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The Specialness of South – East Asian Women

  • Written by Sidney
  • December 5th, 2017
  • 4 min read

The Specialness of South – East Asian Women

I say without reservation that statement is true. Special in comparison to whom you may ask. Well, in comparison to the females in a lot of the Western and European countries.

However, let me set some requirements here. They are, and remain special only if they remain in their own places of birth. All bets are off if they are educated or emigrate to the western world. Almost overnight they become afflicted with the same contagion their western sisters have. A narcissistic sense of entitlement.

It’s interesting how quickly this entitlement ensues – even when folk for war-torn, poverty-stricken regions arrive on western shores. The gratitude disappears very quickly and the demands commence.

I worked in a large corporation for most of adulthood. Right back to the repulsive “burn your bra” era.

The damage that was done to a whole generation of women by bitter twisted lesbian man-hating female liberationists (and I use the term loosely) has been enormous. Countless women that have adopted this philosophy are now old, haggard, and full of bitterness with nothing to show for in life other than careers.

Many have no husband, children – only a career. Well that’s OK if that’s all they wanted. But it tends to go against the natural, soft, nurturing side of the traditional model of women; before this liberationist change occurred – for the worse I feel.

Broad sweeping affirmations of my part? Yes, there are men who will jump on me for denigrating women this way. Fine! But a lot of men educated in that era have been emasculated. They now think like the liberated women. Yes – brainwashed.

The laws are biased towards women.

As an example: a high-profile TV personality has been vilified for nothing more than making flattering remarks about attractive women. Interesting how when one women complains, there is an avalanche of other women that come out of the woodwork and also levy complaints about “inappropriate” sleazy behaviour (some complaints dating back 40 years).

Is this the pack mentality? Is it the smell of male blood needing to be shed? How about authorities having a statute of limitations for all these “brave “women only now finding reason to vent their spleens.

Does this sort of reasoning occur in Thailand and other SE Asian countries? I think not – or to a much lesser degree. Why? Because women in these countries are raised differently. There is a certain pride in being sexy and feminine. To be whistled at will not raise their ire – it will be seen as a flattering acknowledgement of their femininity. Try that on western shores. You, as a man, might just end up in court on a sexual harassment charge, such is the corrupted western thinking.

From my experience – albeit limited – SE ladies are fun-loving, accommodating, don’t have this entitlement disease to much of a degree and are prepared to let men be men.

They have no interest in wanting the trappings of the traditional woman and at the same time trying to grow balls.

How can anyone blame western men trying to find a sexy feminine woman; away from this terribly oppressive mentality here in the west?

Here in Sydney I have many male friends that think this way. Many complain that a date with a local girl results in a high cost wining and dining. Many women are not prepared to rough it a bit with a hamburger and a night at the cinema.

A date to them involves being treated like a princess, expensive restaurants with expensive drinks and dancing at a nightclub.

And from a man’s point of view – uncertain “fringe benefits” or maybe none. Not an equitable arrangement – “I will decide when you can become intimate”. When? Well maybe after 5, 10, 15 dining experiences – or never.

From her point of view – he should be grateful for her permitting him to wine and dine her.

Things are changing however. Men are no longer allowing themselves to be manipulated. Word is out. There are better women elsewhere.

Why grapple with unsavoury types locally, when for the price of an airfare many lovely women await.

Maybe for short liaisons and for long-term prospects.

As I suggested previously, Asian women are at their finest IF they don’t set foot on Western shores.

Time and time again we read about men marrying Thai women, transplanting them into a western culture and the relationship going awry.

Why on earth would a fellow expect anything more? It just won’t work. She will get lonely, you will get to see a metamorphosis you would rather not want to witness.

Now, finally I do acknowledge that the above sounds misogynistic and maybe it is, but that would mean I was against ALL women – clearly that is not the case.

So don’t bother suggesting that. Just my thoughts. If you don’t agree fantastic.

But don’t disagree just for the sake of disagreeing (like Peter H). Write your own submission outlining WHY you disagree and for what reason – OK?

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