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Bali – Indonesia III & My Encounter With Nyepi

  • Written by Sidney
  • March 27th, 2018
  • 8 min read

This is my third holiday in Bali, Indonesia. The holiday was followed close on the heels of a holiday in Thailand; not so long ago.

It was a marvellous time in Thailand. First in Bangkok – ahhh, Bangkok with all the razzle dazzle and sleaze of Sukhumvit (how can anyone infer that the flashing neon of Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy and Patpong makes these places look seedy? Well, of course, but I bet said persons would moan and cry if it all disappeared and would yearn for the good ol’ bad days. Balance is what is required in the pursuit of one’s sexual pleasures, lest one gets very cynical and jaded if one is gluttonous AKA “familiarity breeding contempt’.

Important not to look too deeply or dissect what is really going on and just enjoy it for what it is. A pleasurable erotic business transaction. Any more than that is a bonus.

It’s important to be respectful of the girls renting their services. No, they are not cheap, dirty wh**es, or unworthy. I really do detest the girls being disparaged. They are mostly lovely, entertaining working ladies, street-wise, making their way in life with their modus operadi being financial expediency; in exchange for companionship and sexual gratification. Isn’t that simply marvellous. They are completely upfront – no uncertainty.

No expensive wining, dining & dancing, putting up with multiple shit tests, being led up the garden path with no uncertain fringe benefits. The simplicity of the working girls in South-East Asia is terrific – you got the dough, you are in. Unless you are a foul, smelly and repugnant slob. In which case no amount of money compensates putting up with that. And of course the girls will not put up with that scenario.

If you suspect you fall into that category please read “Sidney’s Free Tutorial on Deportment & Grooming” published August 8, 2016.

Then a brief interlude in Ayutthaya for the cultural experience and to recharge the batteries, and off to Pattaya to discharge the batteries well and truly.

My travel was shared with my mate, Pal. I won’t be sharing my travels again with him or anyone else. I prefer to fly solo. I am not in need of that sort of encumbrance. It gets a bit taxing when you must put up with the vagaries of a mate. A bit too claustrophobic for me.

Now Pal certainly spent up big in debauchery in Bangkok and Pattaya. His sack was cleaned out and so was his billfold. After being serviced by many go-go girls about 8 – 9’s; he was just about weeping when the plane roared along the runway at Suvarabhumi International Airport – homebound. He was broke and a moderately broken man (maybe I should refer him to Phet for “repairing”!! hhahahah. Maybe he had damaged his skull on the head-board of the unnamed hotel we were in.

He was head-butting that headboard furiously night after night, and the squeals next door made it difficult for me to sleep. I was a saint (sort of) compared to him. Moderation is my motto.

And in so doing, I was still left entirely satisfied and had a pile of cash left over.

So, what did I do? Quickly book another trip to Bali of course!

As stated previously, Bali is most definitely NOT a sex tourist destination. But … but …it’s available.

It was only a 7-night holiday so I had to make the most of it. It was a modern resort style hotel (two meals per day) with gym, swimming pools, spa – in Seminyak. A bit of an upmarket area.

There is much modernisation going on in Bali – not unlike Bangkok. Bali is still very affordable.

The AUD and all currencies with buy plenty.

Near beaches, temples and massage shops a plenty. Are you reading my mind folks?

Yes, that’s right 2 massages per day (at AUD $6.50 / hour who would want to resist). I even had my first pedicure (without the nail polish heeheh).

Ain’t it grant being pampered by those soft, feminine, milk chocolate coloured hands.

Arrived late at night at Denpasar International airport to be greeted by the hotel driver. No wrangling with the taxi touts.


Day 2:

Nice peaceful sleep, followed by complimentary breakfast.

One thing I have noticed with Bali lasses is that they have a lovely poise and carry themselves elegantly. Straight back. Head held upright and flawless deportment. So, so well-mannered and thoughtful as well.

Now, turn left out of the hotel, about 100 metres along two legit massages at the same spa. One in the morning and one in the evening. Of course I was naked under the towel, but my bits were draped in a professional manner by a darker skinned girl from Timor. Very friendly, talkative but entirely professional.


Day 3:

The rascal in me is looking for something else as well as massage. I remember this spa from last time. So I travel on foot about 1km. I reach the door and was about to go in. But I heard these two girls across the Jalan (street). They beckon me over with the promise of massage for IDR 50,000 (AUD $5).

As we were walking along this narrow laneway, the youngest girl asks if I want a happy ending. Sure I said “how much”? Wait – we tell you in shop.

I enter an air-conditioned little shop. I am the only customer.

Now, it transpired that the 50 quoted outside was in Australian dollars. And they wanted AUD $100 because there were two girls working on me.

I politely gave them a bit of a giggle and started to walk out. “No, wait, let’s talk”.

Both girls lifted up their blouses to allow me to see ample bosom, and the knickers were slipped down to show their pussies. Bali girls have larger bosom and nipples than Thai girls.

So I asked how much for massage, clothes off and happy ending.

They were happy with IDR 500,000 (AUD $50).

Here I am, receiving an abbreviated one-hour massage with stark naked girls – with my roaming hands – doing plenty of fondling everywhere.

Then turn around on my back, one girl looks after my very erect sausage while the other massages my scrotum. Then they swap roles. Then some very rapid back hand, forehand and finally juice.

A very happy man for $50 AUD.


Day 4:

In the morning I walk around the corner near the first shop. This girl (early 20’s) was seated and I hardly noticed. “Massage mister”? “How much” IDR 80,000 (AUD $8).

  1. So I enter and was instructed to leave underwear on. Bad start.

Then the negotiations start after some of the usual interrogation. You have girlfriend, wife, where you stay etc. Another girl came in and asked if I want a 4-hand massage. This seems to be a way of increasing their profits and helping their masseuse colleagues. So, I suggested “yes” if I can be massaged naked. They are in agreement and so underwear comes off. All is possible with money and negotiation.

The two girls start on me and then the first girl asks if her friend can come in also. I opted out of six-hand massage. Lovely massage: I was asked to turn around, stark naked; came very close to the crown jewels but no touching. Then they modestly draped me. No action but plenty of fun. All were happy and a big tip was given with an invitation to return soon.


Day 5:

Feeling naughty again! I walk along a street not far from my hotel. Two girls (not in uniform) that’s always a good sign. “Want massage”? “How much” IDR 75,000 (AUD $7.50) for 1 hour.

Ok, led down a lane way (another good sign). Lady was about 35.

Massage started, then she asks if I will want a happy ending. “How much”? Half a million total and I can play with tits she said.

Well let me tell you, she did an excellent sensual massage (lighting my fire well and truly).

Asked me to turn on my back. Kransky pointing towards my chin. Rock hard.

So, as promised, bra lifted right up revealing two very generously sized breasts with huge nipples. She cradled my head and in turn plunged each nipple in my mouth. Simultaneously doing extraordinary wrist action. Then all of a sudden some very nice oral as well. After a short while she sent me over the edge. Particularly when I was occupying my hands slipping them into her pants. Love those soft, feminine, chocolate coloured hands, nipples and lips hahahah.


Day 6:

My Encounter with Nyepi.

Well sorry gents. Unless you already know, Nyepi is not a woman. It is a profound Hindu cultural and religious experience. The way it is celebrated in Bali, makes the experience unique; and no other place on earth observes Nyepi this way.

The Balinese Hindu’s don’t celebrate the coming of the new year with lavish parties.

For them it is a day of meditation. No activities are allowed to occur. That rule is enshrined in common law as well.

Prohibitions include no activities to take place, no pleasure, no traffic, fasting, no use of fire, no work. Nyepi occurs according to lunar phases in March each year.

To put this celebration into reality.

On Nyepi (Day of Silence)

  • No check in or check out at hotels.
  • Total silence begins at 6am on Nyepi day for 24 hours.
  • ALL shops are closed.
  • Guest at hotels are not allowed beyond the perimeter of the hotel.
  • No walking on streets.
  • No lights allowed in hotel rooms or homes.
  • All TV & radio transmission is cut off by authorities.
  • There is NO traffic on the streets of Bali at all (except emergency vehicles).
  • Denpasar International airport is completely closed for 24 hours.
  • On Nyepi night ALL lights are switched off (complete darkness befalls Bali.


On Nyepi Eve:

An Ogoh – Ogoh parade is performed in each village in Bali. Balinese make these huge grotesque figures, to represent evil and wicked things that disturb human lives. It is believed that the evil spirits enter these grotesque figures, and at a certain time during the parade the evil spirits are exorcised by setting fire to the Ogoh Ogoh.



Ogoh Ogoh Parade



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