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Forgive Them They Know Not What They Do

  • Written by Sidney
  • January 29th, 2018
  • 4 min read

After a few nice legit massage session of late, and putting together past experiences, I’ve come to the conclusion that Thais have quite a marked entrepreneurial spirit. Maybe driven in pursuit of the Australian dollar which has quite a bit of buying power in Thailand <not according to the average Aussie retiree in Thailand! Stick>.

I am quite in awe of this fighting spirit; probably born out of being financially deprived in their home country. To seize the opportunity to excel in life. They are hard workers and as one of the sweeties said to me – I was her 6th customer that day. Now, I know quite a bit about massage, having been a purveyor myself some time ago. And it’s bloody hard work – both physically and mentally draining.

As any therapist will tell you when laying on hands, there is an exchange of energy between the giver and the recipient. I know that for a fact. It would be less draining on the body doing a hard day in the garden rather than massage 6 customers. Much, much easier in the garden.

After a time masseuses working for a Thai boss lady start to notice that she does all the work and big rewards are not forthcoming. Most are guaranteed a minimum of only $80 per day. That’s a retainer to have someone in the shop. If many customers come for treatments then after the $80 is recouped; the masseuse gets a proportion of the subsequent fees.

It is at this point that some traverse that threshold of purity and cross to the dark side. If sufficient funds aren’t forthcoming.

Economic circumstances sometimes dictate that they must put their personal ethics aside for the greater good of all. Themselves and their families. That’s a noble thing to do.

And I challenge anyone claiming that it’s easy work in Thailand to lay horizontal with a few complete strangers daily (some often smelly, large as pigs and abusive). The alternative for an uneducated person is working in a factory 6 days a week for a pittance and not being available to their family nor providing for them sufficiently and discharge their willing obligation; to care for their often frail, infirm and aged parents.

This is the sort of simplistic nonsense we read about on Stickman’s. Often by privileged egotistical clowns, that have often used the public purse to earn a highly marketable degree (not) in of all things “French Medieval History”. Well f**k me. How useless can you get in a qualification? Yes, on and on they go claiming that the girls have ample opportunity do other things instead of adult massage and prostitution.

Easily said by someone that has been there, supposedly knows about them intimately (as a client) goes back to his home country: pontificates and condemns them for doing their job. Unsavoury as it may be.

Then you have the clown trolls, disparaging a submission but don’t have the wherewithal to write one themselves. Why, because they have nothing to say. They are self-appointed experts after all.

In their own minds that is. They know it all.

But I digress.

Some of the massage girls get the idea that working for someone else is not the way to go.

Only today, this really pleasant girl is trialling the ownership of a Thai massage shop. Apparently, the boss lady is keen to sell and is allowing this masseuse to take over for six months to see if it’s profitable. Now, I suspect the boss lady is selling precisely for economic reason and wants to unload a train wreck of a shop; that is on the verge of derailing. I hope this nice girl doesn’t get damaged financially; as she has no idea of running a business even though she is technically good in massage.

Another really nice girl confided in me her intention to study for a Diploma in Massage. Cost anywhere from $5,000 – $15,000. It’s necessary these days to have a professional qualification here in Australia. If someone is desirous of claiming health fund rebates for clients.

The Thai boss lady is willing to allow her to run one of her shops. If she hands over $25,000.

Nothing in writing, alas.

I suggested to her that maybe she gets legal advice and have a contract drawn up to protect herself.

It appears many Thai massage shops are going under.

The owner of several Chinese massage shops has said to me; she has purchased several Thai shops, as they basically don’t have the business acumen. There is more to running a massage business than being good at massage.

Apparently, even in Thailand massage shops are frequently raided by authorities. They are insisting that the girls have qualifications in massage to substantiate why they are working there.

Hey people – what about writing a submission for Stick to publish – else he will get bored!


Stick‘s thoughts:

With the prices charged by these places (I am assuming prices in Australian massage outlets are much the same as here in New Zealand), I just don’t see the average person being willing to part with that amount of money very often at all – hence I am not at all surprised that many of these places are going under, irrespective of whether they are Thai or Chinese run.


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