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Mr. Phet, Mr. Nice Guy?

  • Written by Sidney
  • October 5th, 2017
  • 6 min read

Yes, of course he is and anyone that has enjoyed his missives, short stories and appreciated his expertise on the science of metal casting have much to thank him for. He is entertaining and we look forward to his regular contributions and his sagas in life.

His is a brilliant technician; putting words together in a very humorous and often self-deprecating way.

These tales we as Stickman readers know him well for, with over a decade of submissions – I think most would have some insight in what goes through his mind and what impels him in his search for the love of his life.

He also has this uncanny way of defusing what others would consider insults; by being extraordinarily nice.

As he once said – his requirements in love are not that stringent.

Just to have someone that can cook him a good meal, and someone with whom he can wet his knob.

These needs should seem easy enough to fulfill. But why hasn’t he met such a person to fulfill this ambition.

But, long-term relationships and love have eluded him.

From my readings, I have concluded that perhaps he is so pleasant that he makes himself gullible; he is a people pleaser and has a far too forgiving nature.

And in many ways I think these facets – albeit only our perceived knowledge of his personality; has been his undoing in his love stakes in England and Thailand.

Phet is not a stupid man – indeed he is well-educated and knowledgeable in the areas of his expertise. He also is worldly, and has an appreciation of the arts.

So why has he had little success?

Because simplistically he allows it to occur – he enables it.

Take for instance his first marriage – his first wife in England formed a relationship outside their marital bed. She was treacherous and a traitor to the marriage. She took most of the assets and moved on with another man. She effectively cuckolded our friend Phet.

Nat, the lady up in Northern Thailand, has done the same. With Phet’s assistance, she settled in England after they married. In appreciation – what did she do after she discovered he was not as well of as she thought? … she up and went with some former lover. Cuckolded again.

One has to seriously ask – why would he once again take up with these shrews.

Can it be that he is too forgiving? Can it be that he has a short memory of the trauma they caused him.

Is he now that desperate in the love stakes, that he is prepared to overlook their maltreatment of him?

Is he just taking the course of least resistance – to accept anyone that can make him a meal and wet his knob once in a while?

Why does he seem to have this misplaced loyalty to at least one of these shrews.

Have they discovered he has come into an inheritance?

Why is having sex with them – really it’s no different from going to a beer bar and trying to buy love. In fact, this would be a whole lot safer than associating intimately with any of the ex’s and their families.

To the point of sending money for car repairs, to pay for meals to Nat’s extended family, to giving away money to Nat’s brother, to contributing to Nat’s rent. Why on earth would he.

If he was broke would they look after him ?

Is he trying to buy love and friendship?

Maybe the donations could be better put to use at a worthy local charity.

Does he need to feel wanted – even by the t**rds that let him down badly.

Is loneliness the driving force?

I don’t know – but I think Phet needs to rethink his current MO.

He is once again setting himself up for big problems in his life.

I fully concur with other gentlemen posting their replies.


Shamus O Mally

you allowed yourself to be manipulated , and got treated as a walking wallet, of course the brother was pleased to see you, you give him money for nothing . the reason she took you to see the plot of land was that she wanted you to give money for the trucks of dirt for the land fill.

Megaworld Asia ·

She probably had a secret agreement with the brother to get 500 of the 2000 lol. Nothing in Thailand is as it appears. There are deals within deals. The only thing you can be certain of as a farang is that if you put yourself in a position of weakness, you will pay. And the reality is that the Thais don’t give a shit about a farang gaining face. The only face that matters is their’s and all the better if some naive foreigner is paying their bills. Ten years down the track if you’re flat broke and scraping by on a pension, the face you gained for 5 minutes in Isarn won’t be worth a damn. Do you think they’re going to remember him then?

Shamus O Mally

Broken man and the curse of mammon is the story of when phet took his wife, Nat, to england . after reading that story you would wonder why he would want anything to do with her again. It’s a damn good read, by the way.

Tom Lloyd

Peter Henley What extended family? He divorced her. That ends the “obligation:.He’ll be remembered as what? I don’t see anybody should worry about how he is remembered by some Thai country bumpkin. The only ones who should remember him kindly are his sons.

Chad Oahu

You ended up at the MK restaurant with her family and no doubt you paid the bill!…that is an historic scene played over a million times with farangs!

Mike Jacobs

I have reservations eating seafood on Northern Thailand and even graver reservations shagging both ex-wives. No good can come of this.

As for Peter H, judging by the number of times he has suggested that I jerk myself off, rather that getting and attractive girl to accommodate me – well you just keep using your right hand on your little piece of gristle. I’m sure your right hand is well calloused. Try your left hand for variation … hehehe.


Stick‘s thoughts:

I’ve met Phet on a handful of occasions when he has been in the company of various Stickman readers & contributors.  Phet is indeed a very nice guy and I got the feeling that he is happy with his lot in life.  The point I want to make is that while some people seem to be passing judgment on Phet – and I think some infer from his comments that maybe he is not that happy – who knows, you might just have it wrong.  Phet always struck me as someone who is cheerful and happy.

When I read Phet’s most recent submissions and he was not shy to mention how he would give the door-knocking crazy girl 2,000 baht and then another 2,000 baht for a fellow in the village (former brother-in-law, was it?), I scratched my head and thought for someone who has done it tough financially for a while he was being very generous.  But then what right do I have to comment on how he spends his money?  If it makes him happy, he is free to do as he pleases.  And that’s the thing with Phet….I reckon he is probably more content than some of those who have commented on how they perceive his general happiness to be.

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