that concerto of events. Coupled with the fact that we are bombarded with man-made toxins and auto intoxication – no wonder that many men have to rely on the little blue pill to get it up. Sadly, much to their peril as it’s a dangerous thing to do. Indeed deadly if the man is unhealthy or abusing them. Best to look for all possible solutions and improve one’s health.

Generally in Sydney there is very little cost difference between traditional Thai massage and oil massage. Costing AUD $65 (about THB1600) to AUD $90 (THB 2200) seems to be the norm.

Now granted, the cost of living is high in Australia – this disparity between the homeland and here doesn’t quite seem reasonable.

The Thai shops that have the audacity to charge THB 2200 don’t budge easily. They

steadfastly remain there; insisting that somehow they are worth the money.

I encountered this Thai lady who now owns a shop of her own. She insists that all the girls only give a legit massage or else they will be dismissed.

A couple of years before she owned a shop, she had no qualms about giving my cock much stroking – and me giving her much fondling.

All of a sudden the air of respectability emerges. The doors of the massage rooms are constructed in a way so they are not able to be completely closed. Now … butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. I’m sure she would rather I don’t return to her shop.

Little does she know her girls are wanking fellows when she is away.

Many Thai massage shops don’t provide additional services. They either truly believe it’s inappropriate or fear that if they are caught by council inspectors their goldmine, their cash cow, is at risk.

Everyone wins, and she is pleasantly deluded that her clinic is respectable and clean.

Once they come to Australia, these Thai ladies (that formerly made modest money servicing gents over there) realise they have struck gold.

A lot of the profits go offshore to the mother country to buy land, property and contribute to their old folks. Generally with the view that one day they will return to Thailand quite well off.

I have asked many Thais if they like it here. Answer: I like my home country best.

Having been to Thailand I can understand why. Much better shopping centres than in Australia, lower cost of living and a love of their own kind. They are only here for the love of our money and / or a farang husband. I certainly wouldn’t want a Thai wife in a western country. Some can be very sneaky and if they can get away with something, they will do it. Even f**king on the side.

Same story with restaurant ownership. In Thailand it is possible to get a good meal for THB 100. Same Thai meal here at least THB 300 – 350.

With some of the profits being stashed under the mattress and taken over there just under the legal limit. Or distributed to friends to do it on their behalf. A favour to be rewarded in kind; at some future time.

Rightly or wrongly, these are my observations.

PS Come on folks – Give Stick something to do. Submit something.


Stick says:

Some things are cheap in Thailand, some things are not.  Rents are cheap compared to the West and low-end eateries are cheaper too.  Ditto public transport, including taxis.  I have found that food in many restaurants is no longer cheaper in Bangkok than in New Zealand and oftentimes it is more expensive, especially for decent Western food.  Handymen are very cheap in Thailand and my pet hate – you don’t have the crazy government fees over there that are tacked on to so many things here.  But cars, brand name appliances, quality clothes, quality food products (i.e. your supermarket bill) set you back less here in New Zealand.  Sure, some individual grocery items such as tomatoes or garlic or chicken are cheaper in Thailand, but in my experience most items are not.  I can buy giant-sized locally grown organic broccoli for 22 – 45 baht – depending on the time of year – whereas a tiny broccoli in Bangkok runs that, making the NZ price about a quarter (as NZ grown broccoli are about 4 times the size of the Thai version).  Even things like bags of coffee beans (which grows in Thailand but not in New Zealand) is cheaper in New Zealand than in Thailand!

Finally – and this will be of particular interest to you, Sidney – the cost of half an hour with a hooker in New Zealand is no more than in Thailand, if the rates I see in the local newspapers are anything to go by ($NZD 60 – $100 which equals 1,400 baht – 2,200 baht) when compared to what I hear people pay in Cowboy or Nana these days.

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