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Back to Bangkok

  • Written by Sidney
  • April 13th, 2018
  • 7 min read

Well, fellow Stickmanites, I never thought it would happen on many levels (more on that later). I swore that I would not travel with any mates in future, because I concluded they are all encumbrances and it’s a little stifling to be around grog, mates and debauchery all at the same time. It had been several months since Pal and I had travelled to Bangkok and Pattaya, but Pal made me an offer too good to refuse. Even before asking me, he booked a couple of return airline tickets to Bangkok. We were having a couple of beers at the local and he just sprung it on me.

So, he gives me my return ticket to Bangkok – free, gratis – as he felt we had had such a great time. He just about pleaded with me to go together again. He felt we could repeat another week together in an alcoholic stupor of debauchery with some lovelies. On quite a few occasions the Nana was more convenient to do the deed than short-time hotels. Pal said this time maybe less expense than gogo girls and settle for freelancers – of which many are ripe for the picking at this time of the year. For THB 1000 to 1500. After I reluctantly agreed (yeah, sure – don’t look a gift horse in the mouth), we decide not to spend more than THB 1500 for the night and see what we end up with.

I had not so long ago returned from a “cultural trip” to Bali-Indonesia, and must confess another long haul trip didn’t appeal. But I couldn’t let Pal down and he had got me quite excited at what would await.

Pal has a high profile position, which allows as much travel as required and I have the freedom to do as I please in my business. So finances were in order for both of us.

When we left Bangkok a few months ago Pal said he just had to repeat it again. He pined for the place and the easy availability of aroi maak maak brown-skinned girls.

He told me of this fantasy he needed to try out on a girl. He wanted to get a most beautiful one, and take her back to the hotel and have his way with her all night. Of course that included much head-butting of the headboard.

What he wanted to try on the girl was to give her a complete bathing in the nude. But with a difference. He wanted to bathe every square centimetre of her body with his tongue. Nothing at all omitted (no holes, I mean no holds barred) chuckle. Starting at her fingertip all the way to the feet and then upwards to the fingers. Then turn her around with her cute arse facing upwards and repeat the entire procedure fully.

The dirty devil. While he was saying this to me, he kept adjusting his pants, because he had got a big erection just thinking about what he intended to do to her.

He said he just couldn’t be bothered with western girls, but he did do one Japanese girl to keep his sexual hunger a bay. What a bloody disappointment she was, he said. A starfish experience and a minge that had never been trimmed and it felt like a hike through a dense forest.

He said his knob nearly got caught up in the undergrowth more than once. All in all a non-event. She was not very passionate at all.

I have an understanding that Japanese, both men and women; just don’t care for sex. A lot are frigid, especially as the lady gets older. And the older Jap guys go to bath houses and many sex joints in Tokyo. Apparently, sex with Japanese prostitutes can be cheap and the gents get many things included – a private Geisha show etc. to whet the appetite. And at the end it’s sayonara papasan (and the wife is none the wiser).

So anyway I was entirely happy with Nok (my girl from last time) and so was Pal so we communicated with them before our departure. All fun and games teed up.

Pal and I meet at Sydney airport, do all the check in nonsense and off we go. Bangkok bound. An early morning flight would get us to Suvarnabhumi International Airport at 3:30 PM Bangkok time.

We both got some shuteye so we have plenty of energy for the extravagances that await in 10 hours time.

Before we knew it, and after meals and refreshments on board, we are on final approach. Excitement mounts.

Customs clearance without problems, down the ramp to fetch a taxi to Sukhumvit – our destination is the Nana Hotel.

Again with a bit of persuasion we get adjacent rooms. We both wash, freshen up and meet our girls Nok and Simi near the Nana BTS.

Many kisses and embraces. No doubt it was love (of money). Who cares – we are only interested in total decadence and enjoyment.

The girls were going to be busy that night, so we decided to just have a quiet one and watch the world of (working ladies, ladyboys and freelancers) pass by. While we were in a bar enjoying Chang, lo and behold who appears – the two ladies that entertained those two buffoons from last time – a few months ago – that Pal knew. The girls said they still laugh at those two idiots especially the large one that dribbled on the floor of the bed room, and the other that couldn’t get it up for want of trying (even with her hand around it). She said it was so puny that her 3-year-old son has a bigger one. She said 3 of those would fit with her fingers around them.

Anyhow. A couple of lovelies that were standing outside spot us doing nothing and come in to the bar. They were dressed to the nines. You buy us beer? Sure, girls, we almost said in unison.

So they sit next to us. They are very friendly and their hands start to roam downstairs.

Jinni has my zipper down touching cocky boy and almost the same for Pal. Of course my hands started roaming; as I felt this was an invitation duh. After the drinks Jinni whispers THB 1500 long time. Yes, let’s go. So I head off to my room with my lovely; leaving Pal to fend for himself with Dong.

I get marched straight in for a mutual shower. My goodness what a firm body Jinni has, neatly trimmed downstairs and ample nom. After a good towelling off we run and jump together on the bed. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

About an hour later I hear that familiar sound next door with Pal ramming the headboard and the girl – with plenty of squeals. That put a smile on our faces. I immediately recalled what he intended to do with his fantasy. Maybe he couldn’t wait.

After breakfast, the girls said they like us very much and could they stay with us.
Instead of THB 1500 the girls were prepared to stay with us for THB 1k per night, if they could hang around for the duration. All expenses paid for including food and drinks. Great deal, I think.

But there’s a dilemma: What to do about Nok and Simi?

Sadly, we had to spin a tale (lie) to ditch them as they would cost too much. “We too sick today.” Compared to our latest girls, they were poor value. That’s how it is in the Land of Smiles and dishonesty. There is always a better one around the corner.

So Jinni and Dong remained with us. What a couple of lovely girls – full of exuberance and a devil-may-care attitude. They were a great source of (ahem) entertainment and companionship.

On the last night we went to a gogo bar with the girls and whilst sitting and enjoying the show this red-faced guy with some accent (couldn’t quite place where from (maybe Blighty) sat next to me. He struck up a conversation about this musical instrument he walks around with. Apparently, it’s a medieval instrument called a lute. He knows how to play it, and knew all about music.

I asked him why he carries it around. He said it pulls the birds.

He spots Dong – Pal’s girl (Pal went off to the gents room) and says to me “Here, watch this”. So he sidles up next to her and says, “Hello, love”. Want me to teach you music? She remains quiet – ignoring him. Then he says, “Srinking Chang I see”? How do you hold your liquor honey?”

She turns to him and says with a shit eating grin “I hold my licker by the ears, moon face”, “he waiting for me and we go hotel”. The red-faced fellow looked so embarrassed and left looking dejected. Always an idiot in the class.

So that was it for Pal and me.

The last morning before our departure back to Sydney the girls join us for breakfast at the Nana Hotel.

They were very happy with the arrangement – some tears were shed by them – with the assurance that if we come back to Bangkok – they will be available. We shall see.

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