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Largely In Defence of the Locals

  • Written by Sidney
  • December 8th, 2017
  • 4 min read

On and on the pitiful stories go in relation to how “The bar girl done me wrong” and “As a farang I will never be accepted” in Thailand. Well as far as the bar girl done me wrong caper goes, I have precious little sympathy for any farang that has placed himself in the position of compromising his finances and welfare in a foreign country. Full stop.

Hopefully most of us are mature men in charge of our cerebral machinery to a high degree, and certainly to be discerning enough to never place oneself in a position contrary to our best interests.

Your best interest is to protest your pile of cash and all assets. To enter into a relationship with the same due diligence as someone would when dealing with a slick salesman. Maybe a realtor sporting reflective sunglasses, clad in an impressive three-piece suit; swearing they are here to do the best deal for us. That is their only concern – to keep you happy. “Let me do it right for you”. Yeah, right!!

Even though the Stickman’s site is Thailand-centric (maybe South-East Asia centric now) it is only natural that the indigenous population is self-focussed. They are there for the long haul after all. Foreigners come and go. The locals have family responsibilities, have to pay taxes that contribute to the development of infrastructure that farangs are largely exempt (unless owning businesses).

Yes, the locals are not perfect. They drink, gamble, act irresponsibly sometimes and take advantage of a situation for maximum personal gain. Sounds like a pretty human condition to me.

My pet hate is this notion that a foreigner should be accepted as one of the locals. This idea is laughable and contrary to what happens globally.

I seriously doubt whether this happens in any country. If you weren’t born there, you are not one of them. Maybe after decades you will be able to speak the language, be confident in mingling to a high degree – but still you are not one of them.

Why do people have anguish and have such a problem grasping this reality?
Thais are unfairly targeted by some. Thai behaviour is not exclusively theirs. I know about my heritage – Italian (was born there but arrived in Australia as a baby).

Guess what – in Italy you won’t be accepted as you would like. You will always be a stranieri – a foreigner.

Oh sure, just as in South-East Asia, there will be plenty of friendliness and smiles – but behind your back they will refer to you, even if you reside there for many years; for example, “The Australian foreigner”.

“It is what it is”….. As much as I dislike this expression.

The Northern Italians, mainly in Milan, think their poo doesn’t smell and regard themselves as a cut above the rest. They regard the southerners in Italy as the great unwashed. As Mega put it “the trailer trash” – and would rather that the southern Italians keep to themselves – as they are regarded as rough, coarse and uncultured.

Of course the southerners feel the northerners are snobbish hi-so idiots – you might say.

It’s a game of self-delusion everyone is playing.

Notice this recurring theme?

It’s the same story in China, larger Europe and all the South-East Asian countries.

Same story in Australia and the USA – immigrants have to jump through many hoops to get acceptance and citizenship. Learning the language, customs and traditions, national anthems – to a high degree.

Certainly a bad rap is apportioned to the poorer North-Eastern Thais. They are vilified by many farangs. Even whoremonger farangs who have paid for sexual service from bargirls of the North-East region.

And many of us fall into that category. Almost all posting on Stickman’s probably have indulged.

But farangs are also the needy ones. There is no point wagging an accusing finger, making unsavoury reference about them and what they do for a living. In an attempt to assuage the guilt feelings; by attempting to place oneself on some moral high ground. Then deciding to pay the very people that are being condemned for providing their sexual services.

Once we partake thereof, we are no better than them. The girls are renting their bodies for survival, we are partaking out of lust and the need for debauchery.

So can the girls really be condemned, I ask. What they are doing, to my way of thinking is the lesser evil.

Not all of us are born into privilege. Poverty is a real blight on humanity. Once fully immersed in poverty it’s almost impossible to extricate one self. I see this in some public housing estates in Sydney.

If you are born into a poor family, of a low socio-economic background – most likely you will perpetuate the cycle.

And so it is with the uneducated in the poorer regions of Thailand. The overriding mission is survival and to do whatever it takes. So be it. Be kind in the light of this.

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